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6 When that illustrious day shall rise .

And all thy armies shine
In robes of victory thro' the skies, ".!!

The glory shall be thine. ,! Mi is in es t , i f*DR, WATTS’S SEKMONS. 229 L. M. Chard 175. Ailie Street 241,

: 26:, Gravity and Decency. ph 1 PEHOLD the Sons, the heirs of God,

D So dearly bought with Jesus, blood ! Are they not born to heavenly joys? I i.

And shall they stoop to earthly toys?;*
2 Can laughter feed th' immortal mind?

Were spirits of celestial kinds
Made for a jest, for sport, and play ,

To wear out time, and waste the day?
3 Doth vain discourse, or empty mirth,' )

Well suit the honours of their birth?
Shall they be fond of gay attire,

Whịch children love, and fools, admire ? 10 • 4 What if we wear the richest vest,

Peacocks and flies are better drest; ,
This flesh, with all its gaudy forms,
Must drop to dust, and feed the worms.
5 Lord, raise our hearts and passions higher !

Touch our vain souls with sacred fire;
Then, with a heav'n-directed eye,

We'll pass these glittering trifles by..
6 We'll look on all the toys below:

With such disdain as angels do ; ;'
And wait the call that bids us rise".
To mapsións promis'd in the skies. C.??


230 L. M. Kingsbridge 88. Gould's' 272.

! . Hope set beforo us.''"'IN!" 1 AND be it so that, till this hour, .. n We never knew what faith has meant ; 78 And, slaves to sin and Satan's power, 24


Have never felt these hearts relent. A
2 What shall we do?-shall we lie down,

Sink in despair, and groan, and die ?
Evo And, sunk beneath the Almighty's frown,

Not glance one cheerful hope on high ? 3 Forbid it, Saviour ! 'to thy grace.

As sinners, strangers, we will come ;

Among thy saints we ask a place,
! For in thy mercy there is room.
4 Lord, we believe! Oh, chase away."

The gloomy clouds of unbelief that
Lord, we repent! Oh, let thy rayi OS

Dissolve our hearts in sacred grief! 5 Now-spread the banner of thy love,

And let us know that we are thine
Cheer us with blessings from above,
With all the joys of hope divine ! Ils

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231 (Ist P.) L.M. Chard 175. New Court 173.

Hope in Darkness. 21000599 10 GOD, my sun, thy blissful rays in

Can warm, rejoice, and guide my heart! How dark, how mournful are my days, "191 If thy enlivening beams depart! 2 Scarce thro’ the shades a glimpse of day

Appears to these desiring eyes!q IEV
But shall my drooping spirit say, O

The cheerful morn will never rise ?
3 Oh, let me not despairing mourn! À

Tho' gloomy darkness spreads the sky, My glorious sun will yet return, "And night with all its horrors fly. 40, for the bright, the joyful day, I

When hope shall in fruition die !

So tapers lose their feeble ray de I

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.23128 P.) 148th. Carmarthen. Newp-35.

Who can tell ? or, hoping against Hope, Jonah ju, 0.
1. GREAT GOD! to thee I'll make
jin My griefs and sorrows, known
And with a humble hope

Approach thine awful throne ilm
Tho' by my sins deserving hell,, H

I'll not despair ;---for, who can tell?
2 To thee, who by a word die IST

My drooping soul canst cheer, /
And by thy Spirit form, Lea

: Thy glorious image there IT
My foes subdue, my fears dispel

I'll daily' seek ;--for, who can tell ?
3 Endanger'd or distrest, ..:
. To thee alone I'll


Implore thy powerful help,

And at thy footstool lie;,
My case bemoan, my wants reveal,

And patient wait;-for, who can tell ?
4 My heart misgives me oft,

And conscience storms within ;
One gracious look from thee.. 1;.!

Will make it all serene 261
Satan suggests that I must dwell !

In endless fámes ;—but, who can tell ?
5 Vile unbelief, begone; . . "

Ye doubts, fly swift away ;':: !"
God hath an ear to hear, it !!

While I've a heart to pray;' ? If he be mine, all will be well. 186/? - For ever 80 ; and who can tell ? - BEDDOME.

: PAUSE. 17 h odin
6 No more let us despond, 1, 1 (263(0

Enquiring who can tell ??ki
For in the sacred word ... 1 )
* The question's answered well;"

That all who come to Christ shall beat

Say'd now, and through eternity?:)

2328.8.6Westbury Leigh 278. 'Leach 290.
Hoping and Longing, Numb. xiii. 30. Deut. ilí. 26.
1 COME, Lord! and help us to rejoice, .

In hope that we shall hear thy voice,
Shall one day see our God;
Shall cease from all our painful strife,..
Handle and taste the Word of Life,

And feel the sprinkled blood. **:?!
2 Let us not always make our moan,
Nor worship thee, a God unknown;

But let us live to prove
Thy people's rest, thy saints' delight,
The length and breadth, the depth and height,

Of thy redeeming love."
3 Rejoicing now in earnest hope,
• We stand, and from the mountain-top

See all the land below;"
Rivers of milk and honey rise,".
And all the fruits of Paradise !

. In 'endless plenty grow : " ,
4 A land of corn, and wine, and oil,
Favour'd with God's peculiar smile,

With every blessing blest;
There dwells the Lord, our Righteousness,
And keeps his own in perfect peace

And everlasting rest. :; !i.
5 Oh, when shall we at once go up!
Nor this side Jordan longer stop, i

But the good land possess;

When shall we end our ling'ring years,
. Our sorrows, sins, and doubts, and fears,

A howling wilderness ?
6 O dearest Joshua ! bring us in; in
Display thy grace, forgive our sin,

Our unbelief remove; il
The heavenly Canaan, Lord ! divide;
And, oh, with all the sanctified, i!!!

Give us a lot of love! T,"js!

233 (Ist P.)L, M. Portugal 97. Wareham 117.; Hope encouraged by a View of the Divine Perfections

1 Sam. xxx. B... Pen i s 1 W HY sinks my weak desponding mind ?

" Why heaves my heart the anxious sigh? ., Can sovereign goodness be unkind ?

Am I not safe if God is nigh ?
2 He holds all nature in his hand-

That gracious hand on which I live,
Doth life, and time, and death command,

And has immortal joys to give. I love
3 'Tis he supports this fainting frame; I I
On him alone my hopes recline;, ..
The wondrous glories of his name,

How wide they spread, how bright they shine ! 4 Infinite wisdom! boundless power!: "1

Unchanging faithfulness and love! ?
Here let me trust, while I adore,

Nor from my refuge.e’er remove it ! 5 My God, if thou art mine indeed, it!!

Then have I all my heart can crave; un
A present help in times of need;

Still kind to hear, and strong to save.
6 Forgive my doubts, O gracious Lord!

And ease the sorrows, of my breast; • Speak to my heart the healing word,

That thou art mine--and I am blest. - STEELE. 233 (20 P.) L. M. Luton 30, Rowles 73. Determination to hope in the Divine Mercy, Ps. cxlvii. 11. 1 SINCE through the heaven-inspired lines

W Mercy with signal splendour shines, ...
Help me, O Lord, to read and pray,' ;,

And drive desponding thoughts away."..
2 Thy mercy pardons crying sins, it is

And washes out the deepest stains ; i
'Tis free, and to the vilest given .
The vilest out of hell and heaven.

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