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282 C. M. Crowle: 3.::. Gainsborough 29.

Sincerity and Truth, Phili iv. 8. 1 eluiga TOET those who bear the Christian name .600 Their holy vows fulfillimi

The saints-the-followers of the Lamb
.00 11551 Areʻmen of honour still. jadi
2 True to the solemn oaths they take, they

Tho’ to their hurt they swear;
Constant and just to all they speak

For God and angels hear. nie wild
3 Still with their lips their hearts agree,

Nor flatt'ring words devise :
They' know the God of Truth can see

Thro? ev'ry false disguise. --5
4 They hate th' appearance of a lie,

In all the shapes it wears,''
Firm to the truth, and when they die, I E

Eternal life is theirs. 7'!) ;
5.Lo! from afar the LORD descends,iT
. And brings the judgment down; . .
He bids his saints his faithful friends

Rise, and possess their crowna mia
6 While Satan trembles at the sight, A

And derils wish to die, 1974
Where will the faithless hypocrite ja
And guilty liar fly? DR. WATTS’S SERMONS.

') isiZ.. 283 S. M. Stoke 207: Harborough 142.

edia . Sincerity desired. J. STA TI O
TF secret fraud should dwell it!

- Within this heart of minezii 1,
Purge out, O God! that cursed leaven,

And make me wholly thine.rijimin 2 If any riyal there : 510 581671 ) i

Dares to usurp the throues .jsor

Oh, tear the internal traitor thencer ,213 And reign thyself alone.


Is any lust concealid ? 11. 2

Bring it to open view ; rusia
Search; search, dear LORD!, my inmost spul,

And all its powers renew. 9 DEDDOME.

284 (1st P.) C.M.1 Ann's 58.5: Stillman 66.

Spiritual Mindedness; or, Ibward Religion
1 RELIGION is the chief concern

N of mortals here below:
May I its great importance learn,

Its sovereign Firtue knowinkite, 2 More needful this than glittering wealth,

Or aught the world bestows jour
Not reputation, food, or health, T .
: Can give us such repose. its i
3 Religion should our thoughts engage i

Amidst our youthful bloomzinio
'Twill fit us for declining age, iii !ai o

And for the awful tomb, sidosis
4 Oh, may my heart, by grace renewid,H

Be my Redeemer?s thrones":
And be my stubborn will subdu?dy 171 an

His government to own!:54: het 5 Let deep repentance, faith, and love, otellit Be joined with godly fear; e ins

And all my conversation prove.
5?! My heart td be sincere. 2. e
6 Preserve me from the" snares of sin,

Through my remaining days; I
And in me leto each virtue shine

- To my Redeemer's praife.. tenentit 7 Let lively hope my soul ihspire;

Let warm affections risen tia l
And may I wait with strong desire
To mount above the skies, it 1590

odbini nyingi H HAWCETT,

284 (2d Ps)olei M. Sprague 166,10 A Godliness profitable; or; tbe Benefit of genuine Religion,

VotiThe Tim. to.8.0: P inot
1 How vast the blessings, how divine,

From godliness which flonili 16 T &
Nor men, nor angels, should they join,

Can half its value show.zid-110 olul 2 Ten thousand comforto št phrbetreso 7

'To Christians while on earth ; 901 a It endless happiness seéures, ioni OUT · And frées from endless deathee 101 3. God, for himself, hath bot apart bona

The godly whom he loves : ... They have a place within his heartal) -. Their conduct he approves. 4.- Las taut *4 [There is a rich and free reward,

The eye of faith descries; 71.
Reserv’d for all, who fear the LORD,..

Above the starry skieso) 1952 7!!!
5 A glorious kingdom and scrown, vil

CHRIST will on such bestow in tudi
For thèm the seeds of bliss até town,

The fruits of glory grow.?" ni

Smail 285 C. M. Exeter 4. Michael's 119..

Encouragement to trust and love. God, Pșalmixxiv.
1 THRO: all the changing scenes of life,

In trouble and an joyib T... · The praises of my God shall still a mig

My heart and tongue employs vs miesto
2 Of his deliverance I will boast :: 1 tel

Till alb, who are distrest; to buy our
From my example comfort; tako, oni.

And charm their griefs to resto
3 The hosts of God encamp around ?"

The dwellings of the júst ! vroia br
Protection he affords to all us vui'o!!!

Who wakeibis name their trustid:

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4 Oh, make but trial of his love lis t wiwi! Experience will decide e grosse mannya :) How blest are they, and only they,

Wha,in his truth confides', 17:13 1 5 Fear Kimy iye saints ! and you will then a. Have nothing else to fear, 1 0 Make you his-service your delight

Your wants shall be his cares sota 6 While hungry lions lack their preyi

The LORD will food provide uit:19 ti
For such as put their trust in him,

And see their needs supply'da QeTÁTE.

286. (1st P.) L. M. Bowden 78.1 Rowles 73. Trust and Confidence ; or, looking beyond present Ap

pearances, Hab. iii, 17, 18, mart i A WAY, my unbelieving fear! !!

. Let fear in me no more take place · My Saviour doth not yeti appear'; o'.

He hides the brightness of his face! 17,

But shall I therefore let him go,, ;';
. And basely to the tempter yield ? t qon
No, in the strength of JESUS, inobat

I never will give up my shield. 2 Afthò the vine its fruit deny,

Altho' the olive yield no oil,
The withering fig tree drobp and die, I
The field illude the tiller's toil "
The empty stall ne herd affordinarit
And perish all the bleating race !
Yet I will triumph in the LORD! eil 1)

The God of my salvation praise ! llit
3 Away, each unbelieving fear!?(oi'i

Let fear to cheering hope give place;
My Saviour will at length appeary! -'T S
And show the brightness of his face;
Tho? now my prospects all be cross'do!
My blooming hopes cutioff I see; i:


Still will I in my Jesus trust; it ! ! Whose, boundless love can reach to me. 4 In hope--believing against hope Tipis

His promisid mercy will I claim; ).
His gracious word shall beár me up 102
To seek salvation in his names; unit stein
Soon, my dear Saviour; bring it nigh! o
My soul shall then outstrip the wind, vr
On wings of love mount up on high, 7

And leave the world and sin behind, uj 286 (24 P.) L.M. Portugal 97. Paul'I 246.

Aụ things working for Good, &c. Rom. viii. 28. I TEMPTATIONS, trials, doubts, and fears,

- Wants, losses, crosses, groans, and tears, Will, through the grace of God, our friend, - In everlasting triumphs end ! iini ; 2.To those who him sincerely love, ??" 34xariT

All penal evil blessings prove ; : i Whom grace hath callid and made his own,

Nor fires can bum, nor floods can drowni 3 LORD, let this thought in deep distress.

Our hopes oonfirm, oùr. spirits raiserzu Us 'Midst earth and hell's opposing pow'rs,

We still are safe if thou art ours.unil 287 (1st P.) L.M. Uyerston 179. Dresdep 178.

Humble Trust3195, Despair prevented.'
1 LORD, didst thoni die, but not for me?

U Am I forbid to trust thy blood?
Hast thon not pardons, rich and free;

And grace, an overwhelming flood?
2 Who, then shall dņiye my trembling soul

From thee to regions of despair?i al
Who has survey'd the sacred roll, g tia

And found my name not written there?
3 Presumptuous thought I to fix the bound

To limit mercy's sovereign reigail

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