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Go, sound deliverance ; loudly blow

Salvation to the saints below.
5 We want to have the day appear!

The promis'd great sabbatic year,
When, far from grief, and sin, and hell, i

Israel in ceaseless peace shall dwell. 6 Till then, we will not let thee rest,

Thou still shalt hear our strong request;
And this our daily prayer shalĩ be,

LORD, sound the trump of jubilee. 421 (20 P.) L. M. Ailie Street 241. Portugal 97. Prayer to God for his special interposition in spreading

the Gospel, Zec. ix. 13--10. 6 HOW’long, O GOD, 'has man been driv'n

I Far off from happiness and heay'n! . • When wilt thou,' graciously, “ restore

Thy banish’d sons to rove no more?
2 For near six thousand years, thy foe

Has triumph'd over all below;
Save that a little flock is found,

With ravening wolves encompass’d round. 3 Shall not the Lamb, who once was slain,

An ample compensation gain,
And many happy millions more

To happiness and God restore ?
4 From every nation, every tongue, :,,,!

A remnant must to him belong;
Nor can there be too vile a race ..

To furnish trophies of his grace. i. 5 Exert that power which could subdue

The furious slaughter-breathing Jew,
And make him in thy cause become

Victorious over Greece and Rome.
6 Now, LORD, before thy servants go,

Let God himself the trumpet blow;
Hagten the Gospel jubilee
That bids a captive world be free,

421 (3d P.) 108. Warsaw 211. Upton 314, The House must be of Fame and Glory throughout all

* Countries, 1 Chron. xxii. 25. IMHE house now to be builded to the LORD,

I Whose firm foundation-stone his hand hath laid, Shall in magnificence and fame exceed

That which King Solomon so glorious made.
2 Wide as the spacious globe on which we tread,

This sacred temple shall its bounds extend ;
Its blessings, not to Abra'm's seed confin'd,
Shall millions of the Gentile race befriend.
3 See, in the torrid regions of the South,

Thé humble worshipper approach with joy;
And shivering natives of the frozen pole,

In the same heavenly strains their lips employ.
4 With all simplicity of word and deed, -
With zeal for God, and love to souls inspir'd,
See the successful Missionaries teach;

Their ardour still by gathering converts fir'd. 5 Hark! they proclaim salvation by the cross,

And thousands press t accept the boundless grace;
Jesus his own almighty power displays,
His temple now is universal space!

421 (4th P.) C. M. Sprague 166. Staughton 264. Saints longing to see their King with his many Crowns,

. : Rev. xix. 12.
I Go forth, ye saints, behold your King

Um With God-like honours crown'd;
Ten thousand beauties in his word

Shall spread his fame around.
2 Where'er the sun begins its race,

Or stops its swift career,
Both east and west shall own his grace,

And CHRIST be honour'd there. ?
3 Ten thousand crowns encircling show

The victories he hath won :
O may his conquests ever grow,

While time its course shall run !
4 Ride forth, thou mighty conqueror, ride

And millions more subdue,

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Destroy our enmity and pride,

And we will crown thee too. 422 (1st P.) 112th. Carey's 11. Uffculm 93.

Gentiles praying for Jews, Rom. xi. 1. 2. 25. 26.
1 FATHER of faithful Abra’m, hear

1 Our earnest suit for Abra'm's seed;
Justly they claim the softest prayer
. From us adopted in their stead,
Who mercy thro’ their fall obtain,

And Christ by their rejection gain.
2 Outcast from thee, and scatter'd wide

Thro' every nation under heaven,
Blaspheming whom they crucify'd,

Unsav'd, unpity'd, unforgiven ;
Branded like Cain, they bear their load,
· Abhorr’d of men, and curs’d of God.
3 But hast thou finally forsook,

For ever cast thy own away?
Wilt thou not bid the murderers look

On him they pierc'd, and weep and pray?
Yes, gracious LORD, thy word is past,

All Israel shall be saved at last.
4 Come, then, thou great Deliverer, come ;

The veil from Jacob's heart remove;.
Receive thy ancient people home,

That, quicken’d by thy dying love,
The world may their reception view,

And shout to God the glory due.
422 (20 P.) 148th. Portsmouth New 144.
Evangelical Philanthropy; or, the Song of a Christian

1 REJOICE, the Saviour reigns

I Among the sons of men ;
He breaks the pris’ners' chains,

And makes them free again;
Let hell oppose God's only Son,
In spite of foes, his cause goes on.

2 The cause of righteousness,

And truth, and holy peacc,. .
Design'd our world to bless,

Shall spread and never cease :
Gentile and Jew, their souls shall bow,

Allegiance due, with rapture vow. 3 The baffled prince of hell,

In vain new projects tries,
Truth's empire to repel,
By cruelty and lies :
Th’ infernal gates shall rage in vain,

Conquest awaits the Lamb once slain. 4 He died, but soon arose

Triumphant o'er the grave;
And now himself he shows

Omnipotent to save;
Let rebels kiss the victor's feet,

Eternal bliss his subjects meet. 5 All power is in his hand,

His people to defend; '
To his most high command

Shall millions more attend :
All heaven with smiles approves his cause,

And distant isles receive his laws.
6 This little seed from heaven
• Shall soon become a tree;

This ever-blessed leaven

Diffus'd abroad must be:
Till God the Son shall come again
It must go on. Amen! Amen!,


Resurrection 72. 7 Ye who have known his name,

Subserve his glorious plan;

Proclaim to all your race · The friend of God and man; How happy ye who own his sway!

Ye own'd shall be another day.

8 All hail, incarnate Lord !

Our souls triumphant cry;
· Be thy bless'd name ador’d,

By all beneath the sky!,
But, when we join the hosts above,

In strains divine we'll sing thy love. 422 (3d P.) L.M. Horsley, 111. Magdalene 34.

The Fields white for Harvest.*
1 LIFT up your joyful eyes, and see

A plenteous harvest all around,
· Ripening for bliss, and not a grain

Shall ever fall unto the ground :2 A harvest of immortal souls,

Secur'd by an almighty power,
Nor heat, nor cold, nor storms shall hurt,

Nor ravenous beasts of prey devour.
3 O happy day! when all th’ elect

Complete in number shall be found; i
And, like their great, their mystic head,

Be with eternal honours crown'd. 422 (4th P.) L.M. Gloucester 12. Islington 40. He must reign; or, the Victories of Christ the Triumph of

Christians. . 1 VES, mighty Jesus! thou shalt reign

1 Till all thy haughty foes submit; - Till hell, and all her trembling train,

Become like dust beneath thy feet.
2 Then rescu'd souls shall bless thy power;

Thy arm shall full salvation bripg; . .
Thy saints, in that illustrious hour,

Shall conquer with their conquering King. 3 And when, thro' brilliant gates of gold,

Thou lead'st thy chosen to the skies,
May we the shining pomp behold,
And partners of the triumph rise.

The Hymns from the 427th to the 411st also relate to the spread of the Gospel, and the happiness of the Church.

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