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A fountain which will ever run ,

With waters sweet and clear ? ..'. 4. No good in creatures can be found in i But may be found in thee;

. I must have all things, and abound, is

While God is God to me. Wij 5 Ob, that I had a stronger faith, ;; ? * To look within the veil ; *

To credit what my Saviour saith,"..
! Whose word can never fail ! E i
6 He, that has made my heaven secure, -..

Will here all good provide ; ,??!
While Christ is rich, can I be poor?"

What can I want beside ? 17h;! 7 O LORD! I cast my care on thee ; ?

I triumph and adore: .
Henceforth my great concern shall be
To love and please thee more.!'. ?'
;;ne .

DRRYLAND. 249 L. M. Martin's Lane 67. Langdon 217.

I Love to Christ, present or absent. 10F all the joys we mortals know,

Jesus, thy love exceeds the rest!
Love the best blessing here below,

The nearest image of the blest.
12 While we are held in thy embrace, ')':

There's not a thought attempts to rove;
Each smile upon thy beauteous' face : 5

Fixes, and charms, and fires our love.
3 While of thy absence we complain, ?

And long or weep in all we do, .
There's a strange pleasure in the pain'; ?

And tears have their own sweetness too.
4 When round thy courts by day we rove,

Or ask the watchmen of the night, .
For some kind tidings of thy love, sevi;

Thy very name creates

5 Jesus, our God, yet rather come! :;

Our eyes would dwell upon thy face;
'Tis best to see our LORD at home, ! !
And feel the presence of his grace. it

viii, DR. WATTS'S LYRICS. 250 *. 7s. Cookham 36." Alcester 213.

Sic Lovest thou me ? John xxi. 16. B
I 'TIS a point I long to know,

to Oft it causes anxious thought - 1
! Do I love the Lord, or no? !
• Am I his, or am I not?p. I
.2 If I love, why am I thus ? 500

Why this dull and lifeless frame? 10
Hardly, sure, cạn they be worse

Who have never heard his name. T
3 [Could my heart so hard remain;
Prayer a task and burthen prove;y T &
Every trifle give me pain, a r i fins

If I knew a Saviour's love ? vidis
4 When I turn my eyes within,'... !

All is dark, and vain, and wild; i lg
Fill’d with unbelief and sin; i , m.

Can I deem myself a child ?), hol
5 If I pray, or hear, or read, ac mi

Sin is mix'd with all I do; sing bisa
You that love the Lord indeed, str.

Tell me, is it thus, with you ? : B 6 Yet I'mourn my stubborn will, - Find my sin a grief and thirall::." AO. ir Should I grieve for what I feel, rin If I did not love at all ? j y ?!

Could I joy his saints to meet'; is.
Choose the ways I once abhorr’d';:.;D

Find, at times, the promise sweet ;-;
--]f I did not love the LORD? ; : ;".

8. LORD, decide the doubtful case! :: op!";} / Thou, who art thy people's sun,

Shine upon thy work of grace, . ?.

If it be indeed begun.'
9 Let me love thee more and more,

If I love åt all, I pray!
t' If I have not lov'd before,

Help me to begin to-day: NEWTON, 251 L M, Lebanon 79. Could's 272.

Désiring to love Cbrist. Die! 1 MOME, let me love ! or is my mind

Hardend to stone, or froze to ice?
I see the blessed fair one bend, siis

And stoop t' embrace me from the skies. 2 Oh! 'tis a thought would melt a rock,

And make a heart of iron move,
That those sweet lips, that heavenly look,

Should seek and wish a mortal love! i;
3 I was 'a traitor doom'd to fire,"\/!.;'.

Bound to sustain eternal pains ;:"","
He flew on wings of strong desire,

Assum'd my guilt, and took my chains ! 4 Infinite grace! almighty charms !

Stand in amaze, ye rolling skies ! "
JESUS, the God, extends bis armis-

Hangs on a cross of love, and dies... 5 Did pity ever stoop so low, ini

Dress'd in divinity and blood ? , !"
Was ever rebel courted so wli

In groans of an expiring Gon?;};
6 Again he lives ! and spreads his hands-
Hands that were nail'd to torturing smart;
By these dear wounds ! says lie, and stands,

And prays to clasp me to his heart. .
7 Sure I must love; or are my ears';.

Still deaf, nor will my passions move?
Lord ! melt this flinty heart to teats
This heart shall yield to death or love.'


252 (Ist P.)C.M. Sprague 166. Brighton 208.

Profession of Love to Christ.
1 AND have I, CHRIST, no love for thee,

h No passion for thy charms ?,
No wish my Saviour's face to see,

And dwell within his arms ? . , 2 Is there no spark of gratitude

In this cold heart of mine,
To him whose generous bosom glow'd,

With friendship all divine?
3 Can I pronounce his charming name,

His acts of kindness tell; his info
And, while I dwell upon the threme,

No sweet emotion feel ?. : ngiti 4 Sugh base ingratitude as this ini

What heart but must detest breas:?'
Sure Christ deserves the noblest place

In every human breast, i'ers,
5 A very wretch, LORD! I should prove,

Had I ng love for thee : SMS C
Rather than not my Saviour love, i':

() may I cease to be! DR, S. STENNETT.

252 (20 P.) S. M. Ryland 48. Stoke 207.

Desiring to lore Christ more.
I THOU good and gracious LÖRD, -

Whom I unseen adore ;' 0"
But if thy love has reach'd my heart, .

I fain would love thee
2 Of all the things in hell,' ! Pinis

Not to love thee is worst;""
Fill'd with thy love, among the damnd,

I could not be accurs'di'... 3 Of all the things in heav'n,

The love of Christ is best; .
And till this bliss to me is giy'n,"

I cannot, will not, rest. DR. RYLAND.

253 86. Uxbridge 161. New' Jerusalem 230.

.: Lock 49.: .,";":

. Supreme Love to Christ. I 1 M Y gracious Redeemer I love!

His praises aloud I'll proclaim,
. And join with the armies above

To shout his adorable name: ".
To gaze on his glories divine s'

Shall be my eternal employ,
- And feel them incessantly shine, is

My boundless ineffable joy. " ?
2 He freely, redeem'd, with his blood,
My soul from the 'confines of hell,
To live on the smiles of 'my God,
And in his sweet presence to dwell;
To shine with the angels of light,
With saints and with seraphs to sing;
To view, with eternal delight,"
My Jesus, my Saviour, my King.
3 In Meshech, as yet I reside, ilir

A darksome and restless abode ! ! eski Molested with foes on each side,',

And longing to dwell with my God :
Oh, when shall my spirit exchange i
This cell of corruptible clay
For mansions celestial, and ranges i

Thro' realms of ineffable day!,
4 [My glorious Redeemer! I long ;

To see thee descend on the cloud, i
Amidst the bright numberless throng
And mix with the triumphing crowd:
Oh, when wilt thou bid me ascend, ...,
To join in thy praises above,
To gaze on thee, world without end,

And feast on thy ravishing love?]
5 [Nor sorrow, nor sickness, nor pain, -

Nor sin, nor temptation, nor fear, ..


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