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grMy heart was changa; 'in that same høur

My soul confessid his mighty power:
ebooOut flowd the briny tears. Ils ont

I listen'd still to hear his voice, 19 lid od T
eynol Again he said, In me rejoice Ilusa on
Paroa Tis 14thou need'st not fear, codi bat
•104 Unworthy of the love ! I cry'd;
TIS Freely Illove, he soon reply'd, J ies

On me thy faith be staid : STT
On me for every thing depend : TIATT I
I'm JESUS, still the sinner's friend,

Thou need'st not be afraid, mobetw JESSE. 290 104th. Old Hundred and fourth 148.

Sussex 70. Portugal New 263,995

I will trust and not be afraid, Isaiah dit, 2011
1 BEGONE, unbelief! my Saviour is near,

D And, for my relief, will surely appear
By prayer let me wrestle, and he will performs

With CHRIST in the vessel, I smile at the storm.
2 Though dark be my way, since he is my guide,
'Tis mine to obey, tis his to provide: 8
Tho' cisterns be broken, and creatures all fail,
The word he has spoken shall surely prevail.
His love, in time past, forbids me to think
He'll leave me at last in trouble to sink;
Each sweet Ebenezer I have in
Confirms his good pleasure to help me quite thro'. .
wo 10

tys 2010
4 Determin?d to save, he watch'd o'er my path

When, Satan's blind slave, I sported with death;

And can he have taught me to trust in his name, (70) And thus far have brought me to put me te shame? 5. Why should I complain of want or distress, i

Temptation or pain ? he told me no less:
The heirs of salvation, I know from his word,

Thro' much tribulation must follow their Lord. 6 How bitter that cup no heart can conceive, I Which he drank quite up, that sinners might live,


His way was much rougher and darker than mine;

Did Christ, my Lord, suffer, and shall I repiñe ? 7 Since all that I meet shall work for my good,

The bitter is sweet; the medicine is foods
Tho' painful at present, 'twill cease before long,
And then, O how pleasant the conqueror's song!
the b

l ue moltoNEWTON. 291 L, M. New Sabbath 2220 Langdon 217,

True Wisdom, Prov. iii, 185-18.30 1. HAPPY the man who finds the grade.

IL The blessing of God's chosen raees A The wisdom coming from above, te uso T' 3.And faith that sweetly works by love. i OOR 2 Happy beyond description, he saava

Who knows, the Saviour dyd for me, . 4 The gift unspeakable obtains.. yogao Br Her ways are ways of pleasantness, yoq ya

And all her flow'ry paths are peace : di

Wisdom to silver we prefer, "And gold is dross compard with her. I sorts


70 t an 200 9 Sesate ai
4 He finds, who wisdom apprehends, iais ont

A life begun that never ends :
The tree of life divine she is. Sul on bro w od

Set in the midst of Paradise. ad inieotol aill
5 Happy the man who wisdom gains l e
So In whose obedient heart she reigns ;
He owns, and will for ever own,


and Wisdom, and Chrtst, and heaven are one. A :dical DUIW 1091T test fired in 349 W 292 L. M. Lewton 30., Rowles 73. bu Zeal for Christ; or, Peter and Johnñ following their Master,

John xxi. 18-20. 1 RLEST men, who stretch their willing hands,

Submissive to their Lokd's commands, And yield their liberty and breath and . Tato him that lov å their souls in death. OTT

2 Lead me to suffer and to die feit noflid woh a 19V If thod, my gracious LORD! art high

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One smile from thee my heart shall fire los

And tėách mie, smiling, to expire, no di
3 If nature at the trial shake, cosidbrogetto

And from the gross or flamea draw back,
Grace can its feeble courage rainer din

And turn its tremblings into praises *** 4 While scarce I dare, with Peter say,

I'll boldly tread the bleeding ways, tol 10
Yet, in thy steps, like John, I'd, moyo
With humbler hope and silent love, a'go

tij baise sankabusl zlüb o DRDODDRIDGE. 293(1st PIDC M. Bedford 91. Grove House 343.

