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7 Jesus, our great High-Priest, trino tudi

Has full atonement made ut siit!
Ye weary spirits, restit: in 19177

Ye mournful souls, be glad! 10 11
The year of Jubilee is come lituri = {oj STUT

Return, ye ransom'd sinners, hômes lin2 58 L. M. Gloucester 12 Derby 1699

The Gospel Jubilee, Psalm lxxxix. 15.
1.1 QUD let the tuneful trumpet sound,

And spread the joyful tidings round;
Let every soul with transport hear,

And hail the Lord's accepted year. 16 i 2 Ye debtors, whom he gives to knowi .

That you ten thousand talents. owe,!.':
When humblo at his feet you fall, :T

Your gracious God forgives them alla ! (!T
3 Slaves, that have borne the heavy chains
Of sin, and hell's tyrannic reign, : 'r'
To liberty assert your claim, isi

And urge the great Redeemer's namely", 4-The rich inheritance of heaven, 1:1

Your joy, your boast, is frsely giv'ni?
Fair Salem your arrival waits un n

With golden streets and pearly gates. 12 15 Her blest inhabitants no more "

Bondage and poverty deplore; 257 97
The debt, but lovo immensely greaty?

Their joy still rises with tho debt.
D'Oʻhappy souls, that know the sound,

Celestial light their steps surround, 17 i
And shew that Jubilee beguin, '?:T

Which throl eternal years shall rün..T .BERTS :');.. .). DR. DODDRIDGE. 59 C. M. Oxford 177. Hammond 226.

The glorious Gospel of the blessed God, 1 Timii, .
1 W HAT wisdom, majesty, and grace,
· Tliro' all the gospel shine

1 3

"Tis God that speaks, and we confessit ?

The doctrine most divine. mitolf 5130 V
2 Down from his starry throne on high,

Th’ almighty Saviour eomes;."
Lays his bright robes of glory by, i bilo

birinin bluoda a And feeble flesh assumes.5 m

3 The mighty debt that sinners owd

Upon the cross he pavs:
2. Then thro' the clouds ascends to God

'Midst shouts of loftiest praise.
4 There hê, our great High Priest, appears 10

Before his Father's throne; with
Mingles his merits with our tears, IA HII

And pours salvation downe i 2010 A
5 Great God, with reverence wo adgrelle de

Thy justice and thy grace;61: buds.
And on thy faithfulness and power U S

Our firm dependence place, S, STPNNETT.

45 gen yon para maging as jou ys 60 L. M. Gould's 272. Mark 66. Ulverstón 179.

The Gospel is the power of God to Salvation, Rom. 1.08 1 W HAT shall the dying sinner. đo !!!,

W That seeks relief for all his woe? Where shall the guilty conscience find"

Ease for the torment of the mind? li dey! 2 How shall we get our crimes forgiven,

Or form our natures fit for heaven?
Can souls, all oʻer defit:d with sin, 029
Make their own powers and passions clean ? O
3 But who, in vain, shall ever cry. Sinbad

Dear Jesus, bring thy gospel nigh?
"Tis there that power and glory dwelt ei

Which save rebellious souls from hell! 1517 4 This is the pillár of our hope ??

That bears our fainting spirits up;
We read the grace, we trust the word,
And find salvation in the Lord.

C 12

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5 Let men or angels dig the mines )

Where nature's golden treasure shines;
Brought near the doctrine of the cross,..,

All nature's gold appears but dross. 6 Should vile blasphemers with disdain

Pronounce the truths of Jesus vain,
We'll meet the scandal and the shame,
And sing and triumph in his name.

: ;,? miri DR. WATTS’S SERMONS.

61 C. M. London 180. Follett 181. ?!

A rational Desence of the Gospel. .
1 SHALL atheists dare insult the cross-

W Of our incarnate God?
Shall infidels revile his truth. , ;? ;

And trample on his blood? :;.
2 What if he choose mysterious ways
n' To cleanse us from our faults! The

May not the works of sovereign grace
. Transcend, our feeble thoughts? 11.,?.
3 What if his gospel bid us strive :

With flesh, and self, and sin!....
The prize is most divinely bright :*

That we are call’d to win. ;
4 What if the men, despis'd on earth, a

Still of his grace partake!...
This but confirms his truth the more,

For so the prophets-spake.
5 Do some, that own his sacred truth,

' Indulge their souls in sin?
None should reproach the Saviour's name,

His laws are pure and clean.
6 Then let our faith be firm and strong,

Our lips profess his word; in 1
Nor ever shun those holy men
Who fear and love the Lord. .


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L e sittiin inn l '1

SCRIPTURE DOCTRINES AND BLESSINGS. O 62 5.6. Bourton 50: Haughton 68. * 10T Everlasting Love, Electing Grace, and Personal Holiness. 1 HOW happy are wel: 10)

IL Our election who see,
And venture, O Lord, for salvation on thee!
219 si In Jesus âpprovd.sit Worth, 10.1
Eternally lov'd, i, fins !

Upheld by thy power we cannot be mov'd.

ori . T .96.0') 2 . 'Tis sweet to recliners,

8. On the bosom divine, ;) !? And experience the comforts peculiar to thinç';

While, born from above, it gets

And upheld by thy love, in Lin
With singing and triumph to Zion we movę..?
3 Our seeking thy face. -
Was all of thy grace,

Thy mercy demands and shall have all the praise:

No sinner can be us !!!!!!*;(

Beforehand-with thee, would ru Thy grace is preventing, almighty, and free. 2 4 Our Saviour and friend jury.

His love shall-extend; ls !! 011111. *
It knew no beginning, and never shall end: !

Whom once he receives': la Lodi!! A

His Spirit ne'er leaves, in Nor ever repents of the grace that he' gives, 5 This proof we would give up to i . That thee we receive; .

) Thou art precious alone to the souls that believe ;!

Be precious to us! !! ...sebiria

All besides is as dross, in cuoross. 1 Compar’d with thy love and the blood of thy 64


Part II.- Personal Holiness desired.
Yet one thing we want, with do '{15,

More holiness grant!
For more of thy mind and thy image we pant:

Thine image impress*** ..16+ On thy favourite races:You V-fieri

O fashion and polish thy vessels of grace! i 7 Thy workmanship we

* More fully would be; no. [to thee: Lord, stretch out thine hand, and conform us

While onward we moye, fruta

To Canaan above, or you Come, fill us with holiness, fill us with love,

Vouchsafe us to know. 3 & er "

More of thee below :) borse con un mo Thus fit us for heaven, and glory bestow;'"11!. . Our harps shall be tun'd, ir ?

The Lamb shall be crown'd, da
Salvation to Jesus thro' heav'n shall resound.

63 L. M. Kingsbridge 88. Lewton 30.

: The Conséquences of Election, Rom. viii. 33-39,1 1 W HO shall condemn to endless flames

The chosen people of our God!
Since in the book of life their names"...Srir

Are fairly writ in Jesus' bload. u 10) 2 He, for the sins of all the elect, . .!!

Hath a complete atonement made; ok 9 .
And justice never can expect e

That the same debt should twice be paid, .
3 Not tribulation, nakedness, : ",

The famine, peril, or the sword;
Not persecution, or distress, i . i':.

Can separate from Christ the Lord...] . 4 Nor life, nor death, nor depth, nor height, i

Nor powers below, nor powers above,
Nor present things, nor things to come,
Can change his purposes of love, sve

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