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3 Then why should T, bow'd down with pains.

Relinquish all my hope as vainas sisse.
Live without Christ, restraining pray'r,

Then sink and die in deep despair!?
4 Not fly ye unbelieving fears ; '!..
· Mercy through Christ shall wipe my téars,
Good' hope has here its fullest
Lord, in thy mercy, I WILL hope. T.. .!!

234 L M. New Sabbath 122. Langdon 217. Happy Poverty; or, the Poor in Spirit blessed, Matthew 1.3. 1 YE humble souls, complain no more

Let faith survey your future store : :") How happy, how divinely blest;" : 50* 5!! !: The sacred words of truth attest. . 11 ti. 2 When conscious grief laments sincepe itu? 1.

And pours the penitential tear;cua trusting
Hope points, to your dejected eyes, i t !

The bright reversion in the skies. 11. IK 3 In vain the sons of wealth and prider

Despise your lot, your hopes deride; 2
In vain they boast their little stores; sina

Trifles are theirs, a kingdom yours. i. 3 4 A kingdom of immense delight, sig

Where health, and peace, and joy unite,
Where undeclining pleasures rise,

And every wish hath full supplies : **5 A kingdom, which can ne'er decay, . While time sweeps earthly thrones away. i The state, which power and truth sustain, i

Unmov'd for ever must remain."
6 There shall your eyes with rapture view":

The glorious friend that died for you; "
That died to ransom, died to raise

To crowns of joy and songs of praise. ".
7 Jesus, to thee I breathe my prayer! :.

Reveal, confirm my interest there: '!'
Whate'er my humble lot below,.,.

This, this my soul desires to know !

8 Oh, let mb-hear that voide divine s-'s' U'IL

Pronounce the glorious blessing mine /
Enroll d among the happy poor, **,

My largest wishes ask no more.] : STEELE. 235

C. M. Bangor 231. Wantage 204. i
C. M.

Humble Pleadings for
T I ORD, at thy feet we sinnets ke, !

And knock at mercy's door ; ,
With heavy heart and dowņcast eye,

Thy favour we implore.
2 [On us, the vast extent display:

. Of thy forgiving loye;,
Take all our heinous guilt away,

w h y
· This heavy load remove,
3 We sink, with all this weight oppress'd,.,

Sink down to death and hell;
Oh, give our troubled spirits rest,

Our numerous fears dispel.] ... 4 'Tis mercy, mercy, we implore; :

U may thy bowels move!
Thy grace is an exhaustless store,
And thou thyself art love.

"Oo nel

. 5 Oh, for thy ówn, for. Jesus" sake," .

C oll .

Our many sins forgive !"
Thy grace our rocky hearts can break;

* And, breaking, soon relieve. -* .6. Thus melt us down, thus make us bend, G3

And thy dominion own; sino
Nor let a rival more pretend
To repossess thy throne.

i n . 236 L. M. Ulverston 179. Rippon's 188.

The humble Publican, Luke xviii. 13. 1 LORD! with a griev'd and aching heart,

1 To thee I look-to thee I cry; Supply my wants, and ease my smart; i Oh, help me soon, or else I die.

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ed in humility:

2 Here, on my soul, a burden lies lai ;?

No buman power can it remove; v sestai My numerous sins like mountains rise!. :: Do thou reveal thy pardoning love. .' 3 Break off these adamantine chains ;, ,

From cruel bondage set me free ; )
Rescue from everlasting pains,... i

And bring me safe to heaven and thee, BEDDOME. 237 7s. Alcester 213.". Cookham 36.

- "A Prayer for Humility.
I LORD, if thou thy grace impart,"

U Poor in spirit, meek in heart, b, 198
I shall, as my Master be, ne
Rooted in humility : ****
2 Simple, teachable, and mild, ***

" Chang'd into a little child.i. Pleas’d with all the Lord provides ; Wean'd from all the world besides.": 3 Father, fix my soul on thee;":

Every evil let me flee; ;';
Nothing want, beneath, above,-..

Happy in thy precious love.
4 Oh, that all may seek and find ,

Every good in Jesus join'd!"..
Him let Israel still adore,

Trust him, praise him evermore. MADAN'S COLL. 238 L.M.. Old Hundred 100. Chard 175.

Rejoicing in God, Jer, ix. 23, 24. ... I THE righteous Lord, supremely great,

1 Maintains his universal state ; . O’er all the earth his power extends;

All heaven before his footstool bends. .
2 Yet justice still with power presides, .,

And mercy all his empire guides ; ;
Mercy and truth are his delight,
And saints are lovely in his sight. : ;

3 No more, ye wise! your wisdom boast; !

No more, ye strong! your yalour trust;
No more, ye rich! survey your store,

Elate with heaps of shining ore;
4 Glory, ye saints, in this alone,--...

That God, your God, to you is known ; si

That you have own'd his sovereign sway,
. :'That you have felt his cheering ray.', ''
5 Our wisdom, wealth, and power, we find •

In one Jehovah, all combined;
On him we fix our roving eyes,"??..., II

And all our souls in raptures rise. . ' 6 All else, which we our treasure call,'

May in one fatal moment fall;, it is
But what their happiness can move,...
Whom God, the blessed, deigns to love ?!


239 S. M. Salem New 99. Mansfield 154. Rejoicing in the Ways of God, Psalm cxxxviii: 5. Now let our voices join ;

To form a sacred song;
Ye pilgrims in Jehovah's ways,

With music pass along.
2 How strait the path appears, i

How open and how fair!
• No lurking gins t' entrap our feet; .;

No fierce destroyer there.. .)
3 But flowers of paradise Fli

In rich profusion spring;
The sun of glory gilds the path, : -

And dear companions sing.
4 : See Salem's golden spires ;

In beauteous prospect rise ;
And brighter crowns than mortals wear,

Which sparkle through the skies.
5 All honour to his name," ;!

Who marks the shining way! si!

To him who leads the wanderers on d o

To realms of endless day! DR DODDRIDGE. ... 510

0:(. 240 7s. Bath Abbey, 147, Hart's 221. is

Rejoicing in Hope, Isaiah xkxv. 10. Lake xii, 82, 7 1 CHILDREN of the heavenly King, of

As ye joumey, sweetly sing ; ,,!!!! Sing your Saviour's worthy praise, or to Glorious in his works and ways. winni 2 Ye are travelling home to God is sit

In the way the fathers trod;
They are happy now, and yet sulis bu

Soon their happiness shall seedin.cis, di 3 0 ye banish'd seed be glad i. 10 Petit!

Christ our Advocate is made; } list
Usto save, our flesh assumes,

plis 1.Brother to our souls becomes. 4 Shout, ye little flock, and blest! : • You on Jesus' throne shall rest of

There your seat is now prepar'd-ini!

There your kingdom and reward. 5 Fear not, brethren, joyful stand

On the borders of your land.!!!!!
Christ, your Father's darling Soni?

Bids you undismay'd go on. .! . 6 Lord, submissive make us go,"...

Gladly leaving all below;'
Only thou our Leader be,
And we still will follow thee ! ! CENNICK,


.) . 241 L. M. Rochford 22. Mark's 65.'

Return of Joy.

i c itate
1 W HEN darkness long has veil'd my mind

And smiling day once more appears,
Thon, my Redeemer! then I find

The folly of my doubts and fears. 11.!
2 I chide my unbelieving heart; ille :

And blush that I should ever be... 19.11

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