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353 A charge to keep I have

Rev. Charles Wesley Laban

L. Mason

(Leominster (1) G. W. Martin

Rev. Horatius Bonari Chalvey (2) A few more years shall roll.

Rev. L. G. Hayne A little child, the Saviour came 562 W. Robertson


F. C. Woods A mighty fortress is our God .

Martin Luther

Ein Feste Burg Martin Luther

Dennis A parting hymn we sing ..

Rev. A. R. Wolfe 570

Arr. for H. G. Nageli A voice by Jordan's shore .. 163 Rev. S. Longfellow Eastnor

A. King

Eventide Abide with me! fast falls ..

Rev. H. F. Lyte

W. H. Monk
According to Thy gracious. . 569

James Montgomery

A. Cottman
Again, as evening's shadow .

Rev. S. Longfellow

R. Schumann Again our earthly cares we leave Rev. John Newton St. Stephen

W. Jones Again returns the day of holy | 34

William Mason


J. Langran Alas! and did my Saviour bleed 164

Rev. I. Watts


H. Wilson (St. Theodulph

(Lancashire (

H. Smart All glory, laud, and honor . . | 160 Tr. J. M. Neale ( College-Chapel (2 Rev. A. E. Sharpley

Coronation (1) 0. Holden All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name Rev. E. Perronet

Miles Lane (2) W. Shrubsole
All my heart this night rejoices

| All This Night (1) F. C. Maker
Rev. Paul Ger hardt

1 Stella (2)

H. W. Parker All people that on earth...

William Kethe

Old Hundredth Genevan Psaiter All praise to Him of Nazareth. 568 William Cullen Bryant Lucius

Fr. Templi Carmina All praise to Thee, my God . . 13 Bp. Thomas Ken Tallis Eve. Hymn

Alt. fr. T. Tallis Alleluia ! Alleluia ! Alleluia! . 187 Lat. Tr. Rev. F. Pott Victory

From Palestrina Alleluia! Alleluia ! Hearts and

Bp. C. Wordsworth Lux Eoi

A. S. Sullivan Alleluia, sing to Jesus ... 193 W. C. Dix


S. S. Wesley Alleluia, song of sweetness . 463 Tr. J. M. Neale

Alleluia, dul. Car. E. J. Hopkins Almighty Father, bless the .



Gardiner's Melodies 66 Rev. John Cawood Arlington

Arr. from T. A. Arne Always with us, always with us 451 Rev. E. H. Nevin Brocklesbury C. A. Barnard Am I a soldier of the cross 375 Rev. Isaac Watts Mirfield

A. Cottman

Ancient of Days (I
Ancient of days who sittest

T. A. Jeffery
Bp. W. C. Doane

Strength & Stay (2 Rev. J. B. Dykes And is the time approaching | 591 | Jane Borthwick Hatfield Hall C. Vincent

Regent Square (1) H. Smart Angels, from the realms of glory 137 J. Montgomery

Minster (2)

S. Jekyll Angels, roll the rock away. ., 184 Rev. Thomas Scott Easter

Rev. J. B. Dykes

(Angel voices (1) A. S. Sullivan Angel voices ever singing| I00 Rev. Francis Pott

1 Angel voices (2) E. G. Monk Another six days' work is done 41 Rev. J. Stennett Hebron

L. Mason Another year is dawning.

F. R. Havergal Aurelia

S. S. Wesley Approach, my soul, the mercy | 477 Rev. John Newton Dalehurst

A. Cottman Arm these Thy soldiers, mighty 565 Bp. C. Wordsworth Peterborough J. Goss

Stephanos (1) H. W. Baker Art thou weary, art thou ..! 272 Rev. J. M. Neale

(Bullinger (2) E. W. Bullinger As pants the hart for cooling. | 483 Tate and Brady Spohr

Arr. fr. L. Spohr As the sun doth daily rise ..

Anon. Tr. “0. B. C.” Innocents

Old French Melody As with gladness men of old . | 138 William C. Dix


Conrad Kocher

W. F. Biddle Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep.

| Ludington (1) 504 Margaret Mackay

| Rest (2)

W. B. Bradbury At the name of Jesus .... 205 Caroline M. Noel Princethorpe W. Pitts At Thy feet, our God and Father | 638 Rev. J. D. Burns Vesper Hymn Arr. J. Stevenson

( Media (1)

J. Goss Awake, and sing the song . . 223 Wm. Hammond

St. Thomas (2) A. Williams Awake, my soul, and with . .

