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8 Jesus to thy feet repairylbooth woh
! err And there will prostrate lie glblalo o
Be thou propitious to my prayer, tots
And I shall never die... taiw! ako. I

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at buoda & · Arlem 38 P.

Helmsley 2710 Tote si, 24. ! The Strait Gaté ; desire to enter it, Luke xiii,, 24. I STRAIT the gate, the way, is narrow, a

To the realms of endless bliskisyla
Sinful men and vain professors, mis or

Self-deceiv'd, the passage miss 'na o

Rushing headlong, •TTA Down they sink the dread abyss. 22 Sins and follies, unforsaken,. (966) Apo

All will end in deep despair
Formal pray’rs are unavailing, so

Fruitless is the worldling's tear:
Small the number, 194698 TT gronit BT I
Who to wisdom's path repair.TW A L
3 Thou who art thy people's guardian. M-

Condescend my guide to be sbs 1
By thy Spirit's lightsunerring,469 ofWS

Let me thy salvation see! :s evsilo!
May I never failwis'o Isoa s moulw nl

Miss the way that leads to theans ys BEDDOME, 295 leig.4. Trowbridge 21.Welsh 210.

Tabernacle 239 89 ISIT Supplicuting-Jesus! thou Son of David, have merr 1 JESUS, fall of all compassion, u n

Hear thy humble suppliant's ery;
Let me know thy great salvation : 816

See! I languish, faint, and die. W 30 2 Guilty, but with heart relenting, ou jud

Overwhelm'd with helpless grief,
2 Prostrate at thy feet repenting, Jalid W

Send, Oh send me quick relefoIT

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HEEFT Mark X. 11: have mercy on me,

3 [Whithor should a wroteh be fying, I

But to him who comfort gives l ib)
Whither, from the dread of dying. I s

But to him who ever liven?] xhu !
4 [While I view thee; wounded, grieving,

Breathless on the oursed treeyn svið
Fain I'd feel my heart believing! xoj E

That thou suffer'dst thus for me iso 5 With thy righteousness and Spiritique

I am more than angels blést zu si
Heir with thee, all things inherit ll. A

Peace, and joy, and eydlęge rasteis I 6 Without thee, the world possessing, 110

I should be a wretehi undone, avin
Search through heaven, t-the land of blessing,

Seeking goods and finding ngneI 7 Hear then, blessed Saviour 4-hear me!! .

My soul cldaveth to the dust in via
Send the Comfonter to cheer moi poilT 0

Lo! in thee I put my trustai ouw lII. 8 On the word thy blood hath sealedis I

Hangs my everlasting all :) om grid
Let thy varm be now revgaled; ! 1911 r .

Stay, Oh stay moldest 1 fall! i 19.I 9 In the world of endless ruin, at !uzal

Let it nepev, LORD! be saidys mo 10. Here's a squ that perish d suing 59) Ül

For the boasted Saviour's gidat
10.Sarid uthe deed shall spread new glory
9vThrd'Ithe shining realms above

Angels sing the pleasing story, 'I 12

i All sbraptur'd with thy love lo Du TORNER. 296 (1st P.):77. Stoel 16499 Cookham 36. Longing for an interest in the Redeemther; or, venturing on

the Mercy of Gods in Christi vil. 1 QRACIOUS Lordulincline thine lear!

My requests voudhgate to hear';

Hear my neverteeasing 'cry'; v1" E Give me CHRISÉ, or else. I dieai tudi 2 Wealth and honour 1 disdain, tuite

Earthly comforts, LORD! are vaidzei
...) Dhege cap nóver satisfy, siv Calift

Give me GHÁIST, or elsend diealisoill.
3 Lord! denyime what thou will,'1.'T

Only. wase me of my guilt:00:1 isilt
Suppliant at thy feet I lie, in vill ditt u

Give me Christ, or else I dies de I 4 All unholy and unclean, 30 ijin iol . . I am nothing else but sin !: 5194/

On, thy meroy I rely, * 17

Give me CHRIST, or else. I die. :ou? I 21 Thou dost freely save the lost i donna

In thy grace alone I trust : aidos? ::. With my learnest suit:comply seisu!!

