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How yon' enormous mole projecting breaks
The mid sea, furious waves! their roar amidst
Outspeaks the Deity, and says, " O Main! 795

"Thus far, nor farther; new restraints obey."
Earth's disembowel'd! measur'd are the skies!
Stars are detected in their deep recess!
Creaiion widens! vanquish'd Nature yields!
Her secrets are extorted! art prevails! 8co

Wkat monument of genius, spirit, pow'r!

And now, Lorenzo! raptur'd at this scene, Whose glories render heav'n superfluous! say,

Whose footsteps these ?—Immortals have been here;

Could less than souls immortal this have done? 8o5

Earth's cover'd o'er with proofs of souls immortal,

And proofs of immortality forgot.
To flatter thy grand foible, I confess

These are Ambition's works; and these are great:

But this, the least immortal souls can do, 810

Transcend them all.—But what can these transcend?

Dost ask me what?—one sigh for the distrest.

What then for Infidels? a deeper sigh.

'Tis moral grandeur nr.kes the mighty man.

How little they who think aught great below? 815

All our ambitions death defeats but one,

And that it crown;.—Here cease we; but, ere long, More pow'rful proof shall take the field against thee, Stronger than death, and smiling at the tomb. 819

End 'jf Night Sixth.

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