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..3 1 have my days of coinbat konown, . . .

.::And in the dust was laid ;, !. im . ... But thence I mounted to my throne, .

And glory.crowns my head.
4 That throne, that glory, you shall share;

My hands the crown shall give ; -
And you the sparkling honours wear, ...

While God himself shall live..
5 LORD! 'tis enough; our souls are fir'd

With courage and with love; ;
Vain are th' assaults of earth and hell,

Our hopes are fix'd above. DODDRIDGE.

mini ", WORSHIP. . . .; 329 ; PRIVATE WORSHIP.'

Retirement and Meditation, Psalm iv. 4. I RETURN, my roving heart, return,

1 And chase these shadowy forms no more; Seek out some solitude to mourn, DF

And thy forsaken Gov implore. "
2 0 thou, great God! whose piercing eye

Distinctly marks each deep recess;
In these sequester'd hours draw nigh,

And with thy presence fill the place. )
3 Thro' all the windings of my heart,
My search let heavenly wisdom guide, :
And still its radiant beams impart,

Till all be search'd and purify’d. 4. Then, with the visits of thy love;

Vouchsafe my inmost soul to cheer; .
Till every grace shall join to prove i
That God has fix'd his dwelling there..

DR. DODDRIDGE. 330 L. M. Ulverston 179. Portugal 97.

Reading the Scriptures. . 1 GREAT GOD! oppress’d with grief and fear,

Some gracious word of promise there,' ?

To sooth the sorrows of my mind': ,, 2 I turn the sacred volume o’er,

And search with care from page to page;
Of threat’nings find an ample store, :

But nought that can my grief assuage.
3 And is there nought ? Forbid, dear LORD!

So base a thought should e'er arise;'
I'll search again, and, while I search,

O may the scales fall off mine eyes!
4 "Tis done ; and, with transporting joy,

I read the heaven inspired Iines ;
There mercy spreads its brightest beams,

And truth with dazzling lustre shines.
5 Here's heavenly food for hungry, souls, .

And mines of gold t'enrich the poor ;
Here's healing balm for every wound,

A salve for every fest’ring sore. - BEDDOME. 331 (1st P.) L. M. Magdalene 214. Paul's 246.

Self-examination, Gal. iv. 19, 20. si l. 1 W HAT strange perplexities arise!!

" What anxious fears and jealousies ! What crowds in doubtful light appear!

How few, alas ! approy'd and clear! i
2 And what am I ?--My soul, awake, .;!

And an impartial survey take ;. :
Does no dark sign, no ground of fear,

In practice or in heart appear ? ...,
3 What image does my spirit bear? ;)

Is Jesus form’d and living there ? ? ?
Say, do his lineaments divine ,

In thought, and word, and action shine ?
4 Searcher of hearts ! O search me still ; .

The secrets of my soul reveal ; ; niin,
My fears remove : let me appear :

To God, and my own conscience, clear!

5 Scatter the clouds which o'er my head

Thick glooms of dubious terror spread;
Lead me into celestial day, is .

And to myself, myself display.
6 May I at that bless'd world arrive".
Where CHRIST thro' all my soul shall live,
And give full proof that he is there,
Without one gloomy doubt or fear.

.. 11 PRESIDENT DAVIES. 331 (20 P.) Goulds 272. Virginia 234.

Hoły Jealousy.
One of you shall be tray me!-- Lord, is it I ? Matt.

.xxyi. 21, 22. i
1 M ETHINKS I hear the Saviour say,

One of you will the Lord betray: : Betray Thee, Lord, my God, my King!

Forbid, 'forbid th' accursed thing.
- 2 But'is the contrite heart, with pains,

Alarm'd at these affecting strains ?
Let holy jealousy reply, '

As in his sight, Lord, is it I?--
3 Yes, if I only look within
: At my depravity and sin,

I see, but for thy mighty pow'r, 1
· I shall betray thee ev'ry hour. i
4 But if the baleful crime I hate, . ::

And e'en the thought I deprecate,
And if thine arms my soul entwine,

Lord, can the dreadful guilt be mine ? 5 This moment I would rather die; '. is

Than live my Saviour to deny;
Or treach'rously, in any way,

His cause or honour e'er betray..
6 Then hear me breathe my inmost heart,

Ne'er let me act the traitor's part;
But thy loy'd name and cause defend,
With hallow'd zeal, till life shall end.

7 Then may I breathe my life away

On thy dear breast while Angels say,
A faithful friend of Jesus dies,

f We waft him to his native skies. : * 332 C. M. Charmouth 28.' Bedford 91. {

. ; Secret Prayer, Matt. vi. 6.
1 TATHER divine !. thy piercing eye

I Sees thro’ the darkest night;
In deep retirement thou art nigh,
: With heart-discerning sight. ' '
2 There may that piercing eye survey ,

• My duteous homage paid,
With every morning's dawning ray,

And every evening's shade. ;* 3 O let thy own celestial fire .

The incense still inflame; ', ',
While my warm vows to thee aspire, '?

Thro' my Redeemer's name. .. 4 So shall the visits of thy love'

My soul in secret bless;
So shalt thou deign in worlds above
Thy suppliant to confess. . .

. PAUSE. 5 Mercy, good LORD! mercy I ask,'' li

This is the total sum ; · Mercy, thro' CARIST, is all my suit; . ;

LORD! let thy mercy come.

', 'pi FAMILY, WORSHIP, , , 333 c. M. Great Milton 212. Matthews's 34,

. - Going to a new Hábitation. 1 GREAT Gop! where'er we pitch our tent,

U Let us an altar raise ;
And there, with humble frame, présent

Our sacrifice of praise.
2 To thee we give our health and strength,

While health and strength shall last;

For future mercies liumbly trust,

Nor e'er forget the past. 334 L. M. Magdalene 214. Horsley 205.

The Christian's noblest Resolution, Joshua xxiv. 15. , 1 A H, wretched souls, who strive in vain,,,

B Slaves to the world and slaves to sin!
A nobler toil may I sustain,

A nobler satisfaction win. . . 2 May I resolve with all my heart,

With all my powers, to serve the LORD ;
Nor from his precepts e'er depart,

Whose service is a rich reward.
3 O be his service all my joy,
Around let my example shine,
Till others love the bless'd employ !

And join in labours so divine. ..
4 Be this the purpose of my soul,
My solemu, my determin'd choice,
To yield to his supreme controul,

And in his kind commands rejoice. 5 O may I never faint or tire .

Nor wand'ring leave his sacred ways!
Great God! accept my soul's desire,
And give me strength to live thy praise.

STEELE. 335, L. M. Portugal 97. Ulverston 179.

Family Religion, Gen. xviii, 18.
FATHER of all! thy care we bless,
[ Which crowns our families with peace;
From thee they spring, and by thy hand

They have been, and are still sustain'd. 2 To God, most worthy to be prais'd,'. .'

Be our domestic altars rais’d;
Who, LORD of heaven, scorns not to dwell

With saints in their obscurest.cell..
3 To thee may each united house,

Morning and night, present its vows ::

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