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His promise is Yea and Ameni i

And never was forfeited yet :' ;
Things future, nor things that are now

Not all things below nor above,
Can make him his purpose forego, in

Or sever my soul from his love.
3 My name from the palms of his hands

Eternity will not erase ;
Impressid on his heart it remains !

In marks of indelible grace: illi
Yes! I to the end shall endure, ,nie

As sure as the earnest is giv'n;
More happy, but not more secure,

The glorified spirits in heaven. TOPLÁDY.

1st P.) S. M. Mount Ephraim 185.

...Salem New 99. res. i Weak believers encouraged. . I VOUR harps, ye trembling saints, Coi: Down from the willows take; Loud to the praise of Christ our Lord.

Bidi every string awake.. . . . 2 Tho' in a foreign land. ;. :,.

We are not far from home: 1 A
And nearer to our house above

We every moment come... ! 3- His grace shall to the end

Stronger and brighter shine ;
Nor present things, nor things to come, I

Shall quench the spark divine, a
4 The time of love will come, ini.

When we shall clearly seeko
Not only that he shed his blood, " T

But each shall say, For me. .. 5 Tarry his leisure, then, . Wait, th' appointed hour; Bavel Wait, till the bridegroom of your souls :

:-,6 : Blest is the man, O God!. ... :

That stays himself on thee!

Who waits for thy salvation, Lord !
.! Shall thy salvation see. Siis 1
224 (24 P.) Claybury 310. Carey's 11: :

Encouragement to believe in Christ.
I TF all the sins that men have done,'·

In will, in word, in thought, in deed;
Since worlds were made, or time begap;
Were laid on one poor sinner's head;
The stream of Jesus' precious blood, ..!

Apply’d, removes the dreadful load. ;
2 Then hear, ye trembling sinners, hear,

Th’inviting voice of Christ, and live;
· With humble confidence draw near, i

For he commands you to believe;
Believe and fly to him alone,

· Believe, and heav'n is all your own. Sit 225 L.M. Kingsbridge 88. Magdalene 214. Faith connected with Salvation, Rom. 1. 16. Heb. X. 39.

NOT by the laws of innocence ?

- Can Adam's sons arrive at heaven! New works can give us no pretence

To have our ancient sins forgiven: il
2 Not the best deeds that we have done

Can make a wounded conscience whole
Faith is the grace,-ånd faith alone,

That flies to Christ, and saves the soul.'
3 Lord, I believe thy heavenly word !

Fain would I have my soul renew'd: 11. .
I mourn for sin, and trust the Lord!)

To have it pardon'd and subdu’d. ll.
4 O may thy grace its power display!

Let guilt and death ino longer reign ;. 3
Save me in thine appointed way,

Nor let my humble faith be vain!'. ,.,;

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226 (1st P.) c. M. Bedford 91.". Brightheim

S istone 208. Si voulu Being in the fear of God all the Day long, Prov. xxiii. 17. 1 THRICE happy souls, whơ barn from heav'n,

1 While yet they sojourn here, Humbly begin their days with God, I

: And spend them in his fear. Hin 2 So may our eyes with holt zeal.!!

Prevent the dawning day ! ! And turn the sacred pages b'er, 1.

And praise thy name, and pray.
3 ’Midst hourly cares, may love present |

Its incense to thy throne
And, while the world our hands employs,

Our hearts be thine alone in it 4 As sanctified to noblest ends

! Be each refreshment sought; . And, by each various providence, bt.I was .67.. Sonié wise instruction brought!..':''. i 5 When to laborious duties dall'a. s . I

Or by temptations tried, 542.018)
We'll seek the shelter of thy wing's,' "!
- And in thy strength confide.dibil
6 As different scenes of life arise, ".

Our grateful hearts would be
With thee, amidst the social band," "..
In 'solitude with thee..."..
T 7,:

Brin Line 7 At night, we lean our weary heads,

On thay paternal breast;... TISHA, And, safely folded in thine arms, s iis

Resign our pow'rs to rest. los 8 In solid pure delights like these, in

Let all my days be past ; 's ? ? Nor shall I then impatient wishy is is' "" .*Nor shall I fear, the last. DR, DODDRIDGE,

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226 (20 P.) $. M. Mount Ephraim 185.

,,Eagle Street New 55.'.

Practical Religion, or a day well spent, 's: 1 TET pray'r and praise ascend, v

* When morning gives the light; And pray’r and praise like incense rises

And hallow ev'ry night. .! !
2 Peruse the heav'nly page

Of truth and grace divine ;
And mark the footsteps of your Lord,,,

Through which the Gospel shine.
3 Assist your fellow men,',

And most your fellow saints ;
Redress their wrongs, relieve their wants,

And pity their complaints.
4. Maintain a constant guard.".0

And wakeful be your eyes)
Quick to discover every sing, ..

In ev'ry fair disguise. cad.
5 Let all terrene concerns above, but

With vigour be pursu'd with it)
Nor let devotion on the hours

Si Of industry intrude. Presult 6 Let thouglits of God and heav'nin?

Your labours sanctify, id; .
And oft your sacred wishes breathe , &

In whispers to the sky. - Tiller
7 A life thús well improv'd'!! :-

With blessings shall abound; T With balmy gales and smiling raysune bo

Its ev’ning shall be crown'd .

227 c

7 C. M. Stamford 9. Hammond 226.

Bath Chapel 26, Fear of God united with love, Prov. xlv. 26. 1 HAPPY beyond description, he .

LL Who fears the Lord his Godzi

Who hears his threats with holy awe,

And trembles at his rod. 2 Fear, sacred passion, ever dwells . With its fair partner, love; in

Blending their beauties, both proclaim

· Their source is from above,
3 Let terrors fright th' unwilling slave,

The child with joy appears ;
Cheerful he does his father's will,

And, loves as much as fears.'
4 Let fear, and love, most holy God!

Possess this soul of mine ;
Then shall I worship thee aright,

And taste thy joys divine. NEEDHAM.

228 C. M. Michael's 119. Follett 181..

Holy Fortitude, 1 Cor. xvi. 13..... 1 AM I a soldier of the cross,.

A follower of the Lamb? :;..
And shall I fear to own his cause,

Or blush to speak his name?
2 Must I be carried to the skies':;...;

On flowery beds of ease;
While others fought to win the prize,

And sail'd thro' bloody seas !
3 Are there no foes for me to face ? ;.;

Must I not stem the flood ? : :
Is this vile world a friend to grace, .

To help me on to God?
4 Sure I must fight, if I would reign;

Increase my courage, Lord ! ...,
I'll bear the toil, endure the pain,

Supported by thy word.'; iii. 5 Thy saints, in all this glorious war,

Shall conquer tho’ they die : : . per a
They see the triumph from afar, id.

And seize it with their

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