Bp. Thomas Ken Morning Hymn F. H. Barthelemon Awake, my soul, in joyful lays | 329 Rev. S. Medley

Park Street

M. A. Venua Awake, my soul, stretch every | 376 Rev. P. Doddridge Christmas

G. F. Handel

Almighty, cod Thy word is cast
Almighty God, Th

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Be still, my heart, these anxious 442 Rev. John Newton Hebron

L. Mason Before Jehovah's awful throne 91 Rev. Isaac Watts


Handel Before the day draws near its | 29 Rev. John Ellerton Day's Ending J. Barnby Begin, my tongue,some heav'nly) 114 Rev. Isaac Watts Christmas

Arr. from Handel Behold, the Bridegroom cometh 216 Rev. Gerard Moultrie | Midnight

G. A. MacFarren Behold, the Master passeth by | 259

Bp. W. W. How Warner

Geo. Kingsley Behold the throne of grace | 475 Rev. John Newton Eastnor

A. King Behold us, Lord, a little space

Rev. John Ellerton Cater ham

A. Cottman Beneath the cross of Jesus .

Elizabeth C. Clephane St. Christopher F. C. Maker
Beneath the shadow of the cross

Rev. S. Longfellow Gouda

B. Tours
Blessed Jesus, here we stand.

B. Schmolck

Tender Shepherd J. Barnby Blessed Saviour, thee I love .. 339 Rev. Geo. Duffield Noricum

F. James Blest be the tie that binds .. 457 Rev. John Fawcett Boylston

L. Mason Blest day of God, most calm.

J. Mason


J. B. Calkin
Lenox (1)

L. Edson
Blow ye the trumpet, blow | 249 Rev. Charles Wesley

Christ Church (2 C. Steggall Book of grace, and book of. 81 Thos. Mackellar Mansfield

E. H. Turpin Bow down Thine ear, Almighty 553 Rev. T. E. Powell Mendon

Ger. Mel. Arr.S. Dyer Bread of Heav'n, on Thee I feed 572 Josiah Conder

Spanish Hymn Spanish Melody Bread of the world in mercy. 579 Bp. Reginald Heber Eucharistic Hymn Rev. J. S. B. Hodges


| Bread of Life (1) Break Thou the bread of life .

W. F. Sherwin Mary A. Lathbury

Coniston (2) R. Briant Brief life is here our portion .

Bernard of Cluny Anfield


St. Ninian (1) Brightest and best of the sons

Bp. Reginald Heber

Rev. J. B. Dykes 144

( Brightest & Best 2 Rev. J. F. Thrupp Brightly gleams our banner,

T. J. Potter


H. Smart By Christ redeemed, in Christ 580 George Rawson


A. S. Sullivan

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Call Jehovah thy salvation . .

James Montgomery Trust

Arr. Mendelssohn Calm on the listening ear.. 126 E. H. Sears


Arr. A. S. Sullivan Cast thy burden on the Lord . 414 Rev. John Cennick St. Bees

Rev. J. B. Dykes Child Jesus comes from ... 143 Hans C. Andersen


N. W. Gade Children of the heavenly King

Rev. John Cennick Pleyel's Hymn Ignace Pleyel Christ, above all glory seated. 257 Tr. by Bp. Woodford St. Oswald

Rev. J. B. Dykes Christ for the world we sing.

Rev. Samuel Wolcott Amory

W. F. Biddle Christ is made the sure . . .

Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale Triumph

H. J. Gauntlett Christ is our Corner-stone.. 548 Tr. Rev. J. Chandler Darwall

Rev. J. Darwall Christ is risen! Christ is risen! 177 Rev. A. T. Gurney


A. S. Sullivan Christ the Lord is risen again.

Rev. M. Weisse Lætabundus

E. J. Hopkins

( Vienna (1) Rev. Charles Wesley

J. H. Knecht Christ the Lord is risen to-day

1 Cantone (2)

A. H. Mann Christ whose glory fills the skies

Rev. Charles Wesley

Charter house A. S. Cooper

St. Andrew of Crete St.And. of Cre.(1)
Christian, dost thou see them

J. B. Dykes
Tr. J. M. Neale

| Holy War (2) J. Booth Christian! seek not yet repose | 390 Charlotte Elliott Vigilate

