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4 Death may the bands of life unloose, 16

But can't dissolve my love i w iele osebe
Millions of infant-souls compose, w

The family above. 5 Their feeble frames my pow'r shall raise uto )

And mould with heavenly skill :
I'll give them tongues to sing my praise,

And hands to do my will, o;, et
6 His words the happy parents hear, i van

And shout with joys divine, live
Dear SAVIOUR ! all we have and are"
Shall be for ever thine., DR. S. STENNETT.

Çanterbury 199, Carolina 13.'n

At the Funeral of a Young Person.
W HEN blooming youth is snatch'd away?

By death's resistless hand, soul. Our hearts the mournful tribute pay : 1 A

Which pity must demand. : 5.5 l 2 While pity prompts the rising sigh, uninn " Oh, may this truth, imprest ! !!..) With awful power,- I too must-diei. Ij

Sink deep in every breast, siis 3 Let this vain world engage no more: :,"sh

Behold the gaping tomb! ;,,.., ba's
It bids us seize the présent hour : , wowo

To-morrow death may come. Fituit 4 The voice of this alarming scene istri

May every heart obey; 'i''!uiiii
Nor be the heavenly warning vain,

Which calls to watch and pray,
5 Oh! let us fy--to Jesus fly, somercia l

Whose powerful arm can save;
Then shall our hopes ascend on high, ...

And triumph o'er the grave. 6 Great God! thy sovereign grace impart war

With cleansing, healing poweri ile

This only can prepare the heart, ...,?!

For death's surprising hour.,,,!STEELE, 558 C. M. Bath Chapel 26. Crowle 3e v Comfort for pious Parents bereaved of their Children,

Isaiah Ivi. 4. "Tita n ic 1 VE mourning saints, whose streaming tears

Flow o'er your childrert dead, Say not, in transports of despair, 533 metre? .. That all your hopes are fled. Pissing biti 2 While cleaving to that darling dust,"..ta

In fond distress ye lie. Thu !,en
Rise, and with joy and reverence view :!*

A heavenly parent nigh.
3 Tho' your young branches torn away,

Like withor'd trunks ye stand ! :
With fairer verdurd shall ye blogm,"?:{"
i Touch'd by th? Almighty's hand. ,!
4 I'll give the mourner, saith the LORD, ! Se}

In my own house a place;
No names of daughters and of sons !!

Could yield so high a grace. ii
5 Transient and vain is every hope ! 1.7
A rising race can give ;

i i i.
In endless honour and delighte i tira
.. My children all shall live... :'!:
6 We welcome, LORD! those rising tears,' ::

Thro' which thy face we sed, iseno-41 -4?
And bless those wounds, which thro' our hearts

Prepare a way for thee.. DR, DQDDRIDGE. 559 L. M: Angel's Hymn 60. Dresden 178.

The Death of the Sinner and the Saint. ' 1 W HAT scenes of horror and of dread ",

Await the sinner's dying bed! '. Death's terrors all appear in sight, 3. og !T

Presages of eternal night. *; ; , ! 2 His sins in dreadful order rise :) ! !!: " 1

And fill his soul with sad surprise ; i

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Mount Sinai's thunder stuns his ears, 912 il

And not one ray of hope appears. .ddns?
3 Tormenting pangs distract his breast; it

Where'er he turns, he finds no vest:1871 L
Death strikes the blow: he groans and cries,

And, in despair and horror, dies. 30 mins 4 Not so the heir of heavenly bliss ;

His soul is fill'd with conscious peace;' · A steady faith subdues his fear!

He sees the happy Canaan near. 5 His mind is tranquil and serene,

No terrors in his looks are seen ;
His Saviour's smile dispels the gloom,

And smooths his passage to the tomb. 2 6 Lord! make my faith and love sincere,

My judgment sound, my conscience clear;
And, when the toils of life are past,

May I be found in peace at last. DR. TAWCETT. 560 104th. Hanover130. Old Hund. & Fourth 148.

On the Death of a Believer. Se
1 ['Tis finish’d, 'tis done! the spirit is fed ;

Our brother is gone, the Christian is dead ; The Christian is living in Jesus's love, "And gladly receiving a kingdom above. 2 All honour and praise are Jesus's duel - G

Supported by grace, he fought his way thro'
Triumphantly glorious, thro? Jesus's zeal,"

And more than victorious, o'er sin, death and hell.] 3 *Then let us record the conquering name,

Our Captain and LORD with shoutings proclaim:
Who trust in his passion, and follow their head,

To certain salvation shall surely be led.
4 O Jesus ! lead on thy militant care,

And give us the crown of righteousness there,

• If the last three verses of this Hymn be sung alone, then begin verse the third thus

Now let us record the conquering name.a

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Where dazzled with glory, the seraphim gaze,

Or prostrate adore thee in silence of praise, i 6 Within us display thy love, when we die,

And bear: us away to mansions on high : '. The kingdom be given of glory divine, : :

And crown us in heaven eternally thine, 561 S. M. Broderip's 252. Ryland 48.

Preparations for Deatb, Matt. xxiv, 45.
I PREPARE me, gracious God!..

• To stand before thy face! ;; '
Thy Spirit must the work perform, -*

For it is all of grace.
2 In CHRIST's obedience clothe,.

And wash me in his blood;
So shall I lift my head with joy,

. Among the sons of God."
3. Do thou my sins subdue,

Thy sov'reign love make known," :: The spirit of my mind renew,

And save me in thy Son.
4. Let me attest thy power, ,,'

Let me thy goodness prove,
Till my full soul can hold no more";'

Of everlasting love. TOPLADY'S COLL. 562 C. M. Carolina 13. Worksop 31. Departed Saints asleep, Mark v. 39. * 1 Thes. iv, 18. 1. W HY flow these torrents of distress ?

(The gentle Saviour cries ;)**** . Why are my sleeping saints' survey'd : With unbelieving eyes ?

. 2 Death's feeble arm shall never boast

A friend of Christ is slain,
Nor o'er their meaner part'in dust, ..

A lasting power retain. sin .
9 I come, on wings of love,-I come,'..!

· The slumb'rers to awake i usos..

My voice shall reach the deepest tomb, :; " And all its bonds shall break. no 4 Touchd:by my hand, in smiles they riše ;

They rise to sleep no more ; vest ... Butirobd in light, and crown'd with joy, To endless day they soar.

5 Jesus ! our faith receives thy word;

And-tho' fond nature weep, rency
Grace learns to hail the pious dead,

And emulate their sleep. :
6 Our williąg souls thy summons wait, .

With them to rest and praise; inn : So let thy much-lovd presence cheers!

These separating days. . DR. DODDRIDGE.

563 C. M, Abridge 201, Charmouth 28. Submission under bereaving Providences, Psalm xlvi, 10. 1 PEACE!—'tis the LORD Jehovah's hand

1 That blasts our joys in death,';;
Changes the visage once so dear, '. . .

And gathers back the
2 'Tis he--the potentate supreme

Of all the worlds above, -- ... '. Whose steady counsels wisely rule, ...' "Nor from their purpose move.,,, 3 'Tis he, whose justice might demand

Our souls a sacrifice ; ; ; 6Yet scatters, with unwearied hand, ) 114

A thousand rich supplies. Tikring 4. Our Covenant God and Father he ?

'In Christ our bleeding LORD;
Whose grace can heal the bursting heart

With one reviving word. , "
5 Fair garlands of immortal bliss

. He weaves for every brow; ; And shall rebellious passions rise, ',.

When he corrects us now?


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