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· Again to save us God arose... ?

And Britain own’d the hand divine.
5 Why, gracious God! is Britain sav'd ?

Why bless'd with liberty and light?
Nor by fell tyranny enslav'd,

Nor lost in superstition's night?
6 Not for our sake, we conscious own; -,

A wretched, vile, ungrateful race: ; ; 'Tis done to make thy glory known, , :

To show the wonders of thy grace.
7 The wonders of thy grace complete;

Reform this wretched guilty land ! '
Let thankful love, beneath thy feet, *!!

Confess thy kind, thy guardiãn hand!“
8 Let every age adore thy name,.
While nature's circling wheels shall roll;
Thy mercies every tongue proclaim, un
And sound thy praise from pole to pole.

STEELE. : 535 L. M. New. Court 173. Truro 105.

Deliverances, Numbers xxiii. 23. 1 W HAT hath God wrought! might Israel say,

When Jordan roll'd its tide away,
And gave a passage to their bands:

Safely to march across its sands. .' 2 What hath God wrought! might well be said,

When Jesus, rising from the dead,

Scatter'd the shades of Pagan night, *And bless'd the nations with his light. 3 What hath God wrought! let Britain see,

Freed from the plagues of Popery,
. Its tenfold night, its iron chains, '. !
: Its galling yoke, its cruel pains.
4 What hath God wrought! in glad surprise,

Shall sound thro' all the earth and skies,..
When, like a 'millstone in the main,

Proud Rome shall sink, nor rise agaip...


5 What hath Gop wrought! O blissful theme,

Are we redeem'd and callid by him?
Shall we be led the desert thro'-,,

And safe arrive at glory too?
6 The news shall every harp employ,

Fill every tongue with rapt'rous joy; :
When shall we join the heavenly throng

To swell the triumph and the song ? :535 (24 P.) L.M. Finsbury 283. Winchester 137.

A Centenary Song.
CENTURY now has roll'd away,

And plac'd us under smiling skies;
O Lord, to thee from ev'ry tongue,

Let praise, like grateful incense, rise.
2 Our Fathers long in sables clad, ;

Felt tyranny's oppressive reign;.
At length their sons must be untaught,

Or dragg'd in superstition's chain. - 3 But in the mount-dread mount of straits,

Lo! Israel's God again appears !
Anna expires, the woe is past,

George wipes away ten thousand tears.
4 The God of Providence now spake,

Train up your sons and all around;
Train them in wisdom's sacred paths,

The pious efforts shall be crown'd.
5 The high command at once was heard; ,

An Institution now we see, • These lines were sung at the CENTENARY of the HORSLEYDOWN, and of the BARTAOLOMEW Close Dis senting Charity Schools; when a sermon was delivered to each of them by Dr. R., on Prov. xxiii, 6-Train up a chiki in the way, ģc. The discourse to the Horsleydown School was preached at Carter Lane, Lord's Day Evening, March 12, 1815; and on the 17th the Subscribers dined toge. ther at the London Tavern. The same discourse was delivered at Fetter Lane, to tbe Bartholomew Close School Lord's Day Evening, October 19, 1817. Their Centenary was October 22, 1817, when the Friends of the Institution dined at the Albion Taverne

Founded in goodness, wisdom, faith, I.

And rear'd with glowing charity.
6 We praise for what our Fathers did, )

The pious, gen'rous plan was their's ;
'Tis ours to join in grateful songs, T.

And join in warm united pray’rs.
7 Lord, let the Institution live, ?

And see yet other Centuries shine;
Clothe it with ev'ry smiling ray, .
And all the glory shall be thiné. .


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everyone 535 (3d P.) C. M. New York 33. Prov.

College 10.

. ise. A Song In prospect of the Abolition of the Slave Trade

*"Detested crime! of vices first,

· Most infamous, and most accurs'd!" I THE day has dawn'd, Jehovah comes ,

1 To crush oppression's rod; ;'
Now Ethiopia soon shall stretch

Her hands to thee, O God
2 Where'er the sun doth rise or set,

Or spread his beauteous ray,
May freedom, with her glorious train,

Hurl slavery away! :.
3 Let charity, benevolence,

And ev'ry smiling grace,
In golden links of brotherhood

Ünite the human race.
• The Bill for the Abolition of the Slave Trade having
received the Royal Assent, the people of colour, residing
in and about the cities of London and Westminster, were

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invited to keep a day of THANKSGIVING 10 Almighty God ai a nd tbe day commonly called Good Friday was understood

to be their only day of general leisure. Accordingly, on that Das L day, March 27, 1807, a Vast Congregation of them assembled

at Dr. Rippon's place of Worsbip in Carter Lane, when he delivered a sermon to them, on Psalm Ixviii. 31-Ethiopia shall scon stretch out her hands unto God; and also gave these verses, which were sung, as the memorable occasion required, with great animation. ',

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discour Closes ir Cerit de la

4 Then, brilliant as the mid-day sun,

And as the ocean wide,
Christ in the chariot of his grace ..

Triumphantly shall ride. ..
5 Tyrants no more shall lift the scourge,

Nor captives drag the chain ;' i
Millions, beatified, shall bless! Tipi

The dear Redeemer's reign. !
6 Then every colour, every climes" e

Shall in his worship meet;'
And bring their prayers, their praise, their All,
...s An offering at his feet.
7* “Lord, for those days we wait; those days

Are in thy word foretold; .
Fly swifter, sun and stars and bring

This promis'd age of gold.
8 Amen, with joys divine, let earth's

Unnumber'd myriads cry;
Amen, with joy divine, let heav'n's.

Unnumber'd choirs reply.”
The following plain verse to be sung first by the people of

colour, and then by the whole congregation.
9 Free us from sin and all its chains,

The worst of slavery;
Bind us to Christ in holy bonds, '.

The sweetest liberty. . 536 8. 8. 6. Chatham 59. Broadmead 150. Prayer for his Majesty King George, and the ROYAL FAMILY.

1 T ORD! thou hast bid thy people pray, ... For all that bear the sovereign sway, ... And thy vicegerents reign,

Rulers, and governors, and powers : " And, lo! we humbly pray for ours; eii. Nor can we pray in vain. " 2 JESUS ! thy chosen servant guard,

And every threatening danger ward • Versos 7 and 8, from the Selection, were pot sung..

From his anointed head: s's
Bid all his griefs and troubles cease ;
Thro' paths of righteousness and peace,

Our King, propitious, lead.
3 Cover his enemies with shame,..
Defeat their proud malicious aim,

And make their councils vain ;
Preserve him, Providence divine !
And let the long Illustrious Line

To latest ages reign. It
4 Upon him shower thy blessings down, ;
Crown him with grace, with glory crown,

And everlasting joys;
While wealth, prosperity, and peace,
Our nation and our churches bless,
And praise THE GLOBE employs.

SICKNESS AND RECOVERY. 537 C. M.' Charmouth 28. Ludlow 84.

Desiring the presence of God in affiction,
I THOŲ only centre of my rest!

Look down with pitying eye,
While with protracted pain opprest.

I breathe the plaintive sigh.
2 Thy gracious presence, O my God!

My every wish contains;
With this, beneath aflliction's load, ..

My heart no more complains.
3 This can my every care controul,

Gild each dark scene with light;
This is the sunshine of the soul,.

Without it all is night.
4 My Lord, my life! O cheer my heart

With thy reviving ray,
And bid these mournful shades depart,

And bring the dawn of day!
5 O bappy scenes of pure delight!

Where thy full beams impart

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