W. H. Monk City of God, how broad and far 529 Rev. Samuel Johnson Chesterfield Rev. T. Haweis Come, every pious heart. .. 206 Rev. Samuel Stennett Raleigh

E. Prout Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly 235 Simon Browne


Arr. by S. Dyer Come, Holy Spirit, come .... 243 | J. Hart

Mornington | Earl of Mornington Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly dove Rev. Isaac Watts St. Agnes

Rev. J. B. Dykes Come let us join our cheerful

Rev. Isaac Watts Dedham

Wm. Gardiner Come, let us sing the song of . 330 James Montgomery Duke Street

John Hatton Come, my soul thou must be

Baron Von Canitz Haydn

Joseph Haydn Come, my soul, thy suit prepare 471 Rev. John Newton Alcester

C. H. Lloyd “ Come,” said Jesus' sacred voice 264 Anna L. Barbauld Forgiveness G. M. Garrett Come sound His praise abroad

Rev. Isaac Watts Day of Praise Charles Steggall

| Italian Hymn (1) F. De Giardini Come, Thou Almighty King. Anonymous

Dorchester (2) Waite's Psalmody

Rev. A. Nettleton

I Nettleton (1) Come Thou fount of ev'ry . .

Rev. Robt. Robinson

Trust (2)

Mendelssohn Come, Thou long expected. . 141 | Rev. Charles Wesley Trust

Come to our poor nature's night

See Holy Ghost, the Infinite
Come to the Saviour now.. 262 | John M. Wigner Maker

F. C. Maker
Come unto Me when shadows | 438 | C. H. Esling

Strength and Stay Rev. J. B. Dykes Come unto Me, ye weary :: | 267 | W.C. Dix

I Come Unto Me(1) Rev. J. B. Dykes | Messiah (2)

G. F. Handel

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174 198

Come, we that love the Lord . 52
Come, ye disconsolate ....
Come, ye faithful, raise ...) 176
Come, ye thankful people, come 618
Courage, brother, do not stumble 387
Cross of Jesus, cross of sorrow
Crown Him with many crowns
Crown His head with endless 229
Days and moments quickly.
Dear Lord and Father of ".. 420
Dear Saviour, we are Thine. 300
Depth of mercy, can there be. 286
Draw nigh and take the body
Draw nigh, draw nigh

See O come, o come, Emmanuel
Eternal Father I strong to save 642
Everlasting arms of love. 412
Ev'ry morning mcrcies new .

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Far from my heavenly home .
Father, again in Jesus' name
Father, hear Thy children call
Father, I know that all my life
Father, in Thy mysterious . . 659
Father, let me dedicate
Father of all, to Thee . ...
Father of all, Whose love ..
Father of love and power..
Father of love, our guide .. 399
Father of mercies, in Thy word
Father, whate'er of earthly bliss 402
Father, Who art alone.. 041
Fierce was the billow wild .

Fight the good fight with all . 372
Fling out the banner ! let it float 584
For all the saints, who from .. 464
For all Thy saints, O Lord ...
For the beauty of the earth.
For the bread and for the wine 574
For thee, O dear, dear country 521
For Thy mercy and Thy grace
Forever with the Lord ...
Forth in Thy name, O Lord, I go 293
Forward! be our watchword | 394
Founded on Thee, our only Lord 546
Fountain of good, to own Thy 608
Friend of sinners, Lord of glory 337
From all that dwell below. 1 90
From all Thy saints in warfare
From every stormy wind that 468
From Greenland's icy mountains 594
From ocean unto ocean . . . 627
From the eastern mountains . 139
From the table now retiring. 581

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Rev. H. F. Lyte Lyte

J. B. Wilkes L. E. G. Whitmore Longwood

J. Baroby Rev. T. B. Pollock Landon

F. A. J. Hervey Anna L. Waring St. Bede

Rev. J. B. Dykes Rev. S. Johnson


A. Scott-Gatty Rev. L. Tuttiett


J. Barnby Rev. John Julian Samuel

A. S. Sullivan Edward Cooper


Rev. J. B. Dykes George Rawson


J. H. Cornell Rev. W. J. Irons Gerontius

Rev. J. B. Dykes Anne Steele

Nox Præcessit

J. B. Calkin Anne Steele


Arr. by L. Mason E. J.


