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Whó mourns his sin, his guilt, his thrall,

And does on God for mercy call ?
2 Peace, troubled soul, dismiss thy fear,

Hear, Jesus speaks, “Be of good cheer,"
Upon his cleansing grace rely,

And thou shalt never, never die. 377 (1st P.) L.M. Angel's Hymn 60. Paul's 246.

Acceptance through Christ alone, John xiv. 6. 1 LOW shall the sons of men appear,

II Great God! before thine awful bar ?
How may the guilty hope to find

Acceptance with th' eternal Mind?
2 Not vows, nor groans, nor broken cries,

Not the most costly sacrifice, "Not infant blood, profusely spilt, og

Will expiate a sinner's guilt.
3 Thy blood, dear Jesus ! thine alone, ;

Hath sovereign virtue to atone:
Here we will rest our only plea,

When we approach, great God! to thee. 377 (20 P.) 7s. Cookham 36. Stoel 164.

Hotham 224.

The Pleasures of Religion..
I 'TIS religion that can give

Sweetest pleasures while we live;
'Tis religion must supply

Solid comfort when we die.
2 After death its joys will be

Lasting as eternity!
Be the living God my friend, .

Then my bliss shall never end. . 378 L. M. Rowles 73. Portugal 97.

Habakkuk iii. 17, 18.
1 TS Jesus mine! I'm now prepard

To meet with what I thought most hạrd

Yes, let the winds of trouble blown.;

And comforts melt away like snów; 2 No blasted trees or failing crops

Can hinder my eternal hopes; it
Tho' creatures change, the LORD's the same,

Then let me triumph in his name. , 379 78. Deptford 124. Turin 244.

Help, Hosea xiii. 9.
SELF-destroy'd, for help I pray:.
» Help me, Saviour ! from above;
Help me to believe, obey ;
Help me to repent, and love;
Help to keep the graces given,

Help me quite from hell to heaven. ' . 380 C. M. Abridge 201. Grove House 143.

Felix trembling, Acts xxiv. 24, 25.
1 SEE Felix, cloth’d with pomp and power,

See his resplendent bride,
Attend to hear a prisoner preach

The Saviour crucify'd.
2 He well describes who Jesus was,

His glories and his love, . .
How he obey'd and bled below,

And reigns and pleads above.
3 Felix up starts, and trembling cries,

Go, for this time, away;
I'll hear thee on these points again

• On some convenient day.' .
4 Attention to the words of life ..
. Let Felix thus adjourn ;
Lord! let us make these solemn truths

Our first and last concern. 381 s. M. Eagle Street New 55. Vermont 134,

Jabez's Prayer, 1 Chron. iv. 9, 10. T O THAT the Lord indeed

Would me his servant bless,


From every evil shield my head,

And crown my paths with peace l'i
"Be his almighty hard ; ... :

My helper and my guide, ! ;
Till with his saints in Canaan's land

My portion he divide,?,"1. i'

382 (Ist P.). C. M. Brