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5 We feel a sympathizing heart;
Lord ! 'tis a pleasure to impart;

To thee thine own we give :
Hear thou our cry, and pitying see,
o let these children live to thee,

O let these children live. I
i .' ? D. BRADBERY’s altered.

523 (1st P.) C: M. Bath Chapel 26. Crowle ş.

ic. Sunday School 1 RLEST is the man whose heart expands

D At melting pity's call,
And the rich blessings of whose hands

Like heavenly manna fall. -
2 Mercy, descending from abore,

In sottest accents pleads;
0! may each tender bosom move,

When mercy intercedes !
3 Be ours the bliss in wisdom's way:

To guide untutor'd youth,
And lead the mind that went astray

To virtue and to truth.'
4 Children our kind protection claim,

And God will well approve,
When infants learn to lisp his name,

And their Creator love.
5 Delightful work ! young souls to win,

And turn the rising race
From the deceitful paths of sin,

To seek redeeming grace.
6 Almighty God! thy influence shed

To aid this good design:
The honours of thy name be spread,

And all the glory thine,


523 (2d P.) LM. Angel's Hymn 60. Bab.

Streams 23. .
Thoughtful Children of a Sunday School. :
1 T ORD, while the little heathens bend

And call some wooden god their friend,
Or stand and see, with bitter cries,

Their mothers burnt before their eyes;
2 While many a dear and tender child ,

Is thrown to bears and tigers wild,
Or left upon the river's brink, i

To suffer more than heart can think;
3 Behold! what mercies we possess !

How far beyond our thankfulness ! .? Cheerful and happy here we stand,

To serve thee, in a Christian land.. . 4 0! when that awful day shall rise

· When Carist shall come in yonder skies,. And we must answer, one by one,

For every deed our liands have done,
5 LORD, let it not be said of us :

That heathens could not have been worse,
But may we now that pardon crave,
Which can the guiltiest sinner save.
6 With all the bright and happy crowd,

We then would praise thee, long and loud;
And O! to little heathens send,
The news of CHRIST, the sinner's friend.

.: MRS. GILBERT. 523 (3d P.) C. M. James's 163. Tiverton 109.

Hymn for a Child. :
í L ORD, teach a little child to pray,

Thy grace betimes impart;
And grant thy Holy Spirit may

Renew my infant heart.
. 2 A sinful creature I was born,

And from the womb have stray'd;

I must be wretched and forlorni , inn ,

Without thy mercies' aid.
3 But Christ can all my sins forgive,

And wash away their stain,
And fit my soul with him to live,

And in his kingdom reign. i s - 4 To him let little Children come,.. .

For he has said they may;
His bosom then shall be their home,

Their tears he'll wipe away:
5 For all that early seek his face ,

Shall surely taste his love ; , ..
Jesus shall guide them by his grace,

To dwell with him above. DR. RYLAND.

524 (1st P.) C. M. Bangor 231. Wantage 204.

Old Age approaching; or, Man frail and mortal.
1 ETERNAL GOD! enthron’d on higli !

Whom angel-hosts adore; .
Who yet to suppliant dust art nigh;

Thy presence I implore.
2 O guide me down the steep of age,

And keep my passions cool:
Teach me to scan the sacred page,'. .

And practise every rule.. .
3 My flying years time urges on,

What's human must decay.;.
. 3. My friends, my young companions gone,

Can I expect to stay?
4 Can I exemption plead, when death

Projects his awful dart?
Can med'cines then prolong my breath,

Or virtue shield my heart ?
5 Ah! no--then smooth the mortal hour,

On thee my hope depends ::
Support me with almighty power,

While dust to dust descends..

6 Then shall my soul, O gracious Gop!..u (While angels jom the lay),

Admitted to the bless'd abode,' ;. varit

Its endless anthems pay~"
7 Thro’ heaven, howe'er remote the bound, op

Thy matchless love proclaim,
And join the choir of saints that sound in

Their great Redeemer's name. . 524 (24 P.) 112. Claybury 310. Pearce 269.

The Heart and Hope of pious Old Age. TN age and feebleness extreme, ... . Who shall a sinful worm redeem ? : Jesus, my only hope thou art,“ Strength of my failing flesh and heart; " , 0, could I catch a smile from thee, And drop into Eternity! "c. WESLEY.

FAST AND THANKSGIVING DAYS. Fonts 525 C. M. Carolina 13. Windsor 247:

For a Public Fast.
I SEE, gracious God! before thy throne

Thy mourning people bend !
'Tis on thy sovereign grace alone

Our humble hopes depend.
• 2 Tremendous judgments from thy hand

Thy dreadful power display;
Yet mercy spares this guilty land,

And still we live to pray.
3 Great Gop! and why is Britain spard,

Ungrateful as we are? . O make thy awful warnings heard,..

While mercy cries, Forbear. 4 What num’rous crimes increasing rise A

Through this apostate isle!
What land so favour'd of the skies, ...

Wes! ; '. .' ;
And yet'what land soʻvile!.

5 How chang'd, alas ! are truths divine

For error, guilt, and shame!
What impious numbers, bold in sin,';

Disgrace the Christian name!
6 Regardless of thy smile or frown,

Their pleasures they require;
And sink with gay indifference down

To everlasting fire. :
7 0 turn us, turn us, mighty Lord!

By thy resistless grace;
Then shall our hearts obey thy word,

And humbly seek thy face.
8 Then should insulting foes invade,

We shall not sink in fear;
Secure of never failing aid,

If God our God is near, 526 C. M. Abridge 201. Charmouth 28.

A Hymn for a Fast-day, Gen. xviii. 23–33. 1 W HEN Abram, full of sacred awe,

Before Jehovah stood,»
And, with a humble fervent prayer,

For guilty Sodom sued;
2 With what success, what wondrous grace,

Was his petition crown'd!
The LORD would spare, if in the place .

Ten righteous men were found. . 3 And could a single holy soul

So rich a boon obtain ?
Great Gop! and shall a nation cry,

And plead with thee in vain? 4 Britain, all guilty as she is,

Her numerous saints can boast,
And now their fervent prayers ascend,

And can those prayers be lost?
5 Are not the righteous dear to thee,

Now as in ancient times?

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