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For little children and young men "';

Have grown, and honour'd Father's been. 6 Paul said, with joy, of some he knew,

Exceedingly their graces grew n

So did their faith and love abound,
**** The fame spread all the churches round.
7 Precept and promise still unite .

To make this service our delight;
To grow in grace,--this, surely this, .

Is the transcendency of bliss. !!!
8 Then, Lord, forbid, forbid that we "..

Should always little children be ; !
But may our path shine more, we pray,

And more until the perfect day. I
322-(3 P.) L. M. Martin's-lane 67. Leeds 19.

Unfruitfulness reproved and deprecated.
And when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves,

Luke xii. 6. Matt. xxi. 19. Mark xi. 13.
1 DOES God, the ever good and kind,

Come seeking fruit, and fruit not find ?
Sure, as the means he richly gives, :

He justly looks for more than leaves. :*
2 The buds are pleasing in his view i

And beauteous are the blossoms too ; *
But plenteous fruits are, in his sight .

Fair objects of his chief delight.:;
3 Then what if Jesus comes and sees

That we are only barren trees, i en
Spreading our leafy branches round,..

Mere worthless cumberers of the ground!
4.Ah! LORD, we have desery'd the name; !
.. But save us from the sin, the shame, a

Lest Thou and thine shogld with a frown,

Cry, Cut, now cut the cumberér down.
5 But a sweet wrestling voice we hear,

O spare, it, LORD, another year, , 1
That fruit may on each branch be found,
The graces clust'ring all around a

.6 This prayer has often reach'd the skies,

Now let it from our hearts arise ;
Spare, spare it, LORD, --so Mercy spake,

Spare it, we cry, for Jesus' sake. 323 L. M. Lebanon 79. New Sabbath 122.

Rising to God.. .
I NOW let our souls, on wings sublime,'

" Rise from the vanities of time,
Draw back the parting veil, and see

The glories of eternity.
2 Born by a new celestial birth, i

Why should we grovel here on earth ?
Why grasp at transitory toys,

So near to heav’n’s eternal joys ?
· 3 Shall aught begaile us on the road,

When we are walking back to God?
For strangers into life we come, i

And dying is but going home.
94 Welcome, sweet hour of full discharge,

That sets our longing souls at large,
Unbinds our chains, breaks up our cell,

And gives us with our God to dwell.5 To dwell with God, to feel his love,

Is the full heaven enjoy'd above;
And the sweet expectation now

Is the young dawn of heaven below.
324 L.M. Magdalene 214. Lewton 30.
Remembering all the way the Lord bas led him,

Deut. viii. 2.
I THUS far my God hath led me on,

And made his truth and mercy known;
My hopes and fears alternate rise, .

And comforts mingle with my sighs.'
2 Thro' this wide wilderness I roam, ;

Far distant from my blissful home;
LORD! let thy presence be my stay,

And guard me in this dangerous way,

3 Temptations every where annoy," :

And sins and snares my peace destroy ;
My earthly joys are from mo torn,
And oft an absent God I mourn. ve
My soul, with various tempests toss'd.
Her hopes o'erturn'd, her projects cross’d,
Sees every day new straits attend,

And wonders where the scene will end,
5 Is this, dear LORD! that thorny road,

Which leads us to the mount of God?
Are these the toils thy people know,

While in the wilderness below ? ? 6 'Tis even so thy faithful love :

Doth all thy children's graces prove; 1.'Tis thus our pride and self must fall, · That Jesus may be All in All. DR. FAWCETT. 325 S. M. Sutton 149. Stockport 47. Waiting for the Coming of his LORD,, or, the active Chris

tian, Luke xii. 35–38.
VE servants of the LORD,

I Each in his office wait,
Observant of his heavenly word,

And watchful at his gate, ..,
2. Let all your lamps be bright,

And trim the golden flame:
:: Gird up your loins as in his sight,

For awful is his name.
3 Watch, 'tis your Lord's, command;'

And while we speak he's near:
Mark the first signal of his hand,

And ready all appear...',;
4. O happy servant he

In such a posture found ! ..
He shall his LORD with rapture see, :

And be with honour crown'd.,
5 Christ shall the banquet spread .

With his own bounteous hand,

And raise that favourite servant's head,
· Amidst th' angelic band. DR, DODDRIDGE.

326 (1st P.) L. M. Ulverston 179. Lewton 30.
Solicitous of finishing bis Course with Joy, Acts xx. 24.
1 ASSIST us, LORD! thy name to praise

n For the rich gospel of thy grace;
And, that our hearts may love it more,

Teach them to feel its vital power,
2 With joy may we our course pursue,

And keep the crown of life in view; :
That crown, which in one hour repays,

The labour of ten thousand days."
3 Should bonds or death obstruct our way,
Unmov'd their terrors we'll survey;
And the last hour improve for thee,

The last of life or liberty. "'.'
-14 Welcome those bonds, which may unite

Our souls to their supreme delight!
Welcome that death, whose painful strife

Bears us to Christ our better life! 326 (2.P.) C. M. Furman 135. Sydenham 43.

Animated in prospect of Overcoming, Rev, ii. 11. 1 ROUSE, rouse my soul, and fight thy way,

1 Should earth and hell oppose ;
Though thou art not, thy Saviour is

A match for all thy foes. i
2 Yes, thou art weak, but he is strong,

And will his strength impart;
He'll teach thy feeble hands to war,

And cheer thy fainting heart, 3 A few successful struggles yet,

Then, not a conflict more;
Satan and sin shall ne'er assault

On the celestial shore,.ii.

327 L. M." Martin's Lane 67. Portugal 97.
The Believer committing bis departing Spirit to Jesus.
1 0 THOU, that hast redemption wrought,

V Patron of souls, thy blood hath bought;
To thee our spirit we commit, is!
Mighty to rescue from the pit. '
2 Millions of blissful souls above,

In realms of purity and love,
With songs of endless praise proclaim

The honours of thy faithful name.
3 When all the powers of nature fail'd, !

Thy 'ever constant care prevaild;" ??
Courage and joy thy friendship spoke,

When every mortal bond was broke.
4 We on that friendship, LORD ! repose,

The healing balm of all our woes ;
And we, when sinking in the grave, as

Trust thine omnipotence to save. :) 5 O may our spirits by thy hand

Be gather'd to that happy band,
Who, ’midst the blessings of thy reign, ...)

Lose all remembrance of their pain , 6 In raptures there, divinely sweet,

Give us our kindred souls to meet, is
And wait with them that brighter day,
Whiol all thy triumph shall display?

. ; ; DR, DODDRIDGE: 328 C. M. Evans's 190. Cambridge New 74. The Christian Warrior animated and crowned, Rev. ii. 10. 1 D ARK ! tis our heavenly Leader's voice

IL From his triumphant seat; :

'Midst all the war's tumultuous noise, ..' How powerful and how sweet! 2. Fight on, my faithful band, he cries, ini

Nor fear the mortal blow : . : Who first in such a warfare dies i

Shall speediest victory know. .,

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