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7 Now all strike their harps, and one chórus they

Salvation by grace is their theme; raise ; Thanksgiving, and honour, and blessing, and And GLORY TO God and THE LAMB. [praise, en The late John FOUNTAIN, one of

the Missionaries in Bengal.

C. M. Elim 151. Cambridge New 74.
Den Bradford 268 Filmit.

The Everlasting Song..noh
+ FARTH has engross’d my love too long!

U 'Tis time I lift mine eyes. "
Upward, dear Father, to thy throne,

And to my native skies.,
2. There the blest man, my Saviour sits:
" The God! how bright he shines !
And scatters infinite delights in
On all the happy minds.

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3 Seraphs with eleyated strains
19 w Circle the throne around is t
And move and charm the starry plains

With an immortal suund. ... 4 Jesus, the Lord, their harps, employs. : ; 13 air Jesus, my love, they sing !, som jer! ta', Jesus, the life of both our joys "O' Sounds sweet from ev'ry strings in

5. (Hark, how beyond the narrow bounds yo int Of time and space they run; '


n . And echo in majestic sounds" Litur. The Godhead of the Son, pti subwild with in 6 And now they. sink the lofty tune, BY

· And gentler notes they play;
And bring the Father's equal down. t."

To dwell in humble clay. .
7 O'sacred beauties of the Man!

(The God resides within): popit! His flesh all pure without a stain, i

His soul without a sin. '.

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8 But, when to Calvary they turn, ;,

Silent their barps abide ; ; ; 4.
Suspended songs, a moment mourn

The God that lov'd and died. In
9 Then, all at once, to living strains
m., They summon every chord,
Tell how he triumph’d-o'er his pains,

And chant the rising Lord.)
10 Now let me mount and join their song,

And be an angel too; Us ? !». My heart, my ear, my hand, my tongue,

Here's joyful work for you. a 11 I would begin the music here,

And so my soul should rise
O for some heavenly notes to bear

My passions to the skies !
12 There ye that love my Saviour sit,

There I would fain have place,
Among your thrones or at your feet,

So I might see his face."
The 8th, 7th, and 8th verses of this Hymn should be sung

pero softer than the rest. 11

TODOXOLOGIES, &C.. I AM Not unambitious of introducing the following Doxologies, in the words of our pre-eminently sweet singer; the great Dr. Watts, who says, “I cannot persuade myself to put a full period to those divine Hymns, till I bave addressed a special song of glory to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, which, I believe, is one of the NOBLEST PARTS of Christian worship. The subject of it is the doctrine of the Trinity; which is that peculiar glory of the divine nature, that our Lord Jesus Christ has so clearly revealed unto men, and is so necessary to true Christianity. I have cast the song into a variety of forms, to be sung either alone, or at the conclusion of another Hymn.765

112th. New Haven 248.
TMMORTAL bonour, endless fame,
I Attend the Almighty Father's name;
The Saviour Son be glorify'd, in,
Who for lost man's redemption dy'd ;'
And equal adoration be,
Eternal Paracletes to thee?


112th. Hoxton 121.
SINCE God the Father, and the Son, :
W And Holy Spirit, Three in One, ***
Glorious beyond all speech and thought,
Have jointly my salvation wrought
I'll join them in my songs of praise,
Now, and through hear'n's eternal days.

DR. DODDRIDGE. 67 :. Old Hund. 100. (L. M.) Magdalen 214.

1 PRAISE God, from whom all blessings flow,

I Praise him, all creatures here below,
Praise him above, ye heav'nly host,
Praise, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. **** BV. KEN.

Luther's 301:

2 HAS God the Father lov'd us so

II As not to spare his only Son?
Did Jesus leave his throne of bliss"
To die for sinners all updoue ? is :
And does the Holy Ghost apply it."
The blood of Christ to such as we?
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Praise now and through eternity, .. .;

Eaton 291. i :
3 NOW to the God, whose grace and love

- Have open'd wide the path to heav'n;
The Father, Son, and Heav'nly Dove,
Be everlasting glory given.

in China 300., i no
4 TO Father, Son, and Comforter,

One God, eternal thanks belong;
We but begin bis praises bere,
Heav'n sball immortalize the song.

Finsbury 283. 11:11
5 W HILE all the bright celestial host .

" Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;
We, Lord, their legions would outvie,
On earth, and then beyond the sky.

. : Stirling 317. Kira
6 W E join the Father and the Son, 1*"

And Holy Spirit to udore; it
But hope in higher strains to praise, !
Soon as we reach fair Capaan's shore. »

1. Bampton 275.!! :
7 SAINTS militant, now make your boast

w In Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;
Soon, soon triumphant you shall be,
Adoring the bless’d Trinity."

Denmark New 262.
. : 8 TVIS sweet to sing, in grateful lays,

1 The Father, Son, and Spirit's praise ; " And endless ages shall prolong The joy, the triumph, and the song." ".

Addison's 1.3,
,... TOR lote paternal rich and free,

F For love on Calvary's bloody tree,
For love, which does the heart renew,
Givęs grace, and leads to glory too ;
Mên, angels, ev'ry creature join
In strains exalted and divine
To Father, Son, and Spirit raise aws
Your everlasting song of praise.

Yes, Lord, we join the angelic tongues,
All heav'n shall echo with our songs;

The theme, too väst for time, shall be
* Rapture thro" all eternity.
ginse 11. THE SAME.SI,

Manning 245."1:3,"19"}, }} 10 FOR love paternal, rich, and free,

T For love on Caly’ry's bļoody tree,
And love which has the blood apply'den
The triune God be glorifyd. ii .

.. Thy God tby glory. **."
1 BEFORE we part divinely laud

The Father, Son, and Spirit, God; Whose love and grace all praise transcend,

Whose matchless glory, ne'er shall end, 768 201234C. M. thoni

Doxology 236. Miles's Lane 32.
ITO Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, i į

L One God whom we adore," su ?
Be glory as it was, is now, .m an lige

Michael's 119. Braintree 25. 2 To God the Father, God the Son,

1 Your grateful voices raise, And God the Spirit, Three in One, ""? Render immortal praise. WALLIN,

, Angel's Hymn 60. as .'! mo God the Father honour give,

1 And glory to bis EQUAL Son ; Let God The Spirit praise receive, The One in THREE, and 'THREE IN ONE,

Anniversary 296. "Old Ed, 393."" 4. ITVO Father, Son, and Spirit too,..

1 Who made the earth and heav'n, Of equal dignity possest, Be equal honours giv’n. ! ; 117

Arlington 17. Matthew's 34,
6 H AIL! Father, Son, and Spirit bless'd,

11 Before the birth of time!
Enthron'd in everlasting state, 01 od :)

A mystical plorality, . .

We in the Godbead own;
Adoring One, in Persons Three,,,..."
And Three in nature One. , !9. WESLEY.

Evans's 190. 'Otford 106."
B ANGELS and saints, your anthems raise,

To the great Three in One, T
And celebrate in songs of praise

The wonders grace has done.'?
.: Furman 135. Hephsibah 77.
o iN hope to join the angelic hosts

And all the ransom'd throng,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ...

We raise the grateful song..
Grove House 143. Cambridge New'74.
N OW let us all unite to praise, i
1 In high delightful songs,'
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Tin heav'n the theme prolongs. 6 .

Salem 139. Foster 96.
9 To Father, Son, and Holy Dove,

I Ten thousand thanks be giv'n; 4
The God who will our strength renew,
And bring us safe to heay!p,! hti
A A 4


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