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Mansfield 154.
To the eternal TAREE, mint
. 1 In will and essence ONE,
Be universal honours paid,

Co-equal honours done.' BEDDOMB. 770

:: Wigan 318. 2. 1, THE Triune God shall be

1 Our song, wbile lise is giv'ng And the unceasing praise shall run

Through all the days of heav'n.

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1771 i Whitefield 168. Wirksworth 158..,

FATHER of all, to Thee mů i vi

· Let endless praises rise,
. Who for such rebel worms as we

· Salvation didst devise."
2 Incarnate Deity,

Let all the ransom'd race

Render in thanks their lives to thee. do
:7: "For thy redeeming grace. in
19,3Spirit of Holiness,

O let us all adore
Thy sacred energy, and bless : 214

Thine heart-renewing power.
4 Baptized into thy name, . multora
? Almigbty One in Three,
Thy grace and goodness we'll' proclaim .

Through all eternity.
772 Horsington 219. (5. 6.) Bourton 50. Po

FATHER, Spirit, and Son,

I United in One,
The good work will perfect where'er 'tis begyn.

United, Lord, we
Will glorify 'Thee Ost

.. Thou ineffable One, thou adorable Three." 773 - 8. 8. 4. Leoni i9001,

ALL worship and renown,

By saints in earth and heav'n,
Be to the Father, and the Son, the

Let all the heav'nly host

A Triune God adore ;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

For evermore.
774 104th. Old 104th. 148,...

QIVE glory to God, ye children of men,

And publish abroad again and again,
The Son's glorious merit, the Father's free grace,

The gifts of the Spirit to Adam's lost race. 775 in 104th." Stockwell 140.

VE servants of God, your praises renew,

1 Praise Fatber and Son, the Comforter too; O praise him for mercies both present and past,

And future eternal salvation at last. 776 104th. 10. 10. 11. 11. Portugal New 263.

RLEST Father, and Son, and Spirit of grace,

~ How sweet to enjoy the smiles of thy face!.. We'll live in thy service, then die in thy praise, .. The anthem of glory for ever we'll raise,

Sussex 70.
"ALL glory to God, the Father, and Son,

4 And Spirit of grace, the great Three in One Let highest ascriptions for ever be givin,

By all the creation, on earth and in hear'n. 778

104th. Hanover 130. sve FATHER be prais'd, for grace rich and free,

And Jesus, who died for sinners like me;
And praise, blessed Spirit, is equally.thine,

For making salvation and happiness mine. 779

104th. Sussex 70. • Bosna
THE Father, the Son, and Spirit, adore,

Our covenant God we praise evermore ;
He saves us at present, and will, when we die,

Complete our salvation for ever on high.
DI!.. 148th. Clapham 18..
THE Father and the Son,

And Spirit, all divine,
In my salvation join,

And claim this heart of mine.
Therefore to the eternal Three
Immortal praise and glory be.


781_786 single ts. and 76. 6 lines. Kuntie 781

148th. Swithin's 44.
W E, with our friends above,
V! When time and death shall end ;
In ecstasies of love, :,:

An beavenly life shall spend ;
And Father, Son, and Spirit praise, , ...

Thro? never, never ending days. 782' PRET7s. Cookham 30. tomo

GLORY to the Father's name, o

U Glory to the slaughter'd Lamb,
Glory to the Spirit pay

Through the bless'd eternal daya-punts 783-4. bor 7s. Stoel 161.611, 11:9.

DRAISE we now the Lord of Host,
P Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; **
But our praise shall higher rise ?? ! * ..

When we meet above the skies. 1;. 784 75. Georgia 192, R.

NOW to God, the Three in One,

W Be eternal glory done;
Raise, ye saints, the sound again,

Tor (Nations, join the loud Amen! 8. 8. WHITE 785 :: 7$, 6 lines. Georgia 192. Rest 282, : : . Now, with angels round the throne,

Cherubim and seraphim,

And the Church which still is one, cu vites Let us swell the solemn hymn: , i Glory, to the great I AM!****

Glory to the Victim LAMB!"
Blessing, honour, glory, might; e .

