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Our names, our hearts, we would resign

Our souls are in thy hands.o bado
$ 2 To thee we still would cleaves som

With ever growing zeal ;nd tu
If millions tempt us Christ to leave A

O let them ne'er prevail. rida bu
3 Thy Spirit shall unite
IES Our souls to thee our head;
Shall form us to thy image bright,

2. That we thy paths may trend. A I
4 Death may our souls divide

From these abodes of clay: 9.90
But love shall keep us near thy side J S
Isda Thro all the gloomy way. IST

5 Since Christ and we are one,

Why should we doubt or fear?
If he in heaven hath fix'd his throne,

He'll fix his members there.21231E

bo to dosyal azadloq DR. DODDRIDGE. Un bon

99 82 L. M. Rochford 22. Langdon 217.

Praise to God for renewing Grace. In I TO God, my Saviour, and my King,

Fain-would my soul her tribute bring : Join me, ye saints, in songs of praise,

For ye have known and felt his grace... a 2 Wretched and helpless once I lay,

Just breathing all my life away: bosch
He saw me welt’ring in my blood, is
And felt the pity of a God. 4 steret

autors il a 3 With speed he flew to my relief, bis

Bound up my wounds, and soath'd my grief; Pour'd joys divine into my heart, si i

And bade each anxious fear depart. 4 These proofs of love, my dearest Lord ! 18 . Deop in my breast I will record :ttoin U IST!

The life, which I from thee receive, I
To thee, :bchold, I freely give. U


5 My heart and tongue shall tune thy praise,

Thro’ the remainder of my daysz i op
And, when I join the powers above, ??!
My soul shall better sing thy T

pisk ??!llige til 3 DR, S. STENNETT. 83 L.M. Babylon Streams 23. Paul's 246. Human Rightebusness insuficient to justify, Mic. vi. 6—8. 1 W HEREWITH, O Lord, shall. I draw near,

. Or bow myself before thy face ? 11 How, in thiy purer eyes, appear? | CIT A .

What shall I bring to gain thy grace? I 2 Will gifts delight the Lord most high??

Will multiply d oblations please ?-1471:2
Thousands of rams his favour bùy ? To

Or slaughter'd millions e'er appease ??? 3 Can these assuage tlie wrath of God?!?

Can these wash out my guilty stain ? !
Rivets of oil; or sea's of blood 1 0

Alas ! they all must flow in vain. 1,
4 What have I then wherein to trust?,"I"

I nothing have, I nothing am; 33, 3071,
Excluded is my every boast

My glory swallow'd up in shame, , | Cold 5 Guilty, I stand before thy face ; '

. My sole desert is hell and wrath : . "Twere just, the sentence should take place;

But, o, I pleud my Savivar's death?"
6 I plead the. merits of thy Son,
Who died for siøners on the tree';..

I plead his righteousness alone;?

o, put the spotless robe on me.)
84 LSM. Leeds 19. Lewton 30."

Imputed Righteousness, Jer. xxiii. 6. Isa.xly, 24. 1 JESUS, thy perfect righteousness,

My beauty is, my glorious dress 0

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* Midst flaming'worlds, in this array'd,

With joy shall I lift up my head. I. 02!?" 2 When from the dust of death I rise bor!

To take my mansion in the skies" . TIIA E'en then shall this be all my plea,

Jesus hath died, and lives for me.

Bold shall I stand in thať great day; Italy .? . For who laught to my charge shall lay, it! or While, throthy blood, absolvid I am I

From sin's tremendous curse and shame? • 4 Thus Abraham, the friend of God, i wody

Thus all the armies bought with blood,!!
Saviour of sinners, thee proclaims

Sinnerse of whom the chief I am.
5 This spotless robe the same appears.''

When ruind nature sinks in years: 0
No age can change its glorious hue ; ?

The robe of Christ is ever new. :..; ) 6 ro let the dead now hear thy voice!

Bid, Lord, thy banish'd ones rejoice; }
Their beauty this, their glorious dress,
Jesus, the Lord, our righteousness.] ...!

85 112th.: New Haven 248. Hoxton 121.

The pardoning God, Micah vii: 18.?!!": 1 GREAT God of wonders ! all thy ways

Are matchless, godlike, and divine ime:
But the fair glories of thy grace

More godlike and unrivallid shine:
Who is a pardoning God like thee?

Or who has grace so rich and free? 2 Crimes of such horror to forgiyė,

Such guilty daring worms to spare; si
This is thy grand prerogative,

And none shall in the honour share :'?"
Who is a pardoning God like thee?!! !
Or who has grace so rich and free

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3 Angels, and ment resign their cldim JT

To pity, mercy, love, and igráce; These glories crown Jehovah's name 10 :: With an incomparable blaze :'ldi.

Who is a pardoning God like thee?

Or who has grace so rich and free? I 4 In wonder lost, with trembling joy

We take the pardon of our God;
Pardon for crimes of deepest dye; 1

A pardon seald with Jesu's blood;
Who is a pardoning God like thee?

Or who has grace so rich and free? 6 O may this strange, this matchless grace,

This godlike miracle of love, Luolo di
Fill the wide earth with grateful praise,

And all the angelic choirs above;
Who is a pardoning God like thee?S DE
Or who has grace so rich and free?


ISTA TY BE OUT 86 C. M. Ludlow 84. Brighthelmstone 208.

Pardoning Love, Jer iii. 22. Hos. xiv. 1. ?! 1 HOW oft, alas ! this wretched heart

IL Has wandered from the Lord';...!
How oft my roving thoughts depart, yi[ ]

Forgetful of his word! '; ytit 2 Yet sovereiga mercy calls, Return:

Dear Lord, and may I come ?' 12
My vile ingratitude I mourn;

o take the wanderer home. in l. 19 3 And canst thou, wilt thou yet forgive,

And bid my crimes remove ? Ir
And shall a pardon'd rebel live ......"

To speak thy wondrous love ?
4 Almighty grace, thy healing power..?
' How glorious, how divine ! ... 9
That can to life and bliss restore –

So vile a heart as mine.. tad .

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5 Thy pardoning love, sor free, so sweetyr A &

Dear Saviour, I adore y1901 viia T
O keep me at thy sacred feet isolg saodT
And let me rove no moredi iis di STEELE.
sesi L

enses os
87 L. M. Milbank 113. New Sabbath 122.

Divine Forgiveness, Luke vii. 47ow I
1 TORGIVENESS! is a joyful sound

I To malefactors doom'd to die.obis.
Publish the bliss the world around A

Ye seraphs, shout it from the sky !
2 'Tis the rich gift of love diyine: oos TO

Tis full, out-measuring every crime od Unclouded shall its glories shine, a

And feel no change by changing time. I 3 O’er sins unnumber'd as the sand,

And like the mountains for their size,
The seas of sovereign grace expand, --

The seas of sovereign grace arise. 4 For this stupendous leve of heavenl. al

What grateful honours shall we show?
Where much transgression is forgiven

Let love in equal ardours glow ash 17 5 By this inspir’d, let all our days jie wol

With various holiness be crown'd:10 I
Let truth and goodness, prayer and praise,
In all abide, in all abound. TO DR. GIBBONS.

ITO PAUSE. nistyni sliv MP8 6 Though pardon'd, yet for sin I griove,

But never will myself forgive tanko ba A E
Not when a thousand years are passid,
Nor while Eternity shall last. linie AA

TOT OTSITAV alsage OT 88 S. M. Wirksworth 158. Broderip's 252. Confession and Pardon, 1 John i. 9. Proy. xxviii. 13. 1 M Y sorrows like a fibod, 89 s/T

Impatient of restraint,iv od

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