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75 8.7. Tabernacle 239., Trowbridge 21.

Gratitude for the Atonement. ..! !. 1 HTAIL! thou once despised Jésus, - !:

- Hail thou Galilean king!
Thou didst suffer to release us; pnei

Thou didst free salvation bring:
Hail thou agonizing Saviour, "iire

Bearer of oår sin and shame! Min
By thy merits we find favour; có

Life is given thro’ thy name. '*'?
2 Paschal Lamb, by God appointed, .de

All our sins on thee were laid ;, , TI
By almighty love anointed, 114.

Thou hast full atonement made :.;
All thy people are forgiven inbyn i

Thro’ the virtue of thy blood; i;?
Open'd is the gate of heaven ; t. !" E

Peace is made 'twixt man and God. '1
3 Jesus, hail ! enthron'd in glory, if..!

There for ever to abide ! Tira
All the heavenly host adore thee, irgi

Seated at thy Father's side: ss ets 2
There for sinners thou art pleading : ; iii.

There thou dost our place prepare;. :
Ever for us interceding, mobis :1

Till in glory we appear...'
4 Worship, honour, power, and blessing,

Thou art worthy to receive; in
Loudest praises, without ceasing, i

Meet it is for us to give : ,,
Help, ye bright angelic spirits ! !!

Bring your sweetest, noblest lays! .
Help to sing our Saviour's merits ; #
. Help to chant Immanuel's praise. in
76: 77s. Deptford 124. Firth's 146.

Pleading the Atonement, Ps. Ixxxiv. 9. 1 TTATHER, God, who seest in' me'

Only sin and misery,..

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Turn to thy anointed onesna »!T .5.2
Look on thy beloved Son !', sii]
Him, and then the sinner, sed; ! 11

Look thro? Jesus' wounds on me. I am 2 Heavenly Father, Lord of all, i set

Hear and show thod bear'st my call !T
Bow thine eary in meroy bow,5 15,3 List
Smile on mora sinner now , i
Now the stone to flesh convert, i n

Cast a look and melt' my heart. pi maine 3 Lord, I cannot let thee go.chris!!

Till a blessing thou bestow;"3","
Hear my Advocate divine, 7 :
Lo! to his, my suit I join; ST
Join'd with his, it cannot fail: ..

Let me now with thee prevail!': ir
4 Turn, from ine, thy glorious eyes i'?)

To his bloody sacrifice,
To the full atopenient made, !I
To the utmost ransom paid : ogoonite
And, if mine, thro?:lvim thou art, nislil...

Speak thy mercy to my heart. It's; ? 5 Jesus, answer from above,''

tadini ne
Is not all thy nature lave 'i T
Pity fram ibine eye let fall::;. 11 (
Bless me while on thee I call; die
Am I thine, thou Son of God?...

Take the purchase of thy hlood.
6 Father, see the victim slain,; b u t

Offer'd up for guilty nion :. ilito:
Hear his blood-prevailing cry;:;:,!.?
Let thy bowels then reply ! Lorii i
Then thro: him the sinner see:-
Then, in Jesus, look on me. (SON!
C. M. Missionary 257. Cantabridge New 74.

Efficacious Grace, Psalni xlv. 3, 5.''!
1 HTAIL ! mighty Jesus! how divine 1

Is thy victorious sword!: )

The stoutest rebel must resign's 710.i?

At thy commanding word. 13 033)
- 2 Deep are the wounds thy arrows give,

They pierce the’liardest heart; baik
Thy smiles of grace the slain revive, ki

And joy succeeds to smart.oswelten
3 Still gird thy sword upon thy thigh;"

Ride with majestic sway:
Go forth, sweet Prince, triumphantly. "

And make thy foes obey. I
4 And when thy victories are complete,

When all the chosen race
Shall, round the throne of glory, meet,; OT

To sing thy conquering grace ;
5 O may my humble soul be found
Ti Among that favour'd band!.
And I, with them, thy praise will sound
Throughout Immanuel's land, 'n WALLỊN.
: Toeg

,. A 78 L. M. · Kingsbridge 88, New Sabbath 122.3

The Conversion of Zaccheus, Luke xix. 14d.
1 ONCE, as the Saviour pass'd along, 1.9

Zaccheus fain the Lord would'see
Of stature small, to "scape the throng?'IC
He ran before and climb d a tree. 7
2 As thië omniscient Lord drew nigh,

Upwards he look'd and saw him there;
Zaccheus, hastèri doron, for I rinat BCA

Must be thy guest-to-day; prepare. :?
3 To-day, the pardoning Saviour cries,

Salvalioz to thy house is come, .?
On wings of sovreign love it fliesaia! - IS

Go, tell the blissful news at home,'
4 Lord, look on souls that gaze around I

To every listening sinner speak; ".
Now may thy ancient love abound : No

From every seat a 'captive take. -2 32T


5 Sinners, make haste our God to meet, ".

Come to the feast his love prepares ; ;
The lost are sought and sav'd,-how sweet!

And not the righteous, Christ declares. 6 Say, what are you come out to view,

Jesus who once for sinners died ? .......
O hear the Saviour's voice to you, n

Cast sinful, righteous self aside.
7 Lord, wilt thou stoop to be my guest ?.

Dost thou invite thee to my home ?,
Welcome, dear Saviour, to my breast,

To-day let thy salvation come. 79 C. M. New York 33. Hammond 226. The lost sheep found ; or, Joy in Heaven on the Conversion

of a Sinner, Luke xv. 3, 4. .. 10 1 W HEN some kind shepherd from his fold

" Has lost a straying sheep, los ,! · Thro”vales; o'er hills, he anxious roves,

And climbs the mountain's steep : 2 But O the joy ! the transport sweet! .li .la

When he the wanderer finds; - wp Up in his arms he takes his charge, AMI

And to his shoulder
3 Homeward he hastes to tell his joys, , ;

And make his bliss complete : i .
The neighbours hear the news, and all ,

The joyful shepherd meet.
4 Yet how much greater is the joy

When but one sinner turns;
When the poor wretch, with broken heart,

His sins and errors mourns ! :
5 Pleas’d with the news, the saints below

In songs their tongues employ; Beyond the skies the tidings go,

And heaven is fill’d with joy. 8 Well-pleas’d, the Father sees and hears

The conscious sinner weep; litinis

083 the uke swangor 22,

Jesus receives him in his arms, "ro;

And owns him for his sheep.
7 Nor angels cán their joys contain,

But kindle with new fire ; s';i;
A wandering sheep's return'd, they sing,

And strike the sounding lyre.'
80 C. M. Wantage 204. Bangor 231.

The converted thief, Luke xxijl: 42..?
1 AS on the cross the Saviour bung,

And wept, and bled, and died,
He pour'd salvation on a wretch

That languish’d at his side. . , HT
2 His crimes, with inward grief and shame,
. The penitent confess’dz)

Then turn'd his dying eyes to Christ,
. And thus his pray'r address’d: ;

3 Jesus, thout Son and heir of heaven, 15111Thou spotless Lamb of God!

I see thee bąth'd in sweat and tears, fi
.. And weltering in thy blood.
4 Yet quickly, from these scenes of woens

In triumph thou shalt rise,
: Burst through the gloomy shades of death,

And shine above the skies.
5 Ařnid the glories of that world,

Dear Saviour, think on me,
And in the victries of thy death
· Let me à 'sharer be. .." tits,
6 His prayer the dying Jesus hears,
And instảntly replies,' ?

. ; ! To-day thy parting soul shall bes!

With me in Paradise. DR. S. STENNETT. 81 S. M. New Eagle Street 55. Ryland 48. Vital Union to Christ in Regeneration, 1 Cor. Ni. 17. I DEAR Saviour, we are thine ? By eyerlasting bonds': lips

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