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Till, in thy blissfál éourts abovel 534 54t, bet
We join the angelic thoar: blant STEELE.

A ct::.;' 16') SEX, 584 C. M. Cambi i New 74 Staughton: 264.

w : The Promised Land 2135 ry n 1 ON Jordan's rugged banks I stand, ru xo'i

Ahd dasta wishful eye canin.)
To Canaan's fair and happy land, pisos.

Where my possessions lies; ,, ? ima te it 2 O the transporting rapt'rous scene}", .

That rises to my sight!; LOEWE List Sweet fields array'd in living green, 5. And rivers of delight! 3. There generous fruits, that never fail, or

On trees immortal grow
There rocks, and hills, and brooks, and yales,,

"With'milk and honey flow. "
4 All o'er those wide extended plains,

Shines one eternal day,
There God the Sun for ever reigns,

And scatters night away..
5 No chilling winds, or pois'nous breath,

Can reach that healthful shore: ' Sickness and sorrow, pain and death,

Are felt and fear'd no more. 6 When shall I reach that happy place,

And be for ever blest?When shall I see my Father's fac

And in his bosom rest ?
7 Filled with delight, my raptur'd soul . A

Can here no longer stay;
Tho' Jordan's waves around me roll, "..

Fearless I'd launch away. DR. S. STENNETT. 585 (1st P.) 50th. Cherriton 76. Old Fiftieth 23.


10Nwings of faith, mount up, my soul, and rise;'

View thine inhoritance beyond the skies;


Nor heart can think, nor mortal tongue can tell,

What endless pleasures in those mansions dwell: Here our Redeemer lives, all bright and glorious, O’er sin, and death, and hell, he reigns victorious.

2. No gnawing grief, no sad heart-rending pain, 1 In that blest country can admission gain:

No sorrow there, no soul-tormenting fear,

For God's own hand shall wipe the falling tear: Heré our Redeemer liyès, &c.1.0 (T Jal) 080 3 Before the throne a crystal river glides,

Immortal verdure decks its cheerful sides :
Here the fair tree of life majestic rears. A

Its blooming head, and sovereign virtue bears : · Here our Redeemer lives, &c. ir bus love 4 No rising sun his needless beams displays, No sickly moon emits her feeble rays; The Godhead here celestial glory sheds,

Th'exalted Lamb eternal radiance spreads : Here our Redeemer lives, &c. Prot 980 l 5 One distant glimpse my eager passion fires !

Jesus ! to thee, my longing soul aspires !
When shall I at thy heavenly home arrive,

When leave this earth, and when begin to live?
For here my Saviour is all bright and glorious,
O’er sin, and death, and hell, he reigns victorious.

us 10 Jilgint J. STRAPHAN. OOT 585 (20 P.) C. M. Boston 159. Matthews 34,

The Grapes of Canaan ; 'or, Heaven anticipated.
IToo long, alas! I vainly:sought'::

Fór happiness below,
But earthly joys, though dearly bought,
ENTES No solid good bestow. !!!!! !

2 At length, thro' sovereign Grace I found 1 ? ? Fieth The good and promis'd land, ...

Where milk and honey flow around, ?: und den And grapes in clusters stand.

3 As I have tasted of the grapēs, : 3 rol :: I sometimes long to go

Where my dear Lord his vineyard keeps, . !! .. And all the clusters grow. .,! i 4 And can I long, and taste the fruit, ...

** And Canaan be deny’d?
No, those who taste the fruits of grace

Must all be glorify'd, U ser 586 (1st P.) C. M. Elim 151. Stamford, 9. .:, ,Otford, 106

stue .. Happiness approaching, Rom. xiii. 11. 1 A WAKE, ye saints, and raise your eyes . And raise your voices highAwake, and praise that soy'reign loyees

That shows salvation nigh. .. :. . 2 On all the wings of time it flies,... ini. ,, Each moment brings it near;

Then welcome each declining day, as
And each revolving year!

I me 3 Not many years their rounds shall run, a s Nor many mornings rise,

by: ::
Ere all its glories stand reveald,
< To our admiring eyes.'
4 Ye wheels of nature, speed your course !

* Ye mortal powers decay! !
Fast as ye bring the night of death,

"Ye bring eternal-day. ----DR. DODDRIDGE. 586 (20 P.) 85. Limefield 94. Lambeth 59.

. The Year of Release is at hand- Deut. x. 0. I THE year of release is at hand ;

What rapture the thought should convey! To Canaan's fair beautiful land, ? :

Sweet angels, come béar me away. : 2 Oh, why must I lingering stay ,

Where no satisfaction I find ?
Had I wings, I would basten away,

And leave all that's mortal behind,

3 Confind like a bird to its cage, Di

My soul would fain rise on the wing; I long with the saints to engage

in In a concert of praise to my King 4 The year of release is at land,y: 35 W . Why should I of troubles complain? Adieu—in the promised land, : : DO"

You never shall vex me again: 1900 5 The bondage of sin there is o’er,

The fury of Satan shall cease, willen The world shall perplex me no more,

..O hasten the year of release ( 6 But who this release can convey

"To bondmen and slaves, such as we? * Gethsemane, Calvary, say

T'Tis Jesus who died on the tree.. y Then help us to wait for the day,

And each in his duty to stand;
But whisper, sweet Spirit, and say

The year of releass is at hand, 587 L. M. Martin's Lane 67 - Coombs's 45.

bodi i' Bromley 104.. 11.19&r ti és

The Worship of Heaven, John xvii. 24. 1 FOŘ a sweet inspiring ray,..

U To animate our feeble strains, - 18.
From the bright realms of endless day, ...

The blissful realms where Jesus reigns!. 2 There low before his glorious throne, Adoring saints and angels fall; .;"u'

il And, with delightful worship, own :)

His smile their bliss, their heav'n, their all.. 3 Immortal glories -crown his head; ?!

While tunefal hallelujahs rise, ' s in

And love and joy, and triumph spread 10. "Thro' all the assemblies of the skies. 4. He smiles, and seraphs tune their songs

To boundless rapture while they gaze:

Ten thousand thousand joyful tongues :

Resound his everlasting praise. 1o . 5 There all the favourites of the Lamb a

Shall join at last the heavenly choir :
O may the joy-inspiring theme 19 ,

Awake our faith and warm desire! 6 Dear Saviour !·let thy spirit seal

Our int’rest in that blissful place :*!!!
Till death remove this mortal veil, tav
And we behold thy lovely facel?! | STEELE.

587 (20 P.) 11. 8. - Calne 69. Pithay 101.

Sweet Hope of meeting the blissful Society above. 1 H ow bright" is the prospect the saint has in

11 Let present things be as they may; [view, Omnipotent mercy shall bring him quite through,

And guide him to regions of day. 2 Alas! sin and sorrow.attend him while here,

And frequently injure his peace ; But faith beholds now the sweet season as near, i That brings him a final release. W 3 With rapture he'll moant his celestial abode,

His spirit find pleasure and restí; T!. With ecstasy bask in the smiles of his God, I

Partaking the joys of the blestias aghi 4 With patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and those

Who sealed the truth with their blood)! Whose unsubdu'd courage astonish'd their foes,

And forc'd them to glorify God: vul 5 United with these, he shall hear them relate

. The tale of their suff'rings bolow
The conflicts and toils of their militant state,

How grace had supported them through. 6 When this having heard," he rehearses to them

The mazes thro' which he has trod; ? From great tribulation by grace how he came,

And reach'd the fair city of God. iki

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