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Shall falling rocks be o'er them thrown ? i sa See rocks, like snow, dissolving down, 3 In vain for mercy now they cry; AT

In lakes of liquid fire they lie; TET T
There on the flaming billows tost, 11

For ever=0, for ever, losť! aulsta AT 4 But saints, undaunted and serene, baA

Your eyes shall view the dreadful scene
Your Saviour lives, the worlds expire

And earth and skies dissolve in fire. lofti 5 Jesus! the helpless creature's friend, bra To thee my all I dare commend !

& Thou canst preserve my feeble soul, When lightnings blaze from pole to pole. And KL RTS PRESIDENT DAVIES, 570 (20 P.) Li M. Paul's 246. Horsley 205.

The Second Appearance of Christ, 2 Pet. iii. 11, 12, M Y waken'd soul, extend thy wings is

Beyond the verge of mortal things; See this vain world in smoke decay, 10.10

And rocks and mountains melt away. M 2 Behold the fiery deluge roll SHE TOUT

Thro’ heaven's wide arch from pole to pole;

Pale sun, no more thy lustre boast : Si nTremble and fall, ye starry host, a adnoe Isailor 3 This wreck of nature all around MA

The angels' shout, the trumpet's sound,...
Loud the descending Judge proclaim, bra

And echo his tremendous name. ib-16 il 4 Children of Adam, all appear aort but s

With rev’rence round his awful barsda
For, as his lips pronounce, ye go, ondt bra

To endless BLISS, or endless wor! 1891qa 5 LORD! to my eyes this scene display &

Frequent thro' each returning days OT
And let thy grace my soul prepared to
To meet its full redemption there!


571 L. M. Paul's 246. Angel's Hymn 60.

Luther's 301. *
The Books opened, Rev. xx. 12.1.
ETHINKS the last great day is come,

Methinks I hear the trumpet sound,
That shakes the earth, rends every tomb,

And wakes the prisoners under ground.
2 The mighty deep gives up her trust, 1

Aw'd by the Judge's high command; ,
Both small and great now quit their dust,

And round the dread tribunal stand.
3 Behold the awful books display'd,'--.

Big with th' important fates of men'; ;

Each deed and word now public made,'
**As wrote by Heaven's unerring pen.
4 To every soul the books assign1'.

The joyous or the dread reward : ... .
Sinners in vain lament and pine ; ; : -

No pleas the judge will here regard...
5 LORD! when these awful leaves unfold,
May life's fair book my soul approve
There may I read my name enroll'd, en i

And triumph in redeeming love. i tin 572 S. M, Whitefield 168. Aynhoe 108. The final Sentence and Misery of the Wicked, Matt. xxv. 41 1 AND will the Judge descend? . ;

A And must the dead arise ? ..... "
And not a single soul escape?? Niinis

His all-discerning eyes?ts in 2 And from his righteous lipsi ti i

Shall this dread sentence sound; In
And, thro’ the numerous guilty throng,

Spread black despair around ? *; ." 3 Depart from me, accursd, der

To evertasting flame, I will
For rebel-angels first prepard,
Where mérty never camë,


4 How will my heart endure son los

The terrors of that day ; ...,
When earth and heaven, before his face,

Astonish'd shrink away?
5 But ere that trumpet shakes had

The mansions of the dead';.. a
Hark, from the Gospel's cheering sound,

• What joyful tidings spread ! 2, I 6 Ye sinners, seek his grace,

Whose wrath ye cannot bear:
Fly to the shelter of his cross, ,,,?

And find salvation there. 10 .....',,! 5.7 7 So shall that curse remove," "Ichka .

By which the Saviour bled sii,,*3!)
And the last awful day shall pour bond

His blessing on your head. DR. DODDŘIDGE. 573 C. M. Canterbury 199, Windsor 247. The final Sentence and Happiness of the Righteous,

Matt. xxv. 34. ,
1 ATTEND, my ear; my heart rejoice, an

A While Jesus from his throne,... "
Before the bright angelic hosts,

Makes his last sentence known. ... in
2 When sinners cursed from his face, to
To raging flames are driven ;

y His voice, with melody divine,

Thus calls his saints to Heaven .. 3 Bless'd of my Father, all draw near, 11. Receive the great reward; And rise, with raptures, to possess

- The Kingdom love prepard..! . Si 4 Ere earth's foundations first were laid, in

His sovreign purpose wrought,
And rear'd those palaces divine,

To which you now are brought: 1
5 There shall jou reign unnumber'd years,

Protected by my powrin”, sest 740

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While sin and death, and pains and cares,

Shall ver your souls no more. "'.'.';! 6 Come, dear majestic Saviour ! come,

This jubilee proclaim!
And teach us language fit to praise:

Sọ great, so dear a name. DR. VODDRIDGE. 574 L. M. Portugal 97. Rippon'a 188.

Come, LORD JESUS!. ; I W HEN shall thy lovely face be seen?

! When shall our eyes bebold our God? What lengths of distance lie between,

And hills of guilt a heavy load!.
2 Our months are ages of delay, rise

And slowly every minute wears : :
Fly, winged time, and roll away . . .

These tedious rounds of sluggish years. , 3 Ye heavenly gates, loose all your chains!

Let th? eternal pillars bow! . . . ?
Blest SAVIOUR ! cleave the starry plains,

And make the crystal mountains flow!". 4 Hark, how thy saints unite their cries,'.

And pray and wait the gen'ral doom!
Come, thou, THE Soul of all our joys!

Thou, THE DESIRE (OF NATIONS ! come! 5 Put thy bright robes of triumph on,"

And bless our eyes, and bless our ears, ..
Thou absent love, thou dear unknown !

in.DR. WATTS'S LYRICS. witamin

. 7.4.. Westbury 51. Trevecca 37.

y . Lo, he cometh
TO! he cometh ! countless trumpets.

Blow to raise the sleeping dead!
'Mid ten thousand saints and angels, ..

See their great exalted head! Hallelujah! :*?**?**? Welcome, welcome, Sop of Clod!.....

2 Now his merit, by the harpers,

Thro’ th'eternal deep resounds; in
Now resplendent shine his nail-prințs, &

Every eye shall see his wounds : i
They who pierc'd him ,

Shall at his appearance wail. .?
3 Full of joyful expectation,'; ist,'

Saints, behold the judge appear; }
Truth and justice go before him... !

Now the joyful sentence heard

Welcome, welcome, Judge divine! :
4 Come, ye blessed of my Father, i "U15

Enter into life and joy! IN
Banish all your fears and sorrows ! v

Endless praise be your employ! :
Welcome, welcome to the skies!
5 Now at once they rise to glory, :17

Jesus brings them to the King's
There, with all the hosts of heaven,

They eterpal anthems sing ; ; ibi isi
Boundless glory to the Lamb. ;

Halleluithe joylae so before appear;

576 8.7.4. Helmsley 223. Trevecca 37. cis Judgment, Rev. I. 7; vi, 14, 17; xxii, 17, 20, 1 T0! he comes, with clouds descending,

U Once for favour'd singers slain! !, Thousand, thousand saints attending

Swell the triumph of his train:
Hallelujah! . "

Jesus now shall ever reign. :
2 Ev'ry eye shall now behold him

Rob'd in dreadful majesty: " ,
Those who set at nought and sold him,
Pierc'd and nail'd him to the tree,

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