Give me CHRIST, or else. I die.oa yli 6 Thou dost promise to forgive out hry? : All who in thy $on believe it ai lol

LORD, I know thou canst notalie,l) H0 ?

Give me CHRISTY or else I die.edus!!
7 Father! dost thou seem to frown tal

Let me shelter in thy Son! 0,75l
JESUS! to thine arms I fly how od ut?

Come and save me, or I dieou li jou! 296 (20 P.JSC, M, Bedford 91: Abridge 201.

The plain serious Christian's daily Hymh. Hroßmes my GoderQb:save me, Psalm cikk:28.01 I HELP land SALVATION, LordbIicrave,

TL For both greatly need elyaula 132 None else these blessings can i bestów; .DE From thee they must proceed tar 005: Itu Help me thy, glories to behold; i no kuin

Thy loveliness to see ; id od!
Save from an atheistic heart, von

Which shaas the Deityaranya?

.3 [Help me the turpitude of sin. 1, ..

With shame to realize; sinne
Save from impenitence; and thaw ; . I

A breast as hard as ice.]
4 Help me to cleaye to Christ alone

Where else can sinners fly? - T
Save me from all self-righteousness .

And every idol nigh. ..... ." 5 Help me to live upon thy word;

The Christian's daily food;*.,
Save me from unbelief, that foed!....

That bar to every good. , 6 Help me to do thy holy will :: :

Let duty bliss dispense: ? ..
Save from a disobedient heart, : :

From sloth and negligence. !
7 Help me to persevere in grace,
79. Still gladly following on;
Save me from each backsliding path

To which my heart is prone. 8 [Help, in prosperity, that I :-, True gratitude may find : :

Save me from pride and carnal ease, :

And from an earthly mind.... . 9 Help, in adversity, to bow,.......1

My neck to bear the yoke: .
Save me from wrath and discontent,

Which would my God provoke.],
10 Help me to conquer all my foes, ii'.

Satan, the world, and sin , .'
Save from temptation's shares without,

And this base heart withini.
11 Help me to wait the time decreed,

And then meet death with joy; : ;
Save me from all the ills of life, si

The dread of death destroy.', . .

297 (1st P.) L. M. Mark's 65. Bottles 73.

Choosing the better Part, Loko *. 42. 1 RESET) with snares on every hand,

D In life's uncertain path I stand:
Saviour divine ! diffuse thy light ,

To guide my doubtful footsteps right.** 2 Engage this roving treach’rous heart

To fix on Mary's better part,
To scorn the trifles of a day .

For joys that none can take away. 3 Then let the wildest storms arise ;

Let tempests mingle earth and skies,
No fatal shipwreck shall I fear,

But all my treasures with me hear."! -) 4 If thou, my Jesus! still be nigh, *

Cheerful I live, and joyful die;
Secure, when mortal comforts flee, ..
To find ten thousand worlds in thee. 1 i


walimu 297 (20 P.). 8. 8. 6. Westbury Leigh 278.

Broadmead 150. i
Admiring the Love of God. in CARIST.
1 M Y God! 'thy boundless love we praise ;
IV How bright on high its glories blaze-

How sweetly bloom below ! 17.
It streams from thy eternal throne;' .':.
Thro' heaven its joys for ever run,

And o'er the earth they flow.
2 'Tis love that gilds the vernal rayu
Adorng the powry robe of May- Bri

Perfumes the breathing gale:
"Tis love that loads the plenteous plain,
With blushing fruits and golden grain,

And smiles o’er every vale, e is
3 But, in thy Gospel, it appears in
In sweeter fairericháracters, ... >

And charms the ravish'd breast: ..
There, Love immortal leaves the sky..

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