Hdly Zealand Diligericeyse T W · 1 W HILE carnal thëny with all their Amight, 2 Earth’sivanjtiés pharsuest allo ? Hoy, adyances which I maker

With heaven, itself ip view blode
2 dbbpire my soul with Holy zeakoI WO

Great God my love, ihflame;iltoa,
Religion without zeal and love,

Is but an empty namedut
3 To gain the top of Zion's hill,

May I with fervour strive; Jal P And. In strobe powers employ for thee bava Which il from thee derivete asi)IBEDDOME. 293 (20 P.). c. M." Great Milton, 212. y con un ITT!

Condescension 116.
_Zeal for God, or, longing for the Mind of Christ!
1 TF dáty calls, and suffering too.9 T

My Lord'! I'd follow theç ;'****
As thou hast done, so would I don c

As thou art, would I be?"; 1 ts orill
2 With zeal inflam'd, 'twas thy delidut!!

To do thy Father's Will;"ing Mall
May the same zeal my soul estciter tul E

Thy prećepts to fulfil: ra, cintosh boll
3 Meekness, hdmility, and love::l Imran,
Did through thy conduet whines ont

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Amma whole danni alian

A copy, Lord! of 4 Depending on thy sovereign grace, JA

I'll tread the heavenly road; 50 99912 With willing mind thy footsteps trace, And climb to thine abode,

Vsa '19194 PAUSE. 6bti 991npa i t ! 45 Oh, let me run the Christian race blog

With diligence and speed a vilt sido

God's word, his Spirit, and his Grace, PA190 Do all to duty lead.

ee E16 Did Jesus leave the realms of bliss Jan) HOS

To save from sin and helb?--
DigiA love so wonderful as this IH

Calls for a glowing zeal, de
7 Those who to Christ for refuge flee ol

Should in his footsteps tread IV
Our Prophet, Priest, and King, should be
Both trusted and obey'do o 697)

97besede soigist

I am logot od, asoor & 294 (1st P.), L. M. Fawcett 184.

09.Ulverston 179. Gould's . The Christian awakened-What must I do to be sared ? doorn Acts 1x, 6.

1. W ITH melting heart and weeping eyes,

My guilty soul for mercy cries;
What shall I do, or whither flee,

T'escape that vengeance due to me? 2 Till now, I saw no danger nigh; u PR: I liv'd at ease, nor fear'd to diese

Wrapt up in self-deceit and pridery

I shall have peace; at last, I cry'd,
3 But when, great. God! thyrlight divine
? Had shone on this dark soul of mine,

Then I beheld, with trembling awe, M &

The terrors of thy holy law.ordt bit

· 4 How dreadful now my guilt appears al a

In childhood, youth, and growing years!
Before thy pure discerning eye, godt 98

LORD! what a filthy wretch am I!
5 Should vengeance stilt my soul pursue, no

Death and destruction are my düe';
Yet mercy can my guilt forgive,.

And bid a dying sinner live...

+2 ANT :

Salvation free in Jesus' name?
To him I look, and humbly cryot es
O save a wretch condemn d to die.

nob.5311 zaves bords of Inte vs DR. FAWCETT. 294 (24 P.) .CM! Abridge 201. Anns $8.

Ellenborough 170, 1c Touto'l

- The great Question answered. issuu
1 TS there, in heaven or earth, who can?,

A wretched mortal save? tolv
Make a, poor lep?rous sinner clean ?solT E
s Redeem an helpless slave Poesbao
2 Who can appease an angry God?

Relieve a: burden?d mind ? our si
In whom a soul, o'erwhelmid witli guilt,
toga May ease and safety, find ?w on ci
3 Yes, there is One, who dwells on high, po

That can do this and more ;-.0
A Being of unbounded love,

And uncontrolled power. anes bom doilaque 4 IMMANUEL is his name ; who once. I

Upon th' accursed tree, wilt 169H

Bore the vast weight of all their sins
· 99Who, burden'd, to him flee.I ! 092
5 But now he lives, he ever livesel dios

And pleads what he hath done;vo.
Whilst God ten thousand crimes forgives,

Through his atoning Sop,10 basa

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