E. Prout
Tr. by J. M. Neale St. Sophronia A. H. Brown
Rev. J. S. B. Monsell Niagara

R. Jackson
Bp. G. W. Doane Waltham

J. B. Calkin Bp. W. W. How


J. Barnby Bp. Richard Mant Day of Praise C. Steggall Folliott I. Pierpoint St. Benet

W. H. Williamson Rev. Horatius Bonar Gratias Agimus W. Alcock Bernard of Cluny Eden Grove

S. Smith Rev. Henry Downton Lawes

H. Lawes

| Nearer Home (1) I. B. Woodbury J. Montgomery

| Eve. Shadows (2)! J. T. Musgrave Rev. Charles Wesley Canonbury

R. Schumann Rev. Henry Alford Watchword

H. Smart Rev. S. F. Smith Pentecost

W. Boyd P. Doddridge, E. Osler Perdita

W. F. Biddle Rev. Newman Hall Moultrie

G. F. Cobb Rev. Isaac Watts Old Hundredth Genevan Psalter Earl Nelson

Savoy Chapel J. B. Calkin

| Ludington (1) W.F. Biddle Rev. Hugh Stowell

| Retreat (2)

T. Hastings
Bp. Reginald Heber Missionary Hymn L. Mason
R. Murray

Missionary Hymn L. Mason
Rev. Godfrey Thring Princethorpe William Pitts
Rev. John Rowe Whatley

Dr. Pearce

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Give to the winds thy fears . 449 Rev. Paul Gerhardt | Trentham

R. Jackson
Glorious things of Thee are. 541 | Rev. John Newton Austrian Hymn Joseph Haydn
Glory, and praise, and honor

See All glory, laud and honor
Glory be to God the Father 86 | Rev. Horatius Bonar Ennerdale

J. Clippingdale
Glory to Thee,my God,this night

See All praise to Thee
Go forward, Christian soldier

Rev. L. Tuttiett


S. Weekes Go, labor on, spend and be spent 357 Rev. Horatius Bonar Welton

Rev. C. H. A. Malan Go to dark Gethsemane ...! 171 J. Montgomery


R. Redhead God bless our native land ..

| Rev. C. T. Brooks

New America Rev. L. B. Longacre

( Rev. J. S. Dwight God calling yet! shall I not hear

G. Tersteegen

La Barre

W. F. Biddle God eternal, Lord of all ...

Tr. by J. E. Millard Ellingham

S. N. Godfrey

| Rev. B. Beddome i God in the gospel of His Son. | 74

Rockingham Old Arr. E. Miller

| Rev. T. Cotterill God is Love, His mercy.

109 J. Bowring

All for Jesus J. Stainer God is the refuge of His saints 409 Rev. Isaac Watts Ward

Arr. by L. Mason God moves in a mysterious way

William Cowper


Arr. from C. Tye God, my King, Thy might . 121 Bp. Richard Mant St. Oswald

Rev. J. B. Dykes God of mercy, God of grace. 116 Rev. H. F. Lyte

St. Benet

W. H. Williamson God of our Fathers, Whose. 628 Rev. D. C. Roberts Pro Patria

H. W. Parker God of pity, God of grace ..

Eliza F. Morris


V. Barton God of the fathers! show their

R. W. Raymond


A. H. Mann
God shall charge his angel legions

See Call Jehovah thy salvation
God's trumpet wakes the . 383 | Rev. S. Longfellow Nativity

H. Lahee
God, that madest earth and . 22

Bp. Reginald Heber Temple

E. J. Hopkins

(Russian Hymn (1) Alexis Lwoff God, the All-merciful, earth. 632 Tr. H.F. Chorley

| Ultor Omnipotens A. S. Sullivan Grace, 'tis a charming sound 248 Rev. Philip Doddridge Silver Street Isaac Smith Gracious Saviour, gentle .. 557 Jane E. Leeson


W. L. Viner Gracious Spirit, Dove divine. 241 | John Stocker


Berthold Tours Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost. 2391 Bp. C. Wordsworth Charity

J. Stainer
Grant us thy light

See O grant us light, that we may
Great God, we sing that mighty 633 Rev. Philip Doddridge Hursley

Asc. to P. Ritter
Great God, what do I see .. 215

Barth, Ringwalt )

J. Klug's Gesang,
Rev. W. B. Collyer
Luther's Hymn

buch Great is the Lord our God ..

