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Scriptares, comfort of, 195, 196.
excellence of, 184, 192 - 194,

War, hymn in time of, 875.
God praised for, 187.

Watchfulness, and brotherly reprool, 66
importance to the young. 744.

and prayer, 343, 358.
light and glory of, 186.

prayer for, 449,
sufficiency of, 190.

Water of life, 508.'
superiority of, 191.

Widow's prayer, 971.
Value of, 189.

Winter, hymns for, 866, 867.
Sex, hymn at, 831.

Wisdom, excellence of, 404.
prayer at, 832.

true, 457.
Searren's hymns, 825835.

Woman, influence of, 996, 997
Ba-distrus., 451.

Worship, 1.
abandonment, 462.

attendance on, 13.
Sick child, prayer for, 930.

call to, 20.
Sickness and recovery, 932.

close of, 83 - 96, 98.
Sincerity and hypocrisy, 456.

delight of, 19, 21, 26, 30, 31, 58.
Sinner entreated to a wake, 268.

doinestic, 924-926, 929, 933, 834
Soul, the, its beauty unfading, 962.

evening, close of, 80, 97, 99.
Spring, hyinns for, 859 - 862.

public, 37.
Stor at sea, 831.

social, 920.
hymn on occasion of, 994.

filial and cheerful, 965.
Submission to God, 481, 485, 628.

invitation to, 52.
Summer, hymns for, 863, 861.

of earth and heaven, 64.
Sunset, hymn at, 914.

of the heart, 70, 73.

pious, 969.

preparation for, 28, 72.
Temperance hall, dedication of, 798.

public, 4,5, 33, 45, 47, 50,76
hymns, 790 -- 797.

Bilent, 464.
Temptation, 974.

sincere, 390.
compared to a storm, 832.

social, call to, 905, 906.
Thanksgiving, hymns for, 876-883, 885.

joy of, 902, 903.
Time, worth of, 518.

universal, 16.
flight of, 900.
Traveller's hymn, 995.
Treasures, earthly and heavenly, 523.

Year, close of, 895, 899, 900.
Trust in God, 606, 607, 618, 619, 635.

promises of, 858.
Truth, call of, 821.

the new, 586-894.
permanence and triumph of, 1002. | Youth, and autumn, 756.

and spring-time, 746.
Unity, Christian, 395, 396, 407, 911 - 913,

Youthful example, 750.
917 918.



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7s. M.

BOWRING, Humble Worship 1 WHEN before thy throne we kneel,

Filled with awe and holy fear,
Teach us, 0 our God! to feel

All thy sacred presence near. 2 Check each proud and wandering thought

When on thy great name we call;
Man is nought- is less than nought:

Thou, our God, art all in all. 3 Weak, imperfect creatures, we

In this vale of darkness dwell;
Yet presume to look to thee,

'Midst thy light ineffable.
4 0, receive the praise that dares

Seek thy heaven-exalted throne;
Bless our offerings, hear our pray'rs

Infinite and Holy One !

P. M.

Solemn Invocation.
1 COME, thou Almighty King !
Help us thy name to sing ;

Help us to praise !
Father all glorious,
O’er all victorious,
Come and reign over us,

Ancient of days !

2 Come, thou all gracious Lord !
By heaven and earth adored,

Our prayer attend !
Come, and thy children bless ;
Give thy good word success ;
Make thine own holiness

On us descend !

3 Never from us depart;
Rule thou in every heart,

Hence, evermore !
Thy sovereign majesty
May we in glory see,
And to eternity

Love and adore.

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Exhortation to Praise.
1 Stand up and bless the Lord,

Ye people of his choice ;
Stand up, and bless the Lord your God,

With heart, and soul and voice. 2 Though high above all praise,

Above all blessing high,
Who would not fear his holy name,

And laud and magnify ? 3 O for the living flame

From his own altar brought,
To touch our lips, our minds inspire,

And wing to heaven our thought! 4 There, with benign regard,

Our hymns he deigns to hear ; Though unrevealed to mortal sense,

The spirit feels him near.

5 Stand up and bless the Lord,

The Lord your God adore ;
Stand up and bless his glorious name,

Henceforth for evermore.

L. M.

WATTS. Public Worship. 1 BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne,

Ye nations, bow with sacred joy, Know that the Lord is God alone:

He can create, and he destroy. 2 His sovereign power, without our aid,

Made us of clay, and formed us men; And when, like wandering sheep we strayed,

He brought us to his fold again, 3 We are his people ; we his care ;

Our souls, and all our mortal frame : What lasting honors shall we rear,

Almighty Maker, to thy name ? 4 We'll crowd thy gates, with thankful songs

High as the heaven our voices raise ; And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,

Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise. 5 Wide as the world is thy command;

Vast as eternity thy love; Firm as a rock thy truth shall stand, · When rolling years shall cease to move.


L. M. Tate & Brady.

The Same.
1 0, COME, loud anthems let us sing,

Loud thanks to our Alinighty King;
For we our voices high should raise,
When our salvation's Rock we praise.

2 Into his presence let us haste,

To thank him for his favors past
To him address, in joyful songs,

The praise that to his name belongs.
3 0, let us to his courts repair,

And bow with adoration there;
With joy and fear devoutly all
Before the Lord, our Maker, fall!


L. M.

Watts Horo amiable are thy Tabernacles, O Lord of Hosts.1 Great God! attend, while Zion sings

The joy that from thy presence springs,
To spend one day with thee, on earth,

Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. 2 Might I enjoy the meanest place

Within thy house, O God of grace,
Not tents of ease, nor thrones of power,

Should tempt my feet to leave thy door. 3 God is our Sun- he makes our day; God is our shield — he guards our way; All needful grace he will bestow,

And crown that grace with glory too. 4 O God! our king, whose sovereign sway

The glorious hosts of heaven obey,
Thy willing servants may we be,
For blest are they who trust in thee.

C. M.

EDNESTON The Lord's Day. 1 When the worn spirit wants repose,

And sighs her God to seek,
How sweet to hail the evening's close
That ends the weary week!

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