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3 Pather, I see thy sun arise :"igre!

To cheer thy friends and enemies; , ;
And, when thy rain from heaven descends,

Thy bounty both alike befriends.
4 Enlarge my soul with love like thine ; 17
My moral powers by grace refine:
So shall I feel another's woe,'.

And cheerful feed an hungry foe. " S
5 I hope for pardon, thro' thy Son,

For all the crimes which I have done;
0, may the grace that pardons mei;
Constrain mě to forgive like thee! -

25 L. M. Gloucester 12. Bromley 104. 9

The Divine Perfections celebrated, Ps. lxxxix. cxlv. -
I M Y grateful tongue, immortal King!!

V! Thy mercy shall for ever sing;
Thy verse, to time's remotest day,
My truth in sacred notes display. i
2.0 say, what strength shall vie with thine ?:

What name among the saints divine, ;,
Of equal excellence possess’d, kus on pa

Thy sov’reignty, great God, contest?
3 Thee, Lord, heaven's host their leader own;
• Thee,' might unbounded, Thee alone,

With endless majesty has crown'd; i

And faith unsully'd vests thee round! i 4 The heaven above and earth below, .,

Thee, Lord, their great possessor know:.. "By thee, this orb to being rose, '.

And all that nature's bounds inclose. :. 5 From thee, amid the aërial space,

The north and south assume their place; "Tis thine the ocean's rage to guide,

And calm at will its swelling tide. noi , 6 O bless'd the tribes, whose willing ear :

Awakes the festal shout to hear;

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Who thankful see, where'er they trend,

Thy favouring beams around them spread. 7 How shall they joy, from day to day,

Thy boundless mercy, to display,
Thy righteousness, indulgent Lord,

With holy confidence record!
8 O wise in all thy works! thy name :

Let man's whole race aloud proclaim : ,
And, grateful, thro’ the length of days,
In ceaseless songs repeat thy praise:


26 : L. M. Rothwell 174. Chard 175.

in God exalted above all Praise. eise, di I ETERNAL Power! whose high abode !

U Becomes the grandeur of a God;
Infinite lengths, beyond the bounds is

Where stars revolve their little rounds, 2. The lowest step around thy seat'.'",

Rises too high for Gabriel's feet;" :?
In vain the tall arch-angel tries. ..)

To reach thine height with wond'ring eyes.
3 Lord, what shall earth and ashes do ? :
We would adoré our Maker too;
From sin and dust to thee we cry,

The Great, the Holy, and the High'!". 4 Earth from afar has heard thy fame,

And worms have learnt to lisp thy name;
But 0, the glories of thy mind

Leave all our soaring thoughts behind. 5 God is in heaven, but man below; ..

Be short our tunes; our words be few;
A sacred reverence checks our songs, .
And praise sits silent on our tonguesi',


CREATION AND PROVIDENCE." 27 L. M. Rochford 22. Wells 102. ;

A Summary View of the Creation, Gen.i.
1 I OOK up, ye saints, direct your eyes

To him who dwells above the skies;
With your glad notes his praise.rehearse

Who form’d the mighty universe. ::.
2 He spoke, and from the womb of night,

At once sprang up the cheering light : ,,
Him discord heard ; and, at his nod,,!!

Beauty awoke, and spoke the God." 3 The word he gavė, th' obedient sun.!!

Began his glorious race to run :
Nor silver moon, nor stars delay ;

To glide along th’ ethereal way. '
4 Teeming with life,-air, earth, and sea, "
Obey th' Almighty's high decree!,
To every tribe he gives their food,

Then speaks the whole divinely good. 5 But, to complete the wondrous plan,

From earth and dust he fashions mani,
In man the last, in him the best,

The Maker's image stands confest:
6 Lord, while thy glorious works I view,

Form thou my heart and soul anew; 'Here bid thy purest light to shine, And beauty glow with charms divine !! !

's, . .; NEEDHAM. 28 C. M. Crowle 3. New York 33. The Creation of Man; or, God the Searcher of the Heart,

Psalm cxxxix. " 1 LORD! thy pervading knowledge strikes

Through nature's inmost gloom,.
And in thy circling arms I lay ... it's

A slumberer in the womb., il

Stupendontemplatione when the

2 Thea will I honour, for I stand )

À volume of thy skill;!
Stupendous are thy works, and they, , pero

My contemplations fill!!
3 Thine eye beheld me when the speck,

Of entity began;
And o'er my form, in darkness fram'd,

Thy rich embroid'ry ran:
4 Th' unfashion'd mäss by thee was seen;

My structure, in thy book, :
Was plann'd before thy curious mould

The future embryo took.
6 How precious are the streaming joys

Thàt from thy love descend !
Would I rehearse their numbers o'er, .

Where would their numbers end ? 6 Not ocean's countless sands exceed

The blessings of the skies; . ..
With night's descending shades they fall;

With morning splendours rise.'
7 Thine awful glories round me shine,

My Aesh proclaims thy praise : '
. Lord! to thy works of nature join us

Thy miracles of gracę. ::
C. M. Devizes 14. Tiverton 109.

A Song to Creating Wisdom. ;! - 41
IFTERNAL Wisdom, thee we praise !".
.?! Thee the creation sings!
With thy lov'd name, rocks, hills, and seas,

And heaven's high palace rings. 2 Thy hand how wide it spreads the sky! .

How glorious to behold!
Ting'd with the blue of heavenly dye, • 5

And starr'd with sparkling 3'Thy glories blaze all nature round,

And strike the gazing sight, ...

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Thro’ skies, and seas, and solid ground, in

With terror and delight.
4 Infinite strength, and equal skill, s. 99.1 abril

Shine thro the worlds abroad,
Our souls with vast amazement fill, t I

And speak the builder God. i sa
6 But still the wonders of thy grace **

Our softer passions move; ..
Pity divine in Jesus' faces will!

We see, adore, and love. WATTS'S 'LYRICS.

30 L. M. Martin's Lane 67. - Langdon 217,

God's Goodness to the Children of Men, Ps. cvii. 31. *
1 VE sons of men, with joy records

1 The various wonders of the Lord;!'
And let his power and goodness sound ,

Thro' all your tribes the earth around. "
2 Let the high heavens your songs invite,

Those spacious fields of brilliant light;.."
Where sun, and moon, and planets roll;.

And stars that glow from pole to pole.".'
3 Sing, earth, in verdant robes array’d-

Its herbs and flowers, its fruit and shade ;
Peopled with life of various fornis,

Of fish, and fowl, and beasts, and worms.
4 View the broad sea's majestic plains, 3} Wis

And think how wide its Maker reigns; .
That band remotest nations joins, cigar

And on each wave his goodness shines. Ai
5 But oh! that brighter world above, 'ss

Where lives and reigns incarnate love!
God's only Son, in flesh array'd, ..

For man a bleeding victim made. ...,
6 Thither, my, soul, with rapture spar!

There, in the land of praise, adore; ... t.
The theme demands an angel's lay- ,,?
Demands an everlasting day, DODDRĘDGÈ.


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