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18. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes 57 19. The Sermon on the Mount

60 20. Jesus heals the Sick, and raises the Daughter of Jairus to life

75 21. Healing the Paralytic

81 22. Our Saviour chooses His Twelve Apostles 84 23. The Parables of our Blessed Saviour 91 24. The Parables continued

96 25. Remarkable Sentences spoken by our Lord

99 26. The Death of John Baptist 27. The Lord Jesus blesses little Children 108 28. The Transfiguration

111 29. The Prodigal Son

113 30. The Good Samaritan

117 31. The Rich Man and Lazarus 32. Various instruciive events

122 33. Lazarus raised from the dead

125 34. Mary anoints the Saviour's feet

129 35. The solemn Entry of the Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem

131 36. Remarkable Prophecies of our Saviour 135 37. Prophecies continued

141 38. The Last Supper

149 39. The Last Words of our Lord Jesus Christ




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40. The Last Words of our Lord Jesus Christ continued

159 41. Our Lord's Prayer for His Apostles and for the Church

168 42. The Suffering and Betrayal of our Holy Saviour in the Garden

173 43. St. Peter denies his Lord, and the wicked Men mock Him

180 44. Our Lord taken before Pilate 45. Our Lord Jesus crucified 46. Our Lord rises from the dead

195 47. Our Lord ascends to Heaven

201 48. The Holy Ghost descends on the Apostles 204 49. Wonders wrought by the Holy Apostles. 207 50. The first Martyr slain

213 51. The Conversion of St. Paul



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They also prayed with all the good people who then lived in Judea, that they might see the Divine King, who was promised to the Israelites; for the prophets had foretold, many


years before, that He should be born at that time.

The priests took it by turns to serve in the temple at Jerusalem; and it came to the lot of Zacharias to burn incense before the Lord in the sanctuary. He put on his priestly garments, and holding the golden censer in his hand, he went behind the curtain which hid the altar from the people. The incense began to ascend, and all the people were praying without. Suddenly an angel appeared standing on the right side of the altar of incense. When Zacharias saw the angel, he was afraid ; but the angel said unto him,

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