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4 Whatever distress awaits us below,

Such plentiful grace will Jesus bestów,
As still shall support us, and silence our fear;

For nothing can burt us while Jesus is neår. 5 When troubles attend, or danger or strife,

His love will defend and guard us thro’ life: And when we are fainting, and ready to die, Whatever is wanting his hand will supply.

: :singin,' FAWCETT.

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151 8s. New Jerusalem 230. Uxbridge 161.

The unsearchable Riches of Christ, Eph. ili. 8. 1 H OW shall I my Saviour set forth? 'ns

11 How shall I his beauties declare?
O how shall I speak of his worth,. '.
• Or what his chief dignities are ?
His angels can never express,, 'n dotaz

Nor saints who sit nearest his throne,
How rich are his treasures of grace :- 1.

No! This is a mystry unknown. 44.. 2 In him, all the fulness of God: ;

For ever transcendently shines; ... Tho' once like a mortal he stood !

To finish his gracious desigus : Tho' once he was nail'd to the cross,

Vile rebels like me to set free, His glory sustained no loss,

Eternal his kingdom shall be.''
3. His wisdom, his love and his power,

Seem'd then 'with each other to vie,
When sinners he stoopid to restore,
.' Poor sinners, condemned to die !
He laid all his grandeur aside, .

And dwelt in a cottage of clay-
Poor sinners he lov'd till he died

To wash their pollutions away.. 4 O sinners, believe and adore,

This Saviour, so rich to redeem !

No creature can ever explore . ?

The treasures of goodness in him : Come, all ye who see yourselves lost,

And feel yourselves burden’d with sin, Draw near, while with terror you're toss'd,

Believe, and your peace shall begin. ;. 6 Now, sinners, attend to his call,

Whoso hath an ear let him hear, .. ., He promises mercy to all

Who feel their sad wants, far and near: He riches has ever in store,

And treasures that never can waste : Here's pardon, here's grace ; yea, and more,

Here's glory eternal at last. :', ';

152 L.M. Kingsbridge 88. "Portugal 97.

The Intercession of Christ, Heb? vif. 25.
1. HE lives ! the great Redeemer lives !

II (What joy the blest assurance gives !)
And now, before his Father God,

Pleads the full merit of his blood. '.si 2 Repeated crimes awakè our fears,.

And justice arm'd with frowns appears;
But in the Saviour's lovely face"

Sweet mercy smiles, and all is peace. 's it 3 Hence, then, ye black despairing thoughts !

Above our fears, aboye our faults, sit · His powerful intercessions rise;

And guilt recedes, and terror dies. 4 In every dark distressful'hour,

When sin and Satan join their power,
Let this dear hope repel the dart,..,

That Jesus bears us on his heart
5 Great Advocate, almighty Friend bindi

On him our humble hopes depend : .. .
Our cause can never, never fail, sé

For Jesus pleads, and must prevail. 'STEELE. 153 C. M. Newbury 132. Charleston 195.

Christ's Intercession prevalent, John xvii. 24.
1 A WAKE, sweet gratitude ! and sing

A Th' ascended Saviour's love:""}
Sing how he lives to carry on .

His people's cause above.', se
2 With cries and tears, he offer'd up ;:

His humble suit below; :
But with authority he asks, L iis

Enthron’d in glory now.
3 For all that come to God by him, ..

Salvation he demands;
· Points to their names upon his breast,

And spreads his wounded hands,
4 His sweet atoning sacrifice .".
. Gives sanction to his claim ;...;

Father, I will that all my saints

Be with me where I am:
5 By their salvation, recompense :.

The sorrows. I endur'd; . .
Just to the merits of thy Son, s.

And faithful to thy word. 'n .6 Eternal life, at his request, ".

To every saint is given:
Safety below, and, after death, '.

The plenitude of heaven. 7 [Founded on right, thy prayer avails; ,

The Father smiles on thee;
And now, thou in thy kingdom art,

Dear Lord, Remember me.
8 Let the much incense of thy prayer ☺

In my behalf ascend; ;...

And, as its virtue, so my praise ,' . .. Shall never, never end.] : TOPLADY.

154 C. M, Michael's 119. Elim 151. Christ's Intercession typified by Aaron's Breastplate,

. Exodus xxviii. 29., ...;..
N OW let our cheerful eyes survey

Our great High-priest above,
And celebrate bis constant care i

And sympathetic love. rii 2 Tho' rais'd to a superior throne, in

e'' Where angels bow around,
· And high o’er all the shining train,...

With matchless honours crown'd;
3 The names of all his saints he bears,

Deep graven on his heart; . " Nor shall the meanest Christian say

That he hath lost his part
*. 4 Those characters shall fair abide, -

Our everlasting trust, '..
When gems, and monuments, and crowns,

Are moulder'd down to dụst.'
5 So, gracious Saviour ! on my breast

May thy dear name be worn, ii • A sacred ornament and guard,..

To endless ages borne ! DR. DODDRIDGE.

155 C. M. Bedford 91. Ann's 58.
Christ's Admonition to Peter under approaching Trials, and

Intercession for bim, Luke xxii. 31, 32.
1 HOW keen the tempter's malice is!"

How artful and how great!'
Tho' not one grain shall be destroy'd,

Yet will he sift the wheat. **
2 But God can all his power control,

And gather in his chain ; ; .
And, where he seems to triumph most,

* The captive soul regain. * "3 There is a Shepherd, kind and strong, Still watchful for his sleep; wid til

Nor shall th' infernal lion rend' lo
· Whom he vouchsafes to keep.
4 Blest Jesus, intercede for us,

That we may fall no more;
O raise us when we prostrate lie;

And comfort lost restore.
5 Thy secret energy impart,

That faith may never fail;
But ’midst whole showers of fiery darts,

That temper'd shield prevail.;
6 Secur'd ourselves by grace divine,

We'll guard our brethren too;,
And, taught their frailty by our own,

Qur care of them renew. DR. DODDRIDGE.


PLACED ALPHABETICALLY. ;) 156 L.M. Mark's 65. Ulverston 179.

. Advocate, 1 John ii. 1..
THERE is my God ? does he retire.

Beyond the reach of humble sighs ? Are these weak breathings of desire ***" Too languid to ascend the skies ? 2 No, Lord ! the breathings of desire,

The weak petition, if sincere,..
Is not forbidden to aspire, ., . ,

But reaches thy all-gracious ear..
3 Look up, my soul, with cheerful eye,,

See where the great Redeemer stands,
The glorious Advocate on high,
With precious incense in his hands!
4 He sweetens every humble groan,

He recommends each broken prayer;
Recline thy hope on him alone,

Whose power and love forbid despair. • These characters of Christ follow one another AlphabeticallyOthers, which it was necessary to place under different heads, may be found in the Index: :

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