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They Andis a powerling to

5 Teach my weak beart, O gracious Lord!, :

With stronger faith to call thee mine; .
Bid me pronounce the blissful word, i,

My Father, God, with joy divine.. 157 L. M. Lebanon 79. Lewton 30.

BRAZEN Serpent, Numbers xxi. 8, 9. 1 W HEN Israel's grieving tribés complain'd,

With fiery serpents greatly pain'd,
A serpent straight the prophet made

of molten brass, to view display'd. 2 Around the fainting crowds attend,

To heaven their mournful sighs ascend;
They hope, they look, while from the pole

Descends a power that makes them whole ; 3 But, oh, what healing to the heart

Doth our Redeemer's cross impart!
What life, by faith, our souls receive!

What pleasures do bis sorrows give! 4 Still may I view the Saviour's cross,

And other objects count but loss;
Here still be fix'd my feasted eyes,

Enraptur'd with his sacrifice !
5 Jesus the Saviour! balmy name !!

Thy worth my tongue would now proclaim; By thy atonement set me free! My life, my hope, is all from thee. 158 L. M. Islington 40. New Sabbath 122.

BREAD OF LIFE, John vi. 35–48. . 1 DEPRAVED minds on ashes feed,

Nor love nor seek for heavenly bread;
They choose the husks which swine do eat,
Or meanly crave the serpent's meat. '
2 Jesus ! thou art the living bread

By which our needy souls are fed ;
In thee alone thy children find' ...'
Enough to fill the empty mind, **

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3 Without this bread, I starve and die;: .

No other can my need supply; .si
But this will suit my wretched case,

Abroad, at home, in every place.
4 'Tis this relieves the hungry poor
Who ask for bread at mercy's door;
This living food descends from heaven,

As manna to the Jews was giv'n.
5 This precious food my heart revives;
What strength, what nourishment it gives !
O let me evermore be fed
With this divine celestial bread! . Fawcett,

159 L. M. Leeds 19. Madan’s 107. Bridegroom and Husband; or, the Mariage between

:is Christ and the Soul. .
1 JESUS, the heavenly loyer, gave

His life my wretched spul to save':
Resolv'd to make his mercy known,

He kindly claims me' for his own.".... 2 Rebellious, I against him strove

Till melted and constrain'd by love ;..
With sin and self I freely part

The heavenly Bridegrooin wins my heart, , 3 My guilt, my wretchedness he knows, in

Yet takes and owns me for his spouse, .--My debts le pays, and sets me free,

And makes his riches o'er to me.
4 My filthy rags are laid aside,'':

He clothes me as becomes his bride; ;
Himself bestows my wedding-dress, a

The robe of perfect righteousness." 5 Lost in astonishment, I see,

Jesus ! thy boundless love to me::.
With angels I thy grace adore,
And long to love and praise thee more..

6 Since thou wilt take me for thy bride, ...?"

O Saviour, keep me near thy side!'..
I fain would give thee all my heart, io
Nor ever from my Lord depart. : FAWCETT,

160 L. M. Kimbolton.251. Chard 175,

Bright and MORNING-STAR, Rev. xxii, 16. 1 VE worlds of light, that roll so near

1 The Saviour's throne of shining bliss, O tell how mean your glories are,

How faint and few, compar'd with his ! 2 We sing the Bright and Morning Star,

Jesus, the spring of light and love:
See, how.its rays, diffus'd from far, it

Conduct us to the realms above !
3 Its cheering beams spread wide abroad,

Point out the puzzled Christian's way: ..
Still, as he goes, he finds the road..!!
Enlighten’d with a constant day.
4 [Thus, when the Eastern Magi brought

Their royal gifts, a star appears ;, ! love you
Directs them to the babe they sought, .

And guides their steps, and calms their fears.] 5 When shall we reach the heav'nly place

Where this bright star shall brightest sline? Leave far behind these scenes of night,

And view a lustre so divine ? :: BEDDOME. 161 C. M, Bath Chapel 26. Evans's 190. Chief AMONG TEN THOUSAND; or, the Excellencies of

.. Christ, Cant. v. 10-10... ? i To Christ, the Lord, let every tongue

Its noblest tribute bring :
When he's the subject of the song,

Who can refuse to sing ! ::. in! 2 Survey the beauties of his face, ..

And on his glories dwell;

Think of the wonders of his grace,'?

And all his triumphs tell. . . i 3 Majestic sweetness sits enthron'diri .. Upon his awful brow; . .

His head with radiant glories crown'd, a

His lips with grace o’erflow:
4 No mortal can with him compare, :

Among the sons of men : .
Fairer be is than all the fair

That fill the heavenly train.':. * 5 He saw me plung'd in deep distress,

He flew to my relief; is ''.
For me he bore the shameful cross, ,

And carried all my grief. .
6 [His hand a thousand blessings pours

Upon my guilty head;
His presence gilds my darkest hours,

And guards my sleeping bed.
7 To him I owe my life, and breath,

And all the joys I have :'
He makes me triumph over death,
. And saves me from the grave.]'.
8 To heav'n, the place of his abode,

He brings my weary feet;
: Shows me the glories of my God,',ti

And makes my joys complete. it'*?.
9 Since from his bounty I receive in sic)

Such proofs of love divine, ne ist's : Had I a thousand hearts to give, ..

Lord, they should all be thine! ... .. i visie i ro DR. S. STENNETT.

162 87. Welsh 210. Trowbridge 21,

- Consolation of Israel, Luke ii. 25.
1 COME, thou long expected Jesus !

Born to set thy people free;
From our fears and sins release us,'

Let us find our rest in thee ;'.!

Israel's strength and consolation, . ,
• Hope of all the saints thou art ;
Dear desire of every nation, .

Joy of every longing heart.
2 Born, thy people to deliver ; " .

Born a child and yet a king;
Born to reign in us for ever,

Now thy gracious kingdom brin
By thive own eternal Spirit,

"Rule in all our hearts alone ; ,'
By thine all-sufficient merit, si
Raise us to thy glorious throne. - '


163 L. M. Wareham 117. Wells 102.

CORNER-Styxe, 1 Pet. it. 6. Isu. xxvili. 16, 17. 1 I ORD, dost thou show a Corner-stone

For us to build our hopes upon, -
That the fair edifice may rise

Sublime in light beyond the skies?
2 We own the work of soy’reign love;

Nor death nor hell the hopes shall move, . Which fix'd on this foundation stand,

Laid by thy own Almighty hand.
3. Thy people long this stone have tried,

And all the powers of hell defied;
Floods of temptation beat in vain,

Well doth this rock the house sustain. 4 When storms of wrath around prevail,

Whirlwind and thunder, fire and hail,
'Tis bere our trembling souls shall bido,

And here securely they abide : ....
5 While they that scorn this precious stone,

Fond of some quicksand of their own,
Borne down by weighty vengeance, die,

And buried deep in ruin lie. DR. DODDRIDGE

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