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THÈ author of the following journal favoured me with a perusal of the manuscript before sending it to press. I was extremely pleased to find an officer in the navy writing like one who fears God, and desir: ous, not only to entertain, but also to in. struct his readers in the best things.


The countries which he visited, are the most highly renowned in antiquity, and respecting which, all who value knowledge, are anxious to obtain every information. I need only to say, that Italy, Greece, Egypt, Lesser Asia, and interesting islands adja. cent, are of the number.

Campbell 23 may

Young readers, especially, will derive much information concerning these countries; for the author not only relates their present state, and the circumstances which happened, while he remained at the dif.

ferent places; but he likewise furnishes an abridged detail of their ancient history. I would earnestly recommend this volume as a suitable present to officers in the navy, seamen in general, and persons about to undertake long voyages, it will both amuse and edify.

In consequence of a pious advertisement, published by the author some weeks ago, informing that this work was soon to be put to press, a number of subscribers sent their names. I was glad in looking over the list, to find several officers of the navy, and marines, who are at present in the channel fleet. I hope, by their means, it will find its way to more of His Majesty's ships. Critics of stile, when perusing the journal, must remember they are reading the production of a sailor. That it may be a means of doing much good, is the sincere desire of

JOHN CAMPBELL, Kingsland, near London,

April 10, 1807,

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