The Summary Jurisdiction of Magistrates: Being a Precis of All the Acts, Or Such Parts of Them, as are Administrable at the Petty Sessions Courts in Ireland : with an Appendix on the Course of Proceeding, Deduced from the Latest Authorities

Hodges and Smith, 1835 - 238 páginas

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Página 185 - Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall extend to any case where the party trespassing acted under a fair and reasonable supposition that he had a right to do the act complained of...
Página 74 - In all actions arising under the laws respecting copyrights the defendant may plead the general issue, and give the special matter in evidence.
Página 222 - ... the overplus, on demand, to him the said AB, the reasonable charges of taking, keeping, and selling the said distress being first deducted...
Página 20 - AB do swear, That I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lord the King in the Office of Special Constable for the Parish [or Township] of , without Favour or Affection, Malice or Ill-will ; and that I will to the best of my Power cause the Peace to be kept and preserved, and prevent all Offences against the Persons and Properties of...
Página 139 - May one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, the Straight Line or Distance between the Centres of the Two Points in the Gold Studs in the Straight Brass Rod, now in the Custody of the Clerk of the House of Commons, whereon the Words and Figures
Página 184 - Intent to steal, any cultivated Root or Plant used for the Food of Man or Beast, or for Medicine, or for distilling, or for dyeing, or for or in the Course of any Manufacture, and growing in any Land, open or...
Página 221 - King in and for the said County, and also to hear and determine divers Felonies, Trespasses and other Misdemeanors...
Página 195 - Act, shall directly or indirectly maintain Correspondence or Intercourse with any such Society, or with any Division, Branch, Committee, or other select Body, President, Treasurer, Secretary, Delegate, or other Officer, or Member thereof as such, or who shall, by Contribution of Money or otherwise, aid, abet, or support such Society, or any Members or Officers thereof as such ; shall be deemed guilty of an unlawful Combination and Confederacy.
Página 148 - BE it remembered, that on the day of in the year of his majesty's reign, and in the year of our Lord...
Página vii - An Act to amend an act of the twentieth year of his majesty king George the second, for the relief and support of sick, maimed, and disabled seamen, and the widows and children of such as shall be killed, slain, or drowned in the merchant service ; and for other purposes.

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