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6 Silent we own Jehovah's name, just

We kiss the scourging hand ; 'in'i se - And yield bur comforts and our life !!

To thy supreme commando a ri ;

sidR. DODDRIDGE, 564 L. M. Ulverston 179. Fawcett 184,

Satisfaction in God under the Loss of dear Friends." 1 THE God of Love will sure indulge,

1 The flowing tear, the heaving sigb, When righteous persons fall around,

When tender friends and Kindred diesti 2 Yet not one anxious murm ring thought

Should with our mourning passions blend;
Nor would our bleeding hearts forget

Th' almighty, ever-living friend. 3 Beneath a num'rous train of ills, ..) ; .01 Our féeble flesh and heart máy fail; 5 LYét shall our hope in thee, O GOD!

O’er ev'ry gloomy fear prevail. ;? 4 Parent and husband, guard and guide!

Thou art each tender name in ones:
On thee we cast our év'ry care, - ; !

And comfort seek from thee alone...)
5 Our Father God! to thee we look, ..

Our rock, our portion, and our friend,
And on thy covenant love and truth :

Our sinking souls shall still depend. 565 C, M.' Windsor 247. Ellenborough 170.

Death and Judgment appointed for all, Heb. ix. 27.
1 HEAVEN has confirm'd the great decree,

That Adam's race must die;
"One general ruin sweeps them down,

And low in dust they lie."
2 Ye living men, the tomb survev' ?
, Where you must quickly dwell; : 1
Hark! how the awful summons sounds

In every funeral knell !

3 Once you must die ; and once for all

The solemn purport weigh; . For know, that heaven or hell attend ! :

On that important day.
4 Those eyes, so long in darkness veil’d,

Must wake, the Judge'to see;
And every word and every thought,

Must pass his scrutiny.. but 5 Oh, may 1, in the Judge, beholdin,

My Saviour and my Friend ! :: muovil, And, far beyond the reach of death, safi

With all the saints ascend, DR. DODDRIDGE, 566 C. M. : Ann's, 68 Charmouth 28,

· Comfort under the Loss of Ministérs, 148/?? 1 N OW let our drooping hearts revive, I

And all our tears be dry; L
Why should those eyes be drown'd in grief,

: Which view a Saviour nigh? :7;1963 prin 2 What though the arm of conqu’ring death

Does God's own house invade ; non
What tho' the prophet and the priest li i

Be number'd with the dead? . .3 Tho' earthly. shepherds dwell id dust, nü

The aged and the young; :;
The watchful eye in darkness clos'd,
.: And mute th' instructive tongue;
4 Th' eternal Shepherd still survives, 6 ...

New comfort to impárt.['ifiser
His eye still guides us, and his voice TS

Still animates our heart. ... isipin 5 Lo, I am with you, saith the LORD, A

My church shall safe abide; Liis,resis) For I will ne'er forsake my own, wie Whose souls in me confide

t 6 Thro' ev'ry scene of life and death,

This promise is our trust;

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And this shall be our children's song,

When we are cold in dust." 567 (181P.) 8. 7.4. Jordan 81. Mariner's 286.

The Grave;. or, Christ a Guide through Death to Glory. 1 GUIDE me, 0 thou great JEHOVAH!".

Pilgrim through this barren land;" , I am weak, but thou art mighty, :7****

Hold me with thy powerful hand :: Bread of heaven! !!

! Feed me till I want no more." :-utisie 2 Open thou the crystal fountain ..... 2 Whence the healing streams'do flow: Let the fiery cloudy pillar

Lead me all my journey thro': r Strong deliverer1

65 " Be thou still my strength and shield. X'! 3 When I tread the verge of Jordan,,

Bid my anxious fears subside; ri
Sin and death, and hell's destruction I*

Land me safe on Canaan's side ; '
Songs of praises, ve l Horde
I will ever give to thee. '

stand 567 (24 P.), L. M. Sterling 317. Redemp: 243.

The Grave and the Resurrection. '
THE grave its trophies shall resign,

CHRIST will the mouldering dust refine;
And death, the last of foes, must bei

Swallow'd and lost in victory. 1 . 2 Faith shall, on tow’ring pinion's borne,

Anticipate that glorious morn; And, while to heaven she soars along, i Give mortal lips th’ immortal song. '.. 3 Then, King of Terrors, boast no more Thy ancient wide extended power!

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Each saint in life, withi "CHRIST his Head, IS Shall reign when death itself is dead.

Er THE RESURRECTION OF THE BODY. 568 c. M. Carolina 13. Windsor 247. The Bodies of the Saints quickened and raised by the

Spirit, Rom. viii. 11. initie 1 W HY should our mourning thoughts delight

" To grovel in the dust? Or why should streams of tears unite,'"

man! Around th' expiring just? 2 Did not the LORD our Saviour die,

And triumph o'er the grave ?
Did not our LORD ascend on high 11 : 1 6

And prove his power to save? .. 3 Doth not the sacred Spirit come,

And dwell in all the saints ?
And should the temples of his grace

Resound with long complaints?". . 4 Awake, my soul, and like the sun ?

Burst thro' each sable cloud: Sinaitisi ük
And thou, my voice, tho’ broke with sighs,

Tune forth thy songs aloud. 1 7 5 The Spirit rais’d my Saviour'un,

When he had bled for me so
And, spite of death and hell, shall raise

Thy pious friends and thee. --
6 Awake, ye saints, that dwell in dust,

Your hymns of victory sing;
And let his dying servants trust *

Their ever-living King. 569 C. M. Canterbury 199. Evans's 190,

I lovit - A Prospect of the Resurrection, 1 H OW long shall death the tyrant reigh,

And triumph o'er the just; mit; While the rich blood of martyrs slain 17 !

Lies mingled with the dust?,,.. io I

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2 Lo, I behold the scatter'd shades, sinalos

The dawn of heaven appears, creior este
The sweet immortal morning spreads

Its blushes round the spheres.
3 I see the Lord of glory come,
o] And flaming guards around; to asiko &

The skies divide to make him room,
Bilgilo The trumpet shakes the ground.
4 I hear the voice, Ye dead arise !ia valorie)

5. And, lo, the graves obey : I hat.
And waking saints with joyful eyes
Salute th' expected đay. drawer

P er don bist.

5 They leave the dust, and on the wingo be

Rise to the midway air, moto hi-
- In shining garments meet their King,

And low adore him there..i itu
6 O may our humble spirits stand stroilet

Among them cloth'd in white ! roap
The meanest place at his right hand over

Is infinite delight. Idsations ont tar
✓ How will our joy and wonder rise, rod by

When our returning King, Itrol 9133TA
Shall bear us homeward thro' the skies, ::
On love's triumphant wing! or are

DAY OF JUDGMENT: 570 (1st P.) L. M. Angel's Hymn 60.

"Wareham 117Siriners and Saints in the Wreck of Nature, Isa, xxiv, 18-21. 1ZTOW great, how terrible, that God )

1. Who shakes creation with his nod! He frowns-earth, sea, all Nature's frame,

Sink in one upiversal flame... .. , 2 Where now, O where shall' sinners seek

For shelter in the general wrock?

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