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That each may feel the pleasing pain,

Of heart-felt penitence and love. * 367 s. M. Harborough 142. Wirksworth 158

He beheld the City, and wept over it, John xix, 41. 1 DID Christ o'er sinners weep,

? And shall our cheeks be dry? . Let floods of penitential grief

Burst forth from every eye.
2 The Son of God in tears, i,

Angels with wonder see!
Be thou astonish'd, O my soul,

He shed those tears for thee.. 3 He wept that we might weep;

. Each sin demands a tear; ... In heaven alone no sin is found,

And there's no weeping there. BEDDOME, 368 8.7.4. Helmsley 223, Lewes 63,

A Blessing requested. ..
1 COME, thou soul-transforming spirit,

Bless the sower and the seed;
Let each heart thy grace inberit,
· Raise the weak, the hungry feed. -
From the Gospel.

Now supply thy people's need., 2 O may all enjoy the blessing;. .

Which thy word's design’d to give ;
Let us all, thy love possessing,

Joyfully the truth receive;
And for ever

To thy praise and glory live! 369 148th. Bethesda 112. Carmarthen New 35.

Blind Bartimeus, Luke xviii, 35-38. i . SINFUL, and blind, and poor, ;';

w And lost without thy grace, : '

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Thy mercy I implore,

And wait to see thy face; .
Begging I sit by the way side,

And long to know the Crucify’d.
2 Jesus! attend my cry,

Thou Son of David, hear;
If now thou passest by,

Stand still and call me near;
" The darkness from my heart remove,
. And show me now thy pardoning love.
370 L. M. Coombs's 45. Islington 40.

Thy Kingdom come, Matt. vi, 10. -.
1 ASCEND thy throne, almighty King !

* And spread thy glories all abroad;
Let thine own arm salvation bring, .

And be thou known the gracious God.
2 Let millions bow before thy seat,

Let humble mourners seek thy face,
Bring daring rebels to thy feet,

Subdu'd by thy victorious grace.
3 O let the kingdoms of the world

Become the kingdoms of the Lord;
Let saints and angels praise thy name,
Be thou thro’ heaven and earth ador'd.

BEDDOME. 371 (1stP.)L.M.Wareham 117. Green's Hund.89.

Ezekiel's Vision of the dry Bones, Ezek. xxxvii. 3.
1 T OOK down, O Lord! with pitying eye;

See Adam's race in ruin lie;
Sin spreads its trophies o'er the ground,

And scatters slaughter'd heaps around.
3.2 And can these mouldering corpses live?'

And can these perish'd bones revive ?
That, mighty God! to thee is known;

That wondrous work is all thy own.
3 Thy ministers are sent in vain

To prophesy upon the slain ; .


In vain they call, in vain they 'cry,

Till thine almighty aid is nigh.
4 But if thy Spirit deign to breathe,,

Life spreads through all the realms of death;
Dry bones obey thy powerful voice';

They move, they waken, they rejoice. 5 So, when thy trumpet's awful sound

Shall shake the heav'ns and rend the ground,
Dead saints shall from their tombs arise,

And spring to life beyond the skies. . 371 (20 P.) L. M. Wareham 117. Paul's 246,

· Prayer for the whole Congregation.
1 T ORD, in our hearts implant thy fear,

And make and keep us all sîncere;
Draw burthen'd sinners to thy Son,

And make him to his mourners known. 2 Thy richest grace vouchsafe to give

As each is able to receive; -,,
The blessed grief to all impart,
Or joy, or purity of heart..!!
3 Our helpless unbelief remove, '.

And melt us by thy pard’ning love:
Work in us faith, or faith's increase

The dawning or the perfect peace.
4 Give each whate’er for each is best, i

But grant us all the promis'd rest; -
Thy blessing in the means convey, !
Nor empty send one-soul away.

'; HYMNS AFTER SERMON. A 72 C. M. Bath Chapel 26. New York 33.

The Parable of the Sower, Matt. xiii. 3-23.
I NOW, LORD! the heavenly seed is sown,

1 Be it thy servant's care

Thy heavenly blessing to bring down,

In rain weter too in

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2. In vain we plant without thine aid, i

And water too in vain; !?
LORD of the harvest ! God of grace! I

Şend down thy heavenly rain. ) 3 Then shall our cheerful hearts and tongues

Begin this song divine; 5 Thou, Lord ! hast given the rich increase,

• And be the glory thine.? 16'!

t P.) 148th. Bethesda 112. Eagle Street 16.

Success requested on the Seed down. jis
ON what has now been sown,'

Thy blessing, LORD! bestow in.
The power is thine alone '. ;

To make it spring and grow:
Do thou the gracious harvest raise,
And thou, alone, shalt have the praise."

NEWTON, 373 (20 P.) 8. 7. 4. Kentucky 113, Lewes 63.

Shew me a token for good, Ps. lxxxvi. 17/
QURANT us, LORD, some gracious token

Of thy love before we part;;
Crown thy word which has been spoken,

Life and peace to each impart;
And all blessings

Which shall sanctify the heart."
374 L. M. Denbigh 54. Rowles 73.

The Spread of the Gospel, Matt. vi, 10.
I TO distant lands thy Gospel send,

1 And thus thy empire wide extend:
To Gentile, Turk, and stubborn Jew,

Thou King of Grace! salvation shew.. 2. Where'er thy sun or light arise

Thy name, o God! immortalize:
May nations yet unborn confess

Thy wisdom, power, and righteousness,

375 CM. Bedford 91. Abridge 201.

Duties and Privileges, Jude 20, ži.
W HILE sinners, who presume to bear

The Christian's sacred name,
Throw up the reins to every lust, .

And glory in their shame ;
2 Ye saints, presery'd in Christ and callid,

Detest their impious ways,

And on the basis of your faith
.:)!'. An heavenly temple raise.
3 Upon the Spirit's promis'd aid

Depend from day to day, .
And while he breathes his quick’ning gale,

Adore, and praise, and pray. 2
4 Preserve unquench'd your love to God,

And let the flame arise,

And higher, and still higher blaze, . G ... Till it ascend the skies. 5 With a transporting joy expect

The grace your Lord shall give,
When all bis saints shall from his hands
sur Their crowns of life receive.
376 (1st P.) C. M. Grove House 143.
" Salem 139. Acton 288.

i Now is the accepted Time.
1 COME, guilty souls, and flee away

To Christ, and heal your wounds;
This is the welcome gospel-day,

* Wherein free grace abounds.
% God lov'd the Church, and gave his Son

To drink the cup of wrath :
And Jesus says he'll cast out none

That come to bim by faith. 376 (20 P.). L.M. Paul's 246. Gould's 272.

The convinced Sinner encouraged. " 1 W HO is the trembling sinner, who

" That owns eternal death his due ?

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