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Loth to forego the world's applause,

I hardly dare avow his name.]
8 Sure, were not I most vile and base,

I could not thụs my friend requite! ,
And were not he the God of grace, .
He'd frown and spurn me from his sight.

NEWTON. 170 (22 P.) L.M. Gloucester 12. Fawcett 184. Christ the Friend never to be forgotten. KniShNU*s*Hymn. 10 THOU, my soul, forget no more ;'

The friend who all thy mis’ry bore; Let ev'ry idol be forgot, ...," tulis

But, O my soul, forget Him not!
2 Brumhut for thee a body takes, !.

Thy guilt assumes, thy fetters breaks,
Discharging all thy dreadful debt;=

And canst thou e'er such love forget ? * 3 Renounce thy works and ways with grief,

And fly to this most sure relief;
Nor Him forget who left his throne,,,";

And for thy life gave up his own. ';,?
4 Infinite truth and mercy shine . ;!

In Him, and he himself is thine;
And canst thou then, with sin beset,

Such charms, such matchless charms, forget? I 6 Ah! no-till life itself depart, wordt

His name shall cheer and warm my heart; i
And, lisping this, from earth I'll rise,

And join the chorus of the skies. ) 6 Ah! no—when all things else expire, o 1

And perish in the general fire, i tij!!, • Krishnu was the first Hindoo baptized in Bengal, who became a useful preacher of the Gospel, and died kuppily, This Hymn was given' out by the late dear Mr. Ward, at the close of the last sermon he preached at Carter Lane.

+ The Hindoo name of THE ONE God; In singing it mây be exchanged for the word JESUS, Isibil!

ESUS, me I long the ni

This name all' others shall survive, i

And through eternity shall live. . . 171 L.M. Portugal 97. Bramcoate 8.

Gift of God, Jolin 111. 16. 2 Cor. ix. 15. . 1 JESUS, my love, my chief delight,

e For thee I long, for thee I pray, • Amid the shadows of the night,

Amid the business of the day!
* 2 When shall I see thy smiling face,

That face which I have often seen?
Arise, thou Sun of Righteousness!

Scatter the clouds that intervene. it 3 Thou art the glorious gift of God

To sinners weary and distrest; ; ' • The first of all his gifts bestow'd,'

And certain pledge of all the rest. 4 Could I but say this gift is mine,

I'd tread the world beneath my feet;
Ņo more at poverty repine,

Nor envy the rich sinner's state..!; 5 The precious jewel I would keep,

And lodge it deep within my heart;'!
At home, abroad, awake, asleep, ...
It never should from thence depart ! !

. ..? ! BEDDOME. 172 (1st P.) C. M. Oxford 177. Newbury 132.

Head of the Churcb, Ephesians ir. 15, 16. . 1 JESUS, I sing thy matchless grace, '.

That calls a worm thy own;
Gives me among thy saints a place

To make thy glories known. 2 Allied to thee, our vital Head,

, We act, and grow, and thrive : ,'' From thee divided, each is dead.

in When most he seems alive.
3 Thy saints on earth, and these above,

Here join in sweet accord: .in

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One body all in mutual love it, ani

And thou our common Lord. Job?.
4 Oh, may my faith each hour derive

Thy Spirit with delight; " "
While death and hell in vain shall'strive

This bond to disünitelu ba 5 Thou the whole body wilt present 117. Before thy Father's face!" debit

Nor shallia wrinkle or a spot 4 ) C I . Its beauteous form disgrace. -, . *;;'

ettiin," ;, '-, PR. DODDRIDDE. 172 (24 P.) L. M. Angel's Hymn 60. Mark's 65.

Christ our Hiding Place. 1 H AIL, sovereign Love, that laid the plan

1. To save apostate fallen man .. Hail, matchless, free, eternal Graçe, T

That gave my soul a hiding-place. ; ;
2 Against the God that rules the sky

I fought with hand uplifted high;, i
Despis'd the mention of his grace,

Secure, without a hiding-place.
3 Enwrapt in thick Egyptian night,

And fond of darkness more than light,
Madly I ran the sinful race, R T :

Too proud to seek a hiding-place,
4 But thus th' eternal council ran, un

Almighty grace arrest that man;
I felt my guilty, ruin'd case,

A .
And found I had 10 hiding-place...
* 5 Indignant Justice stood in view;

To Sinai's fiery mount I flew; 117
But Justice cried, with frowning face,
. This inountain is no hiding-place.'' ist'l
6 Ere long a heav'nly voice I heard, I

And mercy's angel-form appear’d;
ç. She led me on, with steadfast pace, -*

· To Jesus, as my hiding-placé. : *1316,

7 On him the tenfold vengeance fell,

That would have sunk a world to hell;
He bore it for the chosen race,

And thus became their hiding-place."
8. A few more rolling suns, at most, ...!
Will land me on fair Canaan's coast;
There I shall sing the song of grace, p

Adoring Christ, my hiding-place, BREWER. 173 C. M. Liverpool 83. Trish 171.75

Jesus— Precious to them that believe, 1 Pet. ii, 7. . 1 JESUS, I love thy charming name,

Tiş music to my ear; !'I
Fain 'would I sound it so aloud

That earth and heaven might hear.
Yes, thou art precious to my soul !

My transport and my trust: ... liidu
Jewels to thee are gaudy toys, ...?

And gold is sordid dust."
3 All my capacious powers can wish, ;

In thee doth richly meet; "",
Nor to my eyes is light so dear

Nor friendship half so sweet.
4 Thy grace shall dwell upon my heart,

And shed its fragrance there;
The noblest balm of all its wounds,

The cordial of its care. . , 6 I'll speak the honours of thy name

With my last lab'ring breath; ; ;
And, dying, clasp thee in my arms—

The antidote of death. DR. DONDRIDGE, 173 (24 P.) L. M. Paul's 246.;..

· "The blessed JEsus a JEW.. !!! How is it that thou, being a Jew ? &c. John iv. 9. 1 COME, Abram's sons, Messiah view, .

Cloth'd in the body of a JEW , • Sung at the close of a Sermon preached to the Jews, in Church Street, Spitalfields, by Dr. Rogon Rom. X, 1,

This Jew, Jehoyah Tsidkénu * *, Boris

Became the son of Mary too. prill 2 This Jew, your Ehjeh, the I AM,

Was Isr'el's bleeding Paschal Lamb,
And he their Serpent lifted high,,* Host &

That none who look to him should die. I 3 He by his Cloud all Isr’el led, "?;!;!

All Isr'el with his Manna fed: til
He did the Jordan’s Waves divide," : "

And land his flock on Canaan's 4 This Jew shall say, Come, come, ye bless'd,

To others say, Départ, ye curs d * **
And HE, the heavensadoring-own)
Your KING_MESSIAH on his throne.

PAUSE. Coombs's 45.""} 5 Hear Abra’m, Isaac, Jacob too,

Adore the God, the exalted Jew;
Thus Moses, David, Solomon,

With all the saints around the throne. 6 To him the called tribes shall turn,

Their millions look on him, and mourn; "And all who on his Cross rely,

O happy souls! shall never die. , ;
7 Then praise, O Jacob's favour'd race,

Your Abra’m's God, the God of grace
Till all the earth, and seas, and skies,

In your enraptur'd concert rise. i'? 174 7s. Turin 214. Feversham 220.

IMMANUEL, Matt. i. 23. 1 Tim. iii. 16. 1 COD with us ! O glorious name! !

a Let it shine in endless fame : .: God and man in Christ unite:

Oh, mysterious depth and height! • The Lord our righteousness, Jer, xxxiii. 61 204 . .

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