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Condemn'd on this dark desert coast

To mourn our much-lov'd leader lost;
8 Be thou his strength, be thou his stay,

Support him through the gloomy way;
Comfort his soul, surround his bed, i

And guide bim thro? the dreary shade. 9 Around him may thy angels wait, . Deck'd with their robes of heavenly state,

To teach his happy soul to rise, ir And waft him to his native skies. . . 414. C. M. Huddersfield 202. Matthews 34. Ata Minister's leaving his People.-Paul's farewell Charge,

Acts xx. 26, 27. 1 W HEN Paul was parted from his friends,

" It was a weeping day; : . But Jesus made them all amends,

And wip'd their tears away. 2 In hearen they met again with joy'. . (Secure no more to part), Where praises every tongue employ,

And pleasure fills each heart.. 3 Thus all the preachers of his grace . Their children soon shall meet ; : Together see their Saviour's face,

And worship at his feet.,!," 4 But they who heard the word in vain,

Tho? oft and plainly warn'd, Will tremble when they meet again !, The ministers they scorn'de 5 On your own heads your blood will fall, - If any perish here;. '. . The preachers who have told you all,

Shall stand approv'd and clear,
6 Yet, LORD, to save themselves alone

, Is not their utmost view,. .
O! hear their prayer, thy message own,

415 L. M. Bowden 78. Chard 175. The People's Prayer for their Minister; or, Ministers and

Missionaries committed to God. 1 W ITH heavenly power, O LORD, defend

! Him whom we now to thée commend : :. His person bless, his soul secure,

And make him to the end endure.
2 Gird him with all-sufficient grace;

Direct his feet in paths of peace; ,
Thy truth and faithfulness fulfil,
And help him to obey thy will.
3 Before him thy protection send;

O love him, save him to the end !
Nor let him, as thy pilgrim, rove

Without the convoy of thy love. I
4 Enlarge, inflame, and fill his heart;:

In him thy mighty power exert ;
That thousands yet unborn may praise
The wonders of redeeming grace..

416 L. M. Portugal 97. Magdalene 214.

The Pastor's Wish for his People, Pbil. iv. 1. IMY brethren, from my heart beloyd,..

1 Whose welfare fills my daily care, My present joy, my future crown,

The word of exhortation hear.
2 Stand fast upon the solid rock

Of the Redeemer's righteousness ;
Adorn the Gospel with your lives, i

And practise what your lips profe$s. , :
3 With pleasure meditate the hour, in

When He, descending from the skies,
Shall bid your bodies, mean and vile,

In his all-glorious image rise,
4 Glory in his dear honour'd name,

To him inviolably cleave;

See also Hymn 420, first, second, and third part.

Your all he purchas’d by his blood; ;
Nor let him less than all receive. : ,,34
5 Such is your pastor's faithful charge,
Whose soul desires not your's, but you ; !
O may he, at the LoķD's right hand,
Himself, and all his people view! GIBBONS.

417 Li M. Wareham 117. Mark's 65.

At a'Choice of Deacons, 1 Tim. iii. 8–13.
1 FAIR Sion's King, we suppliant bow,

And hail the grace thy church enjoys ;
Her holy deacons are thine own,...

With all the gifts thy love employs.
2 Up to thy throne we lift our eyes,

For blessings to attend our choice*
Of such whose generous, prudent zeal,

Shall make thy favour'd ways rejoice.
3 Happy in Jesus, their own Lord,

May they his sacred table spread,
The table of their pastor fill, siis

And fill the holy poor with bread! . 4.[Wlien pastor, saints, and poor, they serte,

May their own hearts with grace be crown'd!
While patience, sympathy, and joy,

Adorn, and thro' their lives abound.] : 5 By purest love to Christ, and truth,

O may they win a good degree
Of boldness in the Christian faith,

And meet the smile of thine and thee 6 And when the work to them assign'

The work of love-is fully done,."...
Call them from serving tables here,
To sit around thy glorious throne.

• If this hymn be sung before the Choice, then the second Line of the second Verse may stand thus:

· For Wisdom to direct our Choice,

MONTHLY AND MISSIONARY PRAYER"MEETINGS. 418 (1st P.) 8.7. Carlisle 95. Welsh 210.

.. Trowbridge 21.. " Glorious Things spoken of Zion, the City of God, Psalm

· Ixxxvii. Isaiah xxxiii. 20, 21.
1 GLORIOUS things of thee are spoken,

Zion, city of our Gop!
He, whose word can not be broken,
Form’d thee for his own abode :..?
On the Rock of ages founded,
What can shake thy sure repose ?

With salyation's walls surrounded,..

Thou mayst smile at all thy foes. i 2 [See! the streams of living waters,

Springing from eternal love, ,
Well supply thy sons and daughters,
And all fear of want remove : , ;
Who can faint while such a river o
Ever flows thy thirst t' assuage?..;
Grace which, like the LORD, the giver, .

Never fails from age to age... , 3 Round each habitation hovering, s

See the cloud and fire appearl
For a glory and a covering, "".!
Showing that the Lord is near: is
Thus deriving from their banner, or
Light by night and shade by day,
Safe they feed upon the manna hvort
Which he gives them when they pray],
4 Blest inhabitants of Zion, Bi! :)

Wash'd in the Redeemer's blood! 11
Jesus, whom their souls rely on, 911
Makes them kings and priests to God."

T'is his love his people raises
Over self to reign as kings; ?
And as priests, his solemn praises i

Each for a thank-offering brings? '.

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5 Saviour, if of Zion's city i n

I thro' grace a member am; ** Let the world deride or pity, it !!

I will glory in thy name :
Fading is the worldling's pleasure,
All his boasted pomp and show!
Solid joys and lasting treasure,

None but Zion's children know. 418 (24 P.) L. M. Gloucester 12. Chard 175. Prayer for the Spread of the Gospel, animated by Prophecy. 1 EXERT thy power; thy rights maintain,

1 Insulted, everlasting King!
The influence of thy crown increase,

And strangers to thy footstool bring. 2 [We long to see that happy time,

That dear, expected, blissful day,
When countless myriads of our race

The second Adam shall obey.]
3 Thy prophecies must be fülili'd,'

Though earth and hell should dare oppose;
The stone cut from the mountain's side,

Though unobservd, to'empire grows. 4 Soon shall the mingled image fall,

(Brass, silver, iron, gold and clay)
And superstițion's gloomy reign,

To light and liberty give way. . 5 In one vast symphony of praise,

Gentile and Jew shall then unite;
And infidelity, asham’d,

Sink in th’ abyss of endless night. 6 Afric's emancipated sons

Shall join, with Europe's polish'd racej
To celebrate, in different tongues, .

The glories of redeeming grace, '.
7 From east to west, from north to south,

Immanuel's kingdom must extend ;
And every man, in every face,

Shall meet a brother and a friend,

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