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Our servants there, and rising race,

Be taught thy precepts, and thy'grace. 4 O may each future age proclaim . ;

The honours of thy glorious' name!
. While pleas'd and thankful we remove

To join the family above.: DR. DODDRIDGE. 336 (1st P.) S. M. Eagle Street New 55!

'Simon's 250. Prayer for Infants ; or Children Day by Day given to God. i GREAT God! now. condescend

U To bless our rising race ; )
Soon may their' willing spirits bend

To thy victorious grace!!
2 O what a vast delight
- Their happiness to see!
Our warmest wishes all unite

To lead their souls to thee.
3 Dear LORD thy Spirit pour
Upon our infant seed ;

O bring the long’d-for happy hour,

That makes them thine indeed.
4. May they receive thy word,

Confess the Saviour's name, !
Then follow their despised LORD ;-a!!!

Thro’ the baptismal stream.
5 Thus let our favour'd race is

Surround thy sacred board,
There to adore thy sovereign grace, : ..

And sing their dying LORD... 336 (20 P.) L. M. Addison's 1. Eaton 291.

Prayer for Children.
DIVINE Redeemer, God of love, I

Now let thy kindest bowels move;
Look from the glorious throne on luigh,

With soft compassion in thine eye.
2 To thee our God, our heavenly king,

Our tender offspring, lo! we bring :

Where should we bring them but to thee,

Thou Fount of all felicity ?
3.0 grant them all a God can give,

And all that mortals can receive ; .
Grace to believe in Jesus' blood, .

Grace to enjoy and walk with God.
4 Then, God of grace, O hear our pray’r,
· Make them thy own peculiar care ;

May ours be thine, or rich'or poor, - For ever thine--we ask no more, 336 (3 P.) C. M. Sprague 166. Great

D's,!: Milton 212.:

The affectionate Mother for her Child.
TAIN, O my babe, I'd have thee know

The God whom Angels love,
And teach thee feeble strains below,

Akin to theirs above. 20! when thy lisping tongue shall read .

Of truths divinely swect,
May'st thou, a little child indeed,

Sit down at Jesus' feet. 3 I'll move thine car, I'll point thine eye;.

But, ah ! the inward part-o'.
Great God, the Spirit, hear the sigh

That trembles through my heart.
4 Break, with thy gracious beam benign,

O’er all the mental wild'; . :
Bright on the human chạóg shine,

And sanctify my.child." 337. C. M. Condescension 116. New York 33, Cinist's condescending Regard to little Children,

Mark x. 14.
I SEE Israel's gentle Shepherd stand :

With all-engaging charms;
Hark! how he calls the tender lambs,

And folds them in his arms !
2 Permit them to approach, he cries,

For 'twas to bless such souls as these, 5

The Lord of Angels came, :, .. - 3 We bring them, LORD! by fervent prayer,

And yield them up to thee; in
Joyful that we ourselves are thine,

Thine let our offspring be!
4 [Ye little flock, with pleasure hear ; , ;

Ye children, seek his face ; ;siPiA
And fly with transport to receive

The blessings of his grace.] '
5 If orphans they are left behind,

Thy guardian care we trust;
That care shall heal our bleeding hearts,
If weeping o'er their dust. DR. DODDRIDGE.

PUBLIC WORSHIP. 338* (1st P.) 148th. Clapham 18. Dart

mouth 46. Greenwich New 62.

On Opening a Place of Worship. . 1 TN sweet exalted strains .

The King of Glory praise;
..? O'er heaven and earth he reigns,

Thro' everlasting days: .
He, with a nod, the world controuls, ..."

Sustains or sinks the distant poles.
2 To earth he bends his throne, i

His throne of grace divine; ...
Wide is his bounty known, ia

And wide his glories shine :
Fair Salem, still his chosen rest, :

Is with his smiles and presence blest,
3 Then, King of Glory, come, , ,

And, with thy favour crown,
This temple as thy Dome,

This people as thy own : * Sung on opening the Meeting-House at Horsley, Gloucestershire, September 18, 1774; and also at the opening Beneath this roof, O deign to show

of the New Meeting House at Downend, near Bristol, ' October, 4, 1780,

How God can dwell with men below. .
4 Here, may thine ears attend

Our interceding cries,
And grateful praise ascend ..'.',

All fragrant to the skies :
Here may thy word melodious sound, it

And spread celestial joys around!
5 Here, may th' attentive throng -

Imbibe thy truth and love,
And converts join the song i.

Of seraphim above; us
And willing crowds surround thy board,

With sacred joy and sweet accord! .
6 Here, may our unborn sons

And daughters sound thy praise,
And shine, like polish'd stones,

Thro’ long succeeding days ;.
Here, Lord, display thy saving pow'r,
While temples stand, and men adore.

B. FRANCIS. 338* (20 P.) C. M. Charmouth 28. James's 163.

Re-building, or re-opening a Place of Worship,
1 O GOD, before whose radiant throne

The heay'nly armies bend,
Now graciously incline thine ear

And to our suit attend.
2 Where our forefathers join'd in praise,

We meet to praise thee too,
For us and others here they pray'd,

We now their work renew.
3 This housė, these walls, re-edify'd, t

Are raised, Lord, for thee, • Sung July 22, 1810, at Uffculm, Devon, at the Arst administration of the Lord's Supper by Dr. R., after the Meeting-House bad been rebuilt.

+ Or, new beautify'd,

In all the plenitude of grace,
.:. Let this thy temple be. I
4 By pious crowds of new-born soule,

Let countless proofs be giv'n,
This surely is the house of God;:;" [

: The very gate of heav'n.'ii " 5 Here may the dead be made alive,

Backsliding souls return; : :");
More grace by gracious souls be felt, ;';

And saints like seraphs burn. ;.'
6 Here build thy Church, maintain thy Cause,

Nór let it e'er decline; };', ...
But flourish when the trumpet sounds ,

7 And on each flock around this hill, ii

Show'r mercy, grace, and love";
Thus meeten us and millions more..

For the bless'd Church above. , . 339 (1st P.) L. M. Chard 176, Wareham 117.

On Opening a Place of Worship. 1 GREAT God! thy watchful care we bless,

Which guards our synagogues in peace; Nor dare tumultuous foes invader

To fill our worshippers with dread.,
2. These walls we to thy honour raise ;

Long may they echo to thy praise!..
And thou, descending, fill the place
With choicest tokens of thy grace.
3 Here let the great Redeemer reign
With all the graces of his train;

. While power divine his word attends

To conquer foes, and cheer his friends. ! 4 And in the great decisive day.

When God the nations shall survey, . "
May it before the world appear, ,
That crowds were born to glory hero.


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