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Which made a place in glory mine, siis ? Whose just desert was hell. F* DR. RYLAND. 580 (20 P.) s. M. Salisbury 307. Founder's

ini! Hall 294. it
Death—and Hell followed with him, Rev. vi. 7, .
1 DEATH is an awful word, sila

And fills the mind with fear; uno
But, О how sweet a dying bed, sitti'.

If thou, my God, be near!. colmate 2 Hast thou behind thy back, w OT

All my transgressions cast? 1 384!) I
The poisonous sting of death is gone,

The bitterness is past. : ?!! pro T. 3 But, to a wicked man inte visi

Hell follow.s, at its heels; **B1.8
Oft, while he dreads a hell without, !

A hell within he feels, te'wird dies 1,
4 LORD, in the trying hour, oriji .

Let strength diyine be given ; ;;';C
Then shall I feel that joy on earth, w ith

Which is a dawn of heaven. , s. s!isi 7 580 (30 P.) L. M. Kingsbridge 88. Gould's 272. Lost Souls in the future State astonished at each other.

Art thou become like unto us * Isaiah xiv. 10. 1 I OOK down, my soul, on hell's domains,

I That world of agony and pains ! Le pe I Whạt crowds are now associate there,

Of widely different character. E i 2 [What wretched ghosts are met below,

Some once so great, so little now;...ale
So gay, so sad so rich, so poor'; iso,?!

Now scorn’d by those they scorn'd before.] 3 Some thither sink, whose awful fall Livelinis Must even hell itself appal; :

:? E Scarce slaves or friends believe their eyes,,'.

The damn’d are filled with strange surprize. 4 So Babel's king, as down he went, .

All hell was moy'd at the event ;

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And lesser tyrants gone before sheath

Rose up to meet him at the door. so -5 His very slaves, indignant see (1908

Him now as weak as they could be ;
With hellish triumph greet him thus, -as

Art thou become like one of us?TAT
6 More dreadful still must heathens greet

Christians, in name, whom there they meet;
Sunk lower than themselves in woe,

Though once to heav'n exalted so. It taste ny () were it not for grace divine, the disa

This case so dreadful had been mine!
Hell gap'd for me ; but, Lord, thy hand

Snatch'd from the fire the kindling brand.
8 And now, tho’ wrath was my desert,
I hope to share a better part ;


But heav'n must wonder, sure to see

A sinner enter, vile as med od ni so 9 O Grace ! rich grace, delightful theme!

All heav'n shall echo with the same. A
While angels greet a sinner thus Co n ta
Art thou become like one of us ? (DR. RTLAND.

Ut u alsa dei 581, L.M. (1st P.) Sheffield 39. Paul's 246.

Careless Sinner- don't be damned. Og i I SINNER, O why so thoughtless grown ?

w Why in such dreadful haste to die? Daring to leap to worlds unknown, hiw 10

Heedless against thy God to fly Peu DA 2 Wilt thou despise eternal fate, on no ano

Urg'd on by sin’s fantastic dreams? go
Madly attempt th’ infernal gaterroga wo

And force thy passage to the flames ?) ano 3 Stay, sinner! on the Gospel plains a 20

Behold the God of love unfold 28 99739
The glories of his dying pains,


· PAUSE.Rippon's 188. Limghouse 242.7' Û 4 Alas! alas! how many fly ,;1' 1 ...!?

The sound that bids my soul rejoice, nila?

And rather choose with fools to die, 1993 . ,: Thạn turn an ear to mercy's voice. 5 With such I own. I once appear'd, s,

But now I know how great their loss; 1,3/1

For sweeter sounds were never heard ::'? · Thani mercy utters from the crossonetisat 581 (20 P.) L. M. Richmond 115. Fleeing from the Wrath to come, by flying to Christop

EMSLi Escape for the téfe. Gen. xix. 12 1 H ASTE, traveller, haste the night comes on,

14 And many a shining hour is gone;'T I The storm is gathering in the West, på H. And thou far off from home and rest... er

!!! ! * Haste, traveller, haste. 2 O far from home thy footsteps straý, .;" . S

CHRIST is the life, and CHRIST the way;
And Christ the light, thy setting sun, 371
Sinks ere thy morning is begun.

s sa. Haste, traveller, baste. 3 Awake, awake ! pursue thy way Ibu'.

With steady course while yet itis daysa !!
While thou art sleeping on the ground, *)

Danger and darkness gather round. .Il. . . Tis H aste, traveller, haste. 4 The rising tempest sweeps the sky

The rains descend, the winds are highr; I
The waters swell, and death and fear ? Si
Beset thy path, nor refuge near. "!!ohin

3. Haste, travellers haste. 5 O yes, a shelter you may gain; itse Sel.

A covert from the wind and rain ; 1 19 book

A hiding place, a rest, a home, butsirli • A refuge from the wrath to come. ghiw 31T 2 . L'oisive agresi Haste, traveller, haste

2 10

6 Then linger not in all the plain, men's

Flee for thy life, the mountain gain, it!
Look not behind, make no delay, 143
O speed thee-speed thee on thy way. ius i

* ieri Haste, traveller, haste. 7 Poor, lost, benighted soul ! art thout Willing to find salvation now?: minibiza There yet is hope, hear mércy's call; W! Truth, life, light, way, in CHRIST is all. in e

------- Haste to him, haste. i z

DR. COLLYER, 581 (3d P.) L. M. Stirling 1317, Gould's 272.

Fleeing from the Wrath to come, Matt. iii, 7. i o fields of fire, or thrones of day," *

Each hour accelerates our way ; *
But who among us!--Conscience-tell, 1
. Shall with devouring burnings dwell ?
2 Jesus, I hasten from the pit, .! .!.:!

And fall a suppliant at thy feet;. ;
Well I deserve the dreadful flame, ?"

But O my refuge is thy name! 1979 D... 3. For sinners, LORD, thou cam’st to bleed,

And I'm a sinner, vile indeed ; **,,,"""
Yet saving grace is rich and free, ".-i??

O magnify that grace in me, it is sir? 582 LM. Green’s Hundred 89. Wareham 117.

The Rich Mari and Lazarus, Luke xvi. 25. "! 1 TN what confusion earth appears . ;**

1 God's dearest children bath'd in tears!

While they, who heav'n itself deride, puoi , Riot in luxury and pride. 2 But patient let my soul attend; , :, siri,

And ere 1 censure, view the end; ; ;';. l.
That end, how different! who can tell til
The wide extremes of heav'n and hell? :: ...4

3 See, the red flames, around him 'twinós ai Vi! Who did in gold and purple shine: 100 043 Nor can his tongue one drop obtain

T! allay the scorching of his pain. . . . 4 While round the saint, só poor below,

Full rivers of salvation flow; Wi i
On Abraham's breast he leans his head,

And banquets on celestial bread.. bers 0:' 5 Jesus, my Saviour! let me share all Insol ré

The meanest of thy servants' fare; hind: 9 · May I approach at last to taste v The blessings of thy marriage-feast. ; 391.

ci DR: DORDRIDGE. 583 C. M. Otford 106. Follet 181. Evans's 110.

!, The Joys of Heaven." 1 COME, Lord, and warm each languid heart,

Inspire each lifeless tongue:
And let the joys of heav'n impart"

Their influence to our song.
2 Sorrow and pain, and every care,... la
And discord there shall cease;

cease;. , And perfect joy, and love sincere,

Adorn the realms of peace. Thion 3 The soul, from sin for ever free, ir,

Shall mourn its pow'r no more;
But, cloth'd in spotless purity,

Redeeming love adore.
4 There on a throne (how dazzling bright!)

Th’exalted Saviour shines; īst
And beams ineffable delight.'.

On all the heav'nly minds."
5. There shall the followers of the Lamb..

Join in immortal songs;..
And endless honours to his name? L:10,

Employ their tuneful tongues.
6 LORD! tune our hearts to praise and love
Our feeble notes inspire;


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