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164 C.M. New York 33. Stillman 66.

Desire of all Nations, Hag. ii. 7. Cant. i. 3. 1 TNFINITE excellence is thine,

Thou lovely Prince of Grace!
Thy uncreated beauties shine:

With never-fading rays... ...: 2 Sinners, from earth’s remotest end,

Come bending at thy feet; , ;
To thee their prayers and vows ascend,

In thee their wishes meet. i ; , 3 Thy name, as precious ointment shed, riadi Delights the church around ;

Sweetly the sacred odours spread

Thro' all Immanuel's ground.
4 Millions of happy spirits live.

On thy exhaustless store ;
From thee they all their bliss receive,”
...' And still thou givest more. iii.
5 Thou art their triumph and their joy;

They find their all in thee; i
Thy glories will their tongues employ

Thro' all eternity... 165 CM. Stamford 9. Huddersfield 202.

The Door, Jobn x. 9. Hos, ji. 15.'.' 1 A WAKE, our souls, and bless his name,

1 Whose mercies never fail; Who opens wide a Door of hope

In Achor's gloomy vale. .
2 Behold the portal wide display'd, .

The buildings strong and fair;
Within are pastures fresh and green,

And living streams are there. ..
3 Enter, my soul, with cheerful haste,

For Jesus is the Door:

Nor fear the serpent's wily arts, coine, Nor fear the lion's roar, Lions

4 Oh, may thy grace the nations lead, i ; And Jews and Gentiles come, "All trav'lling thro’ one beauteous gate

To one eternal home! - DR. DODDRIDGE.

one morempa n , 166 L. M. Portugal 97. New Sabbath 122.

Our EXAMPLE, John xili, 15., s. :.
I AND is the Gospel peace and love ?

Such let our conversation be;
The serpent blended with the dove,
Wisdom and meek simplicity. ','
2 Whene'er the angry passions rise, in

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife,
To Jesus let us lift our eyes;
Bright pattern of the Christian life! If
3 Oh, how benevolent and kind!... "

How mild! how ready to forgive !ob
Be this the temper of our mind, sasa .

And these the rules by which we live! 4 To do his heavenly Father's will ...

Was his employment and delight; '.

Humility and holy zealian 1 Shone thro' his life divinely bright! 6 Dispensing good where'er he came, ..The labours of his life were love ; . :

Oh, if we love the Saviour's pame, .

Let luis divine example move. . ; * {i 6 But, ah! how blind ! how weak we are !

How frail ! how apt to turn aside!
Lord, we depend upon thy care, Live

And ask thy Spirit for our guide.. 7 Thy fair example may we trace,

To teach us what we ought to be!
Make us, by thy transforming grace,
Dear Saviour, daily more like thee! ..

's : STEELE. 193


167 L. M. Bramcoate 8. Aptigua 120. ! FORERvNner and FOUNDATION of our Hope, Heb, vl.

. . 19, 20.?. .
1 TESÚS, the Lord, our souls adore !

A painful sufferer now no more,
High on his Father's throne he reigns *:

O'er earth and heaven's extensive plains.
2 His race for ever is complete,

For ever undisturb'd his seat; den i
Myriads of angels round him fly,..

And sing his well-gain'd victory....
3 Yet 'midst the honours of his throne,
He joys not for himself alone !.,.
His meanest servants share their part,

Share in that royal tender heart.
4 Raise, raise, my soul, thy raptur'd sight,

With sacred wonder and delight;
- Jesus, thy own Forerunner, see it

Enter'd beyond the veil for
5 Loud let the howling tempest yell,

And foaming waves to mountains swell ; *
No shipwreck can my vessel fear,
Since hope hath fix'd its anchor here.

L.,,, ici DR. DODDRIDGE.

168 104th. Stockwell 140. Hanover 130.

FOUNTAIN opened for Sinners, Zech. xiii. 1. iMHE fountain of Christ, Lord, help us to sing,

1 The blood of our Priest, our crucified King; The fountain that cleanses from sin and from filth,

And richly dispenses salvation and health. 2 This fountain so dear bo'll freely impart;

When pierced by the spear, it flow'd from his heart,
With blood and with water, the first to atone,.. !!

To cleanse us the latter; the fountain's but one. 3 This fountain from guilt not only makes pure,

And gives, soon as felt, infallible cure;

But, if guilt removed return and remain, , Its pow'r may be proved again and again.

4. This fountain, unseal'd, stands open for all :

Who long to be heal'd, the great and the small.
Here's strength for the weakly that hither are led; -,

Here's health for the sickly, and life for the dead.
6 This fountain, tho' rich, from charge is quite clear;

The poorer the wretch, the welcomer here : ?
Come needy, and guilty; come loathsome, and bare ;

Tho' leprous and filthy, come just as you are. 6 Thiş fountain in vain, has nover been tried; (* 1

It takes out all stain whenever applied : :
The fountain flows sweetly with virtue divine,
To cleanse souls completely, tho’ leprous as mine. HART.

169 C. M. Tunbridge 103. Eyans's 190.

Praise for the FOUNTAIN opened. I iTWERE is a fountain fill?d with blood,

Drawn from Immanuel's veins forei
And sinners, plung'd beneath that flood,

Lose all their guilty stains... .' 2 The dying thief rejoic'd to see ...

That fountain in his day; ' .
O may I there, tho' vile as he, toi'

Wash all my sins away! ::!:0
3 Dear dying Lamb ! thy precious blood
.*: Shall never lose its power,-,
Till all the ransom'd church of God's ..?

Be sav'd to sin no more. '" , 1.,? 4 E’er since hy faith I saw the stream i ng

Thy flowing wounds supply,"
Redeeming love has been my theme,to

And shall be till I die.'
5 But when this lisping stammering tongue

Lies silent in the grave,''
Then, in a nobler sweeter song,' sic !! U
I'll sing thy power to save.*** ****COWPER.

ist. 6 And hast thou, Lord, for me prepard,,

, Uuworthy, though I be, mert megtes & 196" ** * 3

A seat in heaven, a free reward, ..... .

A golden Harp for me?
7 My harp for ever shall be tun'd...
3. With notes of grace divine; ,. .

I'll sing thy Name, thy Righteousness, '. { Dear Saviour, only thine.

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(1st P.) L.M. "Kingsbridge

,ni Magdalene 214. ..
..! . . FRIEND.
i poor, weak, and worthless, tho' I am,

I have a rich almighty Friend ; ;
Jesus, the Saviour, is his name:
He freely loves, and without end.
2 He ransom'd me from hell with blood; .

And, by his power, my foes controul'd;
He found me wandering far from God,

And brought me to his chosen fold. *** 3 He cheers my heart, my want supplies,

And says that I shall shortly be
Enthron'd with him above the skies : 1
Oh! what a friend is Christ to me!

' . PAUSE. . . .,,
Is this thy Kindness to tby Friend ? 2 Sam. xri. 17.
4 But, ah! my inmost spirit mourns ;
And well my eyes with tears may swim,
To think of my perverse returns ;-min!

I've been a faithless friend to him.
5 Often my gracious friend I grieve, for

Neglect, distrust, and disobey'; .
And often Satan's lies believe :

Sooner than all my friend can say. :? 6 [He bids me always freely come, ,

And promises whate'er I ask :-
But I am straiten’d, cold, and dumb,

And count my privilege å task... 7 Before the world, that hates his cause, My treach'rous heart bas throbb'd with shame;

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