Rev. Isaac Watts Bethlehem

S. Wesley
Great Shepherd of Thy people, / 60

Rev. John Newton Ravenglas

J. Lasgran Guide me, 0 Thou great Jehovah 415

W. Williams

St. Raphael E. J. Hopkins Hail! sacred day of earthly rest 45 Rev. Godfrey Thring Dona

J. Goss
Hail the day that sees Him rise 189

W. H. Monk
Rev. Charles Wesley

\ Ascension (1)

| Laus Sempi. (2 S. Reay Hail! Thou once despised Jesus

St. Hilda (1)

J. Barnby
Rev. J. Bakewell

Salvator (2) J. Goss
Hail to the brightness of Zion's 605 Thomas Hastings Wesley

L. Mason Hail to the Lord's Anointed .. 595 James Montgomery


Lausanne Psalter Hail to the Sabbath day.. 36 Rev. S. G. Bulfinch Olmutz

Arr. by L. Mason Happy the man who knows his 355 Rev. T. C. Upham Greenwood

J. E. Sweetser
Hark! a thrilling voice is .. 212 Tr. by Rev. E. Caswall Lucerne

T. A. Willis
Pilgrims (1)

H. Smart
Hark! hark! my soul....1 527 Rev. F. W. Faber

| Vox Angelica (2) ! Rev. J. B. Dykes Hark! my soul, it is the Lord

William Cowper

St. Bees

Rev. J. B. Dykes Hark! ten thousand harps and 201 Rev. Thomas Kelly


Lowell Mason Hark! the glad sound ...

Rev. P. Doddridge

St. Saviour

F. G. Baker
I Mendelssohn (1)

Hark! the herald angels sing

Rev. Charles Wesley
y Herald Angels (2)

Rev. J. B. Dykes

Lætitia (1)
Hark! the song of jubilee. . 597 James Montgomery

J. Barnby
Onido (2)

Arr. by L. Mason
Hark! the sound of holy voices 513 Bp. C. Wordsworth Sanctuary

Rev. J. B. Dykes (Heber (1)

E. J. Hopkins rk! the voice of love and | 169 | Rev. J. Evans | Kensingon, N. (2 J. Tilleard k! what mean those holy | 142 | Rev. John Cawood | Sanctuary

Rev. J. B. Dykes

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Burleigh (I) S. Weakes le has come, the Christ of God 130 | Rev. Horatius Bonar 1}

Glad Day (2) W. W. Gilchrist

| | He Leadeth Me(1) W. B. Bradbury le leadeth me; 0 blessed . . | 416 Rev. J. H. Gilmore

1 Lampadarius (2) A. H. Mann le that goeth forth with . 368 Thomas Hastings Stockwell

D. E. Jones Ieal me, O my Saviour, heal 279 Rev. Godfrey Thring Lacrymæ

A. S. Sullivan lear our prayer, O Heav'nly 23 Harriet Parr

All for Jesus J. Stainer leav'nly Father, may Thy love 559 Rev. Benjamin Guest Newington

W. D. Maclagan leav'nly Father, Thou hast. 630 Hester P. Hawkins Lux Eoi

A. S. Sullivan Tere, O my Lord, I see Thee . 577 Rev. Horatius Bonar Langran

J. Langran Ligh in the heav'ns, Eternal . Rev. Isaac Watts | Ward

Arr. by L. Mason | Abends (1)

H. S. Oakeley 101 ev'ry one that thirsts draw

| Rev. Charles Wesley | Niagara (2) 269

R. Jackson Holy Father, cheer our way.

Rev. R. 8. Robinson / Vesperi Lux Rev. J. B. Dykes Holy Father, great Creator. .

Bp. A. V. Griswold Regent Square H. Smart Holy Father, hear my cry.. 88 Rev. Horatius Bonar Dallas

Arr. M. L. Cherubini Holy Father, in Thy mercy

Isabella S. Stephenson Bullinger

E. W. Bullinger Holy Father, Thou hast taught 419 J. M. Neale

Promised Land H. N. Bartlett Holy Ghost, the Infinite .... 238 George Rawson Septem Voces A. S. Sullivan Holy Ghost, with light divine, 240 Rev. Andrew Reed Ferrier

Rev. J. B. Dykes Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God. Ι Bp. Reginald Heber Nicæ

Rev. J. B. Dykes Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of 89 Bp. C. Wordsworth St. Athanasius E. J. Hopkins Holy Spirit, truth divine .

242 Rev. S. Longfellow Consecration Charles Vincent Hosanna to the living Lord! ,

Bp. Reginald Heber Hosanna

Rev. J. B. Dykes How beauteous are their feet 550 Rev. Isaac Watts Schumann

R. Schumann How beauteous were the marks 155 Bp. A. C. Coxe


A. H. Mann How biessed, from the bonds

Rev. Carl J. P. Spitta Selwyn

J. Tilleard How firm a foundation ...! 427 G. Keith (?)

Adeste Fideles J. Reading How gentle God's commands | 407 Rev. Philip Doddridge Dennis

H. G. Nageli How large the promise, how . 564 Rev. Isaac Watts Lynton

A. J. Jamouneau How precious is the book divine Rev. J. Fawcett St. Agnes

Rev. J. B. Dykes How sweetly flowed the gospel's 154 J. Bowring


V. C. Taylor How sweet the name of Jesus

Rev. John Newton Sharon

T. Wallhead

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I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus

F. R. Havergal

St. Helen's

R. P. Stewart I bless the Christ of God 404 Rev. Horatius Bonar Clifton

J. Brabham I could not do without Thee. 311 F. R. Havergal. Eden Grove Samuel Smith I do not ask that life may be 428 Adelaide A. Procter ·| Serenity

Arr. W. V. Wallace I heard the voice of Jesus say

Rev. J. B. Dykes

Vox Dilecti (1)
Rev. Horatius Bonar1 Bellamy (2)

W. F. Biddle
I know no life divided.... 652 Rev. C. J. P. Spitta Minden

H. H. Pierson I know that my Redeemer lives 197 Rev. Charles Wesley | Bradford

G. F. Handel
I lay my sins on Jesus ... 313 Rev. Horatius Bonar Hatfield Hail C. Vincent
I love Thy kingdom, Lord ... 534 Rev. T. Dwight St. Thomas

A. Williams
I need Thee every hour ...

I Need (1)

Rev. R. Lowry 433 Annie S. Hawks

| Every hour (2) Rev. P. R. Sleeman I need Thee, precious Jesus. 281 Frederick Whitfield | St. George's Bolton J. Walch

Lebanon (1)

J. Zundel I was a wandering sheep. 280 Rev. Horatius Bonar

| Pastor Bonus (2) A. J. Caldicott I worship Thee, sweet Will.. 396 Rev. F. W. Faber Belmont

Arr. fr. W. Gardiner I would not live alway...

W. A. Mühlenberg Frederick

G. Kingsley If Thou impart Thyself to me 655 Rev. Charles Wesley Manoah

From Rossini I'm but a stranger here . . .

Rev. T. R. Taylor He'vn is my home A. S. Sullivan I'm not ashamed to own my . 349 Rev. Isaac Watts Downs

L. Mason Immortal Love, forever full. 291 John G. Whittier Beatitudo

Rev. J. B. Dykes In full and glad surrender ... 308 F. R. Havergal

St. Alphege

H. J. Gauntlett In heav'nly love abiding .. 411 Anna L. Waring Cara Patria

H. M. Higgs In loud exalted strains... 542 Rev. Benj. Francis King of Glory H. W. Parker In mem'ry of the Saviour's love Rev. Thos. Cotterill St. Peter

A. R. Reinagle In the cross of Christ, I glory | 173 J. Bowring


I. Conkey In the dark and cloudy day. 445 George Rawson


C. C. Scholefield In the hour of trial . . . . .

James Montgomery Penitence

S. Lane In Thy name, O Lord. 57 Rev. Thomas Kelly Heber

E. J. Hopkins In token that thou shalt not. 563 Rev. H. Alford


Rev. J. Chetham I Knox (1)

J. C. Knox It came upon the midnight. . | 131 | Rev. C. H. Sears

"Cantus Glorio. (2) F. L. Sealy

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