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· 69*76. 'Peversham 220. Bath Abbey 147.

Redeeming Love.....
" I'NOW begin the heavenly theme, i

UN Sing aloud in Jesus name!!: ? . . Ye,,who his salvation provę, : ,,

Triumph in 'redeeming love. :?
2 Ye, who see the Father’s grace,

Beaming in the Saviour's face, te
As to Canaan on ye move, :,!

Praise and bless redeeming love. :
3 Mourning souls, dry up your tears ;

Banish all your guilty fears ;l, anna,
See your guilt and curse remove,

Cancell'd by redeeming love..
4 Ye, alas! who long have been

Willing slaves to death and sing IT.
Now from bliss no longer rove; 'I
: Stop and taste redeeming love,
5 Welcome all by sin opprest, : D

Welcome to his sacred rest; ?
Nothing brought him from above,

Nothing but redeeming love.i

6 When his Spirit leads us home, .101" When we to his glory come,

We shall all the fulness, prove !! . Of our Lord's redeeming love.

He subdu'd th' infernal powers, : eyni Those tremendous foes of ours

! From their cursed empire drove, ! Mighty in redeeming love." 8 Hither, then, your music bring,

Strike aloud each cheerful' string! "*"
. Mortals, join the host above, *.!

Join to praise redeeming lovet 1:87 m
L:M.Winchester 137. Rothwell 174.
Redemption by Christ alone, 1. Pet. 2, 18, 19.)
TNSLAVED by sin, and bound in chains,

* . Beneath its dreadful tyrant sway,

* And doomed to everlasting pains, im

We wretched guilty captives lay. , ?
2 Nor gold nor gems could buy our peace;

Nor the whole world's collected store
Suffice to purchase or release'; on

A thousand worlds were all too poor. 3 Jesus, the Lord, the mighty God, 4.4."

An all-sufficient ransom paid;
Invalu'd price! his precious blood,

For vile rebellious traitors shed. }.
4 Jesus the sacrifice became '' . ii

To rescue guilty souls from hell: ;;'!?
The spotless, bleeding, dying Lamb

Beneath avenging justice fell..!!!!
5 Amazing goodness! love divine !" ".

O may our grateful hearts adore

The matchless grace; nor yield to sin, :- Nor wear its cruel fetters more! 6. Dear Saviour, let thy love pursue.

The glorious work it has begun: · Each secret lurking foe subdue, And let our hearts be thine alone.

iz , . ; :: STEELE. :



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71 *8.7. 4. Westbury 51. Calvary 297..

.Finished Redemption. ':
1 HARK! the voice of love and mercy

II Sounds aloud from Calvary!' ..
See, it rends the rocks asunder,

Shakes the earth, and veils the sky!
It is finishd! .
Hear the dying Saviour cry! ; .i.
2 It is finish'd !-0, what pleasure

Do these charming words afford ! '.
Heavenly blessings without measure

Flow to us from Christ the Lord : ?
It is finish'd !- ' ,
Saints the dying words record. .

3 Finish'd all the types and shadows Hell'

Of the ceremonial law!, alina!
Finish'd all that God had promised.;Tom

Death and hell no more shall awe :)?
It is finished , .pinteş oj gabi
Saints from hence your comfort draw. I.
4 [Happy souls, approach the table, .6"-,15

Taste the soul-reyiving food ;; ( lil. .. Nothing half so sweet and pleasant, " 1

As the Saviour's flesh and blood: 1:1
It is finish'd !

Christ has borne the heavy load.] ini
5 Tune your harpš anew, ye seraphs, -!!!

Join to sing the pleasing theme; i
All in earth, and all in heaven, i t :

Join to praise Immanuel's name: ,,
Hallelujah! :21: ,, ;'[

Glory to the bleeding Lamb ! :6:41 FA 72 L. M. Leeds 19. Rochford 22.11 (Verses 1, 2, and 6 of this Hymn, are set to the tune 277,

ir called Salvation.) fins'

It is finished, John xixi 30. li 'I 'TIS finish'd! so the Saviour cry'd,

I Ånd meekly bow'd his head, and dy'd: : 'Tis finish'd !-Yes, the race is run, ... Di

The battle fought, the victory won,
2 'Tis finish'd-all that heaven decreed,

And all the ancient prophets said, ':
Is now fulfill’d, as was design’d,

In me the Saviour of mankind. !!?
3 'Tis finishd-Aaron now no more !!
Must stain his rohes with purple gore !!
The sacred veil is rent in twain,

And Jewish rites no more remain..!!
4 'Tis finish d—this my dying groan

Shall sins of every kind atone:
Millions shall be redeem'd from death !
By this my last expiring breathi, * ejhito

5 'Tis finishd-Heaven is reconcil'a, N

And all the powers of darkness spoilid:
Peace, love, and happiness again

? Return, and dwell with sinful men.", 6 'Tis finished let the joyful sound s

Be heard through all the nations round:
"Tis finish'd let the echo fly9tiin ,
Thro’ heaven and hell, thro' earth and sky.

é s possi". DRIS, STENNETT. 53 7

8s. Limefield 94.
Gratitude to God for Redemption, Eph. i. 7, 11.
1 SHALL Jésus descend from the skies

w To atone for our sins by his blood,
And shall we such goodness despise, .

And rebels still be to our God?",
2 [No brute could be ever so base!.

Shall man thus ungrateful then prove? ; Forbid it, O God of all grace! **

Forbid it, thou Spirit of love!
3 The devils would laugh us to scorn, .,-,,

For folly so shameful as this;
O let us to God then return,

Sure never was goodness like his. I. :) 4 He say'd us, or we had been lost,'

Nor comfort nor hope had e'er known:
Yet he knew this salvation would costs

- No less than the blood of his Son. i. 5 Thro' him we forgiveness shall find,

And taste the sweet blessings of peace : If, contrite and humbly resign'd, "s' is

We trust in his promised grace. i -. 6 This world then, with all its gay joy

That its thousands has spard and undono, May tempt but shall never clestroy.

Whom Jesus has mark'd for his own.;, 7 While here thro’ the desert we stray, ,201 Our God shall be all our delights ?

Our pillar of cloud in the day, ' 7***

And also of fire in the night; it is 8 Till, the Jordan of death safely pass'd,

We land on the heavenly shore, si Where we the hid manna shall taste, sier

Nor hunger nor thirst any more...... 9 And there, while his glories we see, ".

i And feast on the joys of his love, 6 . We chang'd to his likeness shall be, And then shall all gratitude prove.

D. TURNER. 74 8.8. 6. Chatham 59. Hinton 266. [

Christ's Atonement. . 10 THOU, who didst thy glory leave

V. Apostate sinners to retrieve
. From nature's deadly fall,-""

If thou hast bought me with a price,
My sins against me ne'er shall rise ;

For thou hast borne them all.
2 And wast thou punish'd in my stead?,

Didst thou without the city bleed ?
- To expiate my stain ?
On earth my God vouchsaf'd to dwell,"
And made of infinite avail !!!

The sufferings of the man.
3 Behold him for transgressors giv'n ! "
Behold th' incarnate King of heaven...

For us, his foes, expire ! . ; ,. ' Amaz’d, O earth! the tidings hear! ;. He bore that we might never bear

His father's righteous ire.'.' . !
4 Ye saints, the man of sorrows bless,
The God, for your unrighteousness,

Deputed to atone'; *
Praise, till, with all the ransom'd throng,
Ye sing the never-ending song, .. .

And see him on bis throne. .. TOPLADY.

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