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Would die, be buried, rise with thee,

Our ever-living head.

449 8. 7. Northampton Chapel 126.

Buried with Christ in Baptism, Rom. vi, 4.
1 JESUS! mighty King in Sion!

Thou alone our guide shalt be;
Thy commission we rely on,

We would follow none but thee :
2 As an emblem of thy passion

And thy vict'ry o'er the grave,
We who know thy great salvation,
• Are baptiz'd beneath the wave.
3 Fearless of the world's despising,

We the ancient path pursue ;
Buried with our LORD, and rising

To a life divinely new.

450 L. M. Chard 175. · Rochford 22.

A Baptismal Hymn.
1 SEE how the willing converts trace

The path their great Redeemer trod;
And follow thro' his liquid grave

The meek, the lowly Son of God!
2 Here they renounce their former deeds,

And to a heavenly life aspire,
Their rags for glorious robes exchang'd,

They shine in clean and bright attire !
3 O sacred rite, by thee the name

Of JESUS, we to own begin;
This is our resurrection pledge,

Pledge of the pardon of our sin.
4 Glory to God, on high be given,

Who shows his grace to sinful men:
Let saints on earth, and hosts in heaven,

In concert join the loud Amen. 3. STENNETT.

451 L. M. Rippon's 188. Bredby 165.

Not ashamed of Christ. : ' 1 JESUS! and shall it ever be ?

A mortal man asham'd of thee! '
Asham’d of thee, whom angels praise,
Whose glories shine thro' endless days!
2 Asham'd of Jesus ! sooner far

Let evening blush to own a star;
He sheds the beams of light divine

O’er this benighted soul of mine. . 3 Asham'd of Jesus ! just as soon

Let midnight be asham'd of noon:
'Tis midnight with my soul till he,

Bright Morning-Star! bid darkness flee. 4 Asham’d of Jesus! that dear friend

On whom my hopes of heaven depend !
No; when I blush-be this my shame

That I no more revere his name.
5 Asham’d of Jesus!, yes, I may, ..

When I've no guilt to wash way,
No tear to wipe, no good to crave,

No fears to quell, no soul to save.
6 Till then-nor is my boasting vain-

Till then I boast a Saviour slain!
And O may this my glory be,.

That Christ is not asham'd of me! 7 [His institutions would I prize,

Take up my cross—the shame despise ;
Dare to defend his noble cause,

And yield obedience to his laws.] GREGG. 452 L. M. Bramcoate 8. New Court 173. The Candidates—They were baptized both Men and

Women, Acts viii. 12. 1 CREAT God! we in thy courts appear, : With humble joy and holy fear,

Thy wise injunctions to obey;

Let saints and angels hail the day!

2 Great things, O everlasting Son!

Great things for us thy grace hath done:
Constrain’d by thy almighty love, ..

Our willing feet to meet thee move.. 3 In thy assembly here we stand,

Obedient to thy great command;
The sacred flood is full in yiew,
And thy sweet voice invites us thro'. .
4 The Word, the Spirit, and the Bride,

Must not invite and be deny'd;
Was not the LORD, who came to save,

Interr'd in such a liquid grave ?
5 Thus we, dear Saviour! own thy name,
Receive us rising from the stream;
Then to thy table let us come,
And dwell in Zion as our home.

453 (1st P.) C. M. Bedford 91. Ann's 58. Morning before Baptism; or, at the Water-side, Psalm

cxix. 32. TOW great, how solemn is the work: 14 Which we attend to day! Now for a holy, solemn frame,

O God! to thee we pray.
2 O may we feel as once we felt, ; :

When, pain’d and griev'd at heart,
Thy kind, forgiving, melting look,

Reliev'd our every smart.
3 Let graces then in exercise

Be exercis'd again ;
And, nurtur’d by celestial power,

. In exercise remain.
4 Awake our love, our fear, our hope,

Wake fortitude and joy:
Vain world, be gone: let things above

Our happy thoughts employ.
5 Whilst thee, our Saviour and our God,

To all around we own;

Drive each rebellious, rival lust,

Each traitor, from the throne. . - 6 Instruct our minds, our wills subdue,

To heaven our passions raise, That hence our lives, our All, may be " Devoted to thy praise. 453 (20 P.) L. M. Denbigh 54. Addison's 1.

The Candidates at the Water-side.
1 I ORD, our dependance is alone

On what thy blessed Son hath done;
Unless we to his merits fly,

Baptiz’d, or unbaptiz’d, we die.
. 2 Thy NAME our Cov’nant God we boast,

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; .
O may we ever speak thy praise,

Long as the heav’ns their anthems raise. 454 L. M. Ailie Street 241. Derby 169.

The Administrator.
1. GO teach the nations and baptize,

U Aloud th' ascending Jesus cries :
His glad Apostles took the word,

And round the nations préach'd their LORD.
2 Commission'd thus, by Zion's King, '
We to his holy laver bring, .
These happy.converts, who have known

And trusted in his grace alone.
3 Lord ! in thy house they seek thy face,

O bless them with peculiar grace :
Refresh their souls with love divine,
Let beams of glory round them shine.

SINGLE VERSES ON BAPTISM. 455-467 L. M. Old Hund. 100. Portugal 97. W HATE'ER to thee, our LORD! belongs

Is always worthy of our songs:
And all thy works, and all thy ways,

Demand our wonder and our praise. 600

Hosanna to the Church's head,
Who suffer'd in our room and stead!
He was immers'd in Jordan's flood,
And then immers'd in sweat and blood !

Behold the grave where Jesus lay,
Before he shed his precious blood;
How "plain he mark'd the humble way
To sinners thro' the mystic flood !

BEDDOME. Come, ye redeemed of the LORD, Come, and obey his sacred word ; He died, and rose again for you! What more could the Redeemer do ?


We to this place are come to show
What we to boundless mercy owe;
The Saviour's footsteps to explore,
And tread the path he trod before.


Eternal Spirit! heavenly Dove ! -
On these baptismal waters move;
That we, thro' energy divine,
May have the substance with the sign.

All ye that love IMMANUEL's name,
And long to feel th' increasing flame,
'Tis you, ye children of the light!
The Spirit and the Bride invite.


Ye who your native vileness mourn,
And to the great Redeemer turn,

As it is now pretty common to sing by the water-side, and as some of our bretbren give out a verse or two, whilo they are administering the ordinance, these single verses may be acceptable.

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