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442 112. Carey's 11. Uffculm 53.

Christ baptized in Jordan.
1 TN Jordan's tide the Baptist stands,

Immersing the repentant Jews;
The Son of God the rite demands,

Nor dares the holy man refuse;
Jesus descends beneath the wave,

The emblem of his future grave. 2 Wonder, ye heavens! your Maker lies

In deeps conceal'd from human view;
Ye saints, behold him sink and rise,

A fit example thus for you:
The sacred record, while you read,

Calls you to imitate the deed.
3 But, lo! from yonder opening skies

What beams of dazzling glory spread! Dove-like th' Eternal SPIRIT flies,

And lights on the Redeemer's bead; . Amaz'd they see the pow'r divine

Around the Saviour's temples shine. 4 But, hark! my soul, hark and adore !

What sounds are those that roll along? Not like loud Sinai's awful roar,

But soft and sweet as Gabriel's song? This is my well-beloved Son,

I see well pleasd what he hath done. 5 Thus the Eternal FATHER spoke,

Who shakes creation with a nod; Thro' parting skies the accents broke, . And bid us hear the Son of God;

O hear the awful word to-day,

Hear, all ye nations, and obey..

443 L. M. Bramcoate 8. Portugal 97.

. A Baptismal Hymn. 1 THE great Redeemer we adore, ,

Who came the lost to seek and save, Went humbly down from Jordan's shore,

To find a tomb beneath its wave, 2 Thus it becomes us to fulfil ,

All righteousness, he meekly said; Why should we then to do his will

Or be asham’d, or be afraid ?
3 With thee into thy watery tomb,

LORD, 'tis our glory to descend,
'Tis wond'rous grace that gives us room

To lie interr'd by such a friend.
4 Yet as the yielding waves give way,

To let us see the light again,
So, on the resurrection-day, '.

The bands of death prov'd weak and vain.. 5 Thus, when thou shalt again appear,

The gates of death shall open wide,
Our dust thy mighty voice shall hear,
And rise and triumph at thy side.

J. STENNETT: 444 8. 8. 6. Chatham 59. Broadmead 150.

Thus it becometh us, &c. Matt. iii. 15. ITHUS it became the Prince of Grace,"

1 And thus should all the favour'd race

High heaven's command fulfil;
For that the condescending God
Should lead his followers thro' the flood,

Was heaven's eternal will.
2 'Tis not as led by custom's voice
- We make these ways our favour'd choice,

And thus with zeal pursue ;
No, heaven's eternal sovereign Lord
Has, in the precepts of his word,

Enjoin'd us thus to do.

3 And shall we ever dare despise
The gracious mandate of the skies,

Where condescending Heaven,
To sinful man's apostate race,
In matchless love and boundless grace,

His will reveal'd has given ?
4 Thou everlasting gracious King,
Assist us now thy grace to sing ;

And still direct our way To those bright realms of peace and rest, Where all th’ exulting tribes are bless'd, and

With one great choral day. NORSK V 445 8. 7. Welsh 210. Carlisle 95.

Invitation to follow the Lamb. 1 HUMBLE souls, who seek salvation

Thro’ the Lamb’s redeeming blood, Hear the voice of Revelation,

Tread the path that Jesus trod ::
Flee to him your only Saviour ;

In his mighty name confide;
In the whole of your behaviour,

Own him as your sovereign guide. 2 Hear the bless'd Redeemer call you,

Listen to his gracious voice; Dread no ills that can befall you,

While you make his ways your choice: Jesus says, Let each believer,

Be baptized in my name': He himself in Jordan's river

Was immers'd beneath the stream. 3 Plainly here his footsteps tracing,

Follow him without delay;
Gladly his command embracing,

Lo! your Captain leads the way:
View the rite with understanding,

Jesus' grave before you lies;
Re interr'd at his commanding,

After his example rise.


146 C. M. Charmouth 28. Matthew's 34. The Believer constrained by the Love of Christ to

follow him. EAR LORD, and will thy pardoning love

Embrace a wretch so vile ? Wilt thou my load of guilt remove,

And bless me with thy smile ? ? Hast thou the cross for me endur’d, á And all its shame despisid ? * And shall I be asham’d, 0 LORD,

With thee to be baptiz’d? ,3 Didst thou the great example lead,

In Jordan's swelling flood ? .
And shall my pride disdain the deed
@ That's worthy of my God?
4 Dear LORD, the ardour of thy love.

Reproves my cold delays:
And now my willing footsteps move

In thy delightful ways.

447 C. M. Devizes 14. Otford 106. Ĉ Difficulties in the way of Duty surmounted Hinder me not,

Gen. xxiv. 56.
1 W HEN Abraham's servant to procure

W A wife for Isaac, went,
He met Rebekah-told his wish,

Her parents gave consent.
2 Yet for ten days they urg'd the man

His journey to delay;
Hinder me not, he quick reply'd,

Since God hath crown'd my way.
3 'Twas thus I cry'd, when Christ the Lord

My soul to him did wed; · Hinder me not, nor friends nor foes,

Since God my way hath sped.

• This Hymn may begin at the oth verse. 591 * un comuni

4 Stay, says the world, and taste awhile

My every pleasant sweet ;
Hinder me not, my soul replies,

Because the way is great.
5 Stay, Satan my old master cries,

Or force shall thee detain; ... Hinder me not, I will be gone,

My God has broke thy chain!] 6 In all my Lord's appointed ways,

My journey I'll pursue ;
Hinder me not, ye much-lov'd saints,

For I must go with you.
Thro’ floods and flames, if Jesus lead,

I'll follow where he goes ;
Hinder me not, shall be my cry,

"Tho' earth and hell oppose,
8. Thro' duty, and thro' trials too,

I'll go at his command;
Hinder me not, for I am bound

To my. Immanuel's land.
9 And when my Saviour calls me home

Still this my cry shall be, Hinder me not, come, welcome death, .' I'll gladly go with thee. DR. RYLAND,

448 C. M. Bath Chapel 26. Huddersfield 202.

ITHUS was the great Redeemer plung'd

1. In Jordan's swelling flood,
To show he must be soon baptiz'd

In tears, and sweat, and blood. 2 Thus was his sacred body laid

Beneath the yielding wave;
Thus was his sacred body rais'd

Out of the liquid grave,
3 Lord, we thy precepts would obey,

In thy own footsteps tread,

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