And domiņion infinite, le
To the Father of our LORD,
• To the Spirit and the Word'
As it was all worlds before, in

the *** Is and shall be evermore. ** MR. JOSIAR CONDER. 786 . .. 7s. 6 lines,

The Song of the Cherubim, Rev. iv. 6, 8. Is. vi. 1, 3..
7 SEE the glorious Cherubim" *

Thronging round the eternal throne ; *
Hark! they sing their holy hymn,

To the unknown THREE IN ONE.
All-supporting Deity, sm 150 ty

.3.4.8.,8.6. 787–791

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DOXOLOĢIES, 8s. 8, 7. 4. 8, 8.6.

Heav'n directed Spirits, rise
To the temple of the skies !


Join the ranks of angels bright,

Near the ETERNAV's dazzling light:
All-supporting Deity,
Praise, eternal praise to thee!


7s. 6. Amsterdam 138. a
L'ATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,
T One God whom we adore;
Join we with the heavenly host, oder in

To praise thee evermore :
Three in One, and One in Three,,

Live, by heaven and earth ador'd;
Holy, holy, holy, Lord,, so

All glory be to thee!..
788 86. 6 lines. Hoxton 121.

M OST holy, blessed, glorious Lord,
We Three Persons, in One God ador'd;
Have mercy on us, hear our prayer, it
We miserable sinners are,—.
But Jesus for such sinners dy'd, F?
Hear us thro' him, the Crucify'd. .

8. 7. 4.' Painswick 162.
DRAISE the Father, Son, and Spirit,
I for election, sov'reign, free;
For redeeming love and merit,

For renewing such as we :: : . " For all blessings!

Praise the glorious One in Three! I 790 : 8. 7. 4. Lewes 63. tr.!

LATHER, Son, and Holy Spirit,
'f Thou, the God whom we adore,
May we all thy love inherit; mission

To tbine image us restore;
Vast Eternal !


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s to thee evermore, then

791",18.8. 6. Westbury Leigh 278. let

HAIL holy, holy, holy Lord, and to

By the celestial hosts ador'd,..
Accept our grateful lays; ..
On earth, while militant our song,
And then in the triumphant throng,.
Thro'never-ending days.. ... 1



10s. : 8.8.0. Baltimore 167.
GLORY to God the Father sing,

To God the Son your praises bring,
And God the Spirit too:
To the great One, the glorious Three, I.
All blessing, praise, and honour be, '',
And songs for ever new. ..

Selection, Old 397, 2d Part. 793

į Broadmead 150. - S.
TO Pather, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Be praise amidst the heavenly host,
And in the church below;
From whom all creatures drew their breath,
By whom redemption bless'd the earth,

From wbom all comforts flow.'' 794 Hinton 286. Leach 290.

OUR cov’nant God in sweetest lays

The Father, Son, and Spirit praise be
For grace immensely free;
Goodness, which all our path attends,
And glóry too, which never ends,

Praise, praise eternally.
795 108. Warsaw 211..

o Father, Son, and Spirit, ever blest,

Eternal praise and worship be addrest';
From age to.age, ye saints, his name adore,

And spread his fame when time shall be no more. 796 : 11:18. Calne 89. * Coke is a

To Father, Redeemer, and Spirit, one God,

1. All praises we join to proclaim,'! Pin
And hope yet in strains more sublimely, on high,

Adoring, to bless thy great name.- phone 797

]s. Broughton 172."
THE Father, Redeemer, and Spirit we hless,
d. For favours and mercies which none can express;
And hope in the kingdom we ever shall live,
Admiring, adoring, all glory to give. ~

la Hs. Geard 156.
Great God of salvation, thine honours we raise,

The hills and the valleys shall ecbo thy praise, via All ranks of intelligence join in the song,

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