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declaring Jesus Christ to be King in Zion, head of His people, and only Lord of our consciences, and declining all powers, which are contrary to, and inconsistent with, our Lord's kingly power.

"And now I declare I own magistracy, as it is an ordinance of God, and offered my willing subjection unto them; but when the magistrate becomes a tyrant by overturning the whole law of God, and the just laws of the nation (he or they being once covenanted to the contrary) then I think it my duty, as I am bound by the Scripture, and our Covenants, and my own conscience, to show, in my station, my dislike of the wrongs my lovely Lord and Master is getting. For, as the Scripture declares, ' There are no powers but of God, and the powers that be, are ordained of God.' Then consequently that power cannot be of God, that murders the people of God; otherwise ye must say, that the Lord is the author of evil; which were horrid blasphemy. Now, therefore, my dear friends, suppose that they will take away our lives, under the name of treason and rebellion (as they have done to our brethren these twenty years), yet it is not so; but for religion and loyalty to our Lord and Master, and to every ordinance of man, as it is consistent with the law of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, as ye would be answerable at the day of our appearance, when we shall stand naked and bare before the Judge of all the earth, speak not against us, lest ye be reckoned amongst the fighters against Jesus Christ; for I declare, I have owned nothing but that which is the duty of the whole nation, as well as mine. And I doubt not, but the Lord will reckon with this generation ere it be long, for maintaining that throne of iniquity these twenty years.

"And now, I declare as a dying man, that it is but justice that is come upon this poor nation; for, when the Lord set them free from that yoke of bondage they were lying under by that old tyrant Charles First (who designed to cut off the Lord's people, which he put in practice, in murdering the Lord's people in Ireland by the hands of the bloody Papists, and thought to have done so to England and Scotland; but the Lord prevented him, and put a stop to his tyranny, by suffering men to take away his life, and causing his family to be banished, and brake the yoke off our neck, and became our Lord, King, and Head), we soon wearied of the Lord, and cast Him off, and said, we will have a king to rule over us like the nations; and ye may judge whether he has reigned Saul-like or not. And I doubt not but he shall be taken away in wrath, because he was given in the Lord's anger; and though his time has been a groaning time, yet his end shall be terrible, and the people shall find the smart of it; as the children of Israel did, when they fell at Gilboa.

"Friends, look for sad days, when we are gone. Oh! therefore, I entreat you, as ye would tender the glory of God, and desire the salvation of your own souls, mourn for the wrongs ye have done to the glory of God, in your owning of that tyrant, who is the malignants' head and god. And now I am sure, ye are left without excuse, if ye will not cast him off; and they, who will say he hath power over civil matters, must say God is unjust, and He is the author of evil; which were horrid blasphemy.

"The matter of my condemnation is, because I will not yield to their iniquitous laws, and call tyranny authority, and a constitution of wickedness a constitution of God; which I dare not, for my soul, have the least thought of. And now, my friends, I am to die for protesting against Popery, and the inbringing of that Papist the Duke [of York], to defile the Lord's land; and declining their power, because they had murdered my brethren these twenty years, and testifying against all the wrongs my lovely Lord and Master hath got. Therefore, I charge you, to beware of speaking against me, or any of my brethren; for my head and my right hand shall be a witness against you, who shall condemn us; whatever I have been, I am now highly honoured to witness for Christ's cause.

"And now, my dear friends, I must tell you, that grace is free, and I am a debtor to free grace, and I am as a brand plucked out of the fire; yet my Lord hath loved me with an everlasting love. And I bless the Lord, I am in my right mind, and have hatred against no man's person, but in so far as they are fighting against my God, and plotting against His holy child Jesus; as it is written, Psalm ii. 9, 'Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt break them in pieces like a potter's vessel.'

"I leave my testimony against Charles Stuart, for his breach of Covenant, and for his setting forth that hellish Act of Supremacy, whereby he rescinded the law of God, and the just laws of the land, that he might murder the Lord's people. I likewise leave my blood upon him, and these bloody Counsellors, Justiciary and assizers, because they take away my life, and the lives of my brethren, without a shadow of law or justice; for there were none of us guilty of action or crimes, and the protestation we gave them shall be a standing witness against them.

"I leave my testimony against Prelacy, because they have taken upon them the place of lords, which is proper to none but Jesus Christ; for we have but one God, one Lord, one Saviour and Master; and they have our blood upon their heads.

"I leave my testimony against all the proceedings against the Lord's people, their murders in the fields, and in the sea, and on scaffolds.

"I likewise leave my testimony against the bringing home of that tyrant, Charles Stuart, after they knew that he had broken all bonds that could bind men, and was no more to be believed.

"I likewise leave my testimony against the Duke of York, and against the reception of him first and last; because they knew he was a professed Papist, and was seeking nothing but the lives of the Lord's people, as his actions declare. First he behoved to have a draught of these five mens' blood at Magus Muir [Thomas Brown, Andrew Sword, John Clyde, James Wood, John Waddell. Their testimonies are in the Appendix to "Naphtali."—Ed.], and next, of Mr James Skene, John Potter, Archibald Stewart, and the rest of our brethren since. Oh! bloody wretch, he is filling himself drunk with the blood of the saints; and when he was declared Viceroy and High Commissioner, as they call him, he behoved to have a draught of blood to sit down with, viz., of that faithful minister of Jesus Christ, Mr Donald Cargill, and the other four.

"And then they sat down to their Parliament for enacting these hell-hatched Acts, placing Charles Stuart and his succession for their God, and that they call law and authority for their Bible. And now, when they have taken their breath, they must have our blood to slocken them [«.<?., quench their thirst]. I leave my testimony against the Parliamenters, and my blood upon them. I am sure they will find it, and my brethrens', lying heavy upon them.

"I likewise leave my testimony against bonders, cess and locality payers, for strengthening the hands of these wicked ruffians, the troopers and soldiers, who destroy the Lord's people. Now, therefore, dear friends, I warn you, as ye would flee from the wrath to come, shake yourselves of these things, if so be there may be hope. It may be, if ye be serious, ye will be hid in the day of the Lord's anger. Take warning, and flee from the wrath that is to come.

"Likewise I leave my testimony against the unfaithfulness of the watchmen of Scotland, for they have not fed the flock, but fed themselves. Therefore I, as a dying man, must tell you, that it will be a wonder, if ever ye be honoured to be faithful, for your turning your backs on your Master, when all men are set against Him, and your seeking to save your lives when the Lord is calling you to suffer, rather than to yield, or quit a hair of the truth. Ye think nothing to call tyranny lawful magistracy, and by that ye say, that all the martyrs, who have suffered under tyranny these twenty years, have suffered justly. If that word be true, 'There is no power but of God;' then, certainly, Charles Stuart's power must not be of God, for his unheard-of murders, perjuries, and adulteries. Now, I say, those who call him a magistrate, they say that God is the author of sin; which is horrid blasphemy; and I think there are few ministers in Scotland who are free of that horrid sin, and are not in some sort guilty of their brethrens' blood; for ye are an upcast [i.e., a reproach) to poor sufferers. Now, therefore, I advise you to repent, for I shall wish you no wrong. I might say much to that purpose, but I shall forbear, only I desire the Lord may forgive you, for your lukewarmness, neutrality, indifferency, and sinful silence, where there is none to speak for Jesus Christ. And now, I advise you that are His people, to take warning from me as a dying man, not to join with them, till their repentance be as visible as their sin hath been. Oh! seek teachers from the Lord; for He will not want ministers, when He hath an errand to send them. Wait on the Lord; for He doth all things well.

"Now, my dear friends, who desire to live godly, look out for tribulation and affliction, and the scourge of tongues, and the envy and malice of devils. The ministers will reproach you, and condemn you, and the worldly-wise professors will advise you to run at leisure, and not condemn the godly for their failings. It is true, I grant, the godly may fall and rise again; but alas! their apostacy in denying their Master, and defending it, will be found very hard and terrible in the sight of the Lord.

"Now, I must not tarry, being surprised with shortness of time, having the king of terrors to grapple with. Only this I say, my dear friends, make haste, get your peace made with God, and in your stations contend for Him. Labour to have nothing before your eyes but the glory of God, and ye shall undoubtedly get employment of Him. Make it your main work to seek the Lord.

"And now, that I am to step out of time into eternity, I bless the Lord for the way He hath taken with me; for all that I have met with hath been in loving-kindness; and I can say that, from my experience, He hath been kind to me in my wanderings and imprisonments; irons and stocks have been made sweet to me; yea. evil company hath been made useful to me. Yea, these antiscripturists were made instructive to me; for I saw these four men (I mean John Gib and his followers) were once as fair on the way, by appearance, as any I knew. But I see gifts are not graces; and now, I think, they are hopeless; and I advise none that tenders [i.e., regards] the glory of God to meddle with them; for they are turned horrid blasphemers and deniers of the Scriptures. Beware of them, for I have no time to give you a particular account of them.

"Now, my dear friends, farewell, with whom I have been refreshed many times; the love of God be with you, and carry you through. Farewell Holy Scriptures, wherewith I have been comforted. Farewell praying. Farewell sweet imprisonments. Farewell sweet stocks and irons, for Christ's sake. Farewell wanderings and sweet reproaches for my Lord's sake. Farewell sun, moon, and stars. Farewell day and night. Farewell all created comforts. Welcome death, welcome gallows, for Christ's sake. Welcome eternity. Welcome angels. Welcome spirits of just men made perfect. Welcome praises that shall never have an end. There I shall rest through all the ages of eternity in Emmanuel's land. Welcome Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; into Thy hands I recommend my spirit! "Sic subscribitur,



David Farrie.

|IKE his fellow-sufferer, Patrick Forman, little else is known of David Farrie, besides what he tells in his last Testimony. He was a stranger to the power of Divine grace till about four years previous to his martyrdom. According to his confession before the Council, he disclaimed the king's authority, called him a tyrant, asserted it lawful to kill murderers, and said the king is a murderer, because he hath murdered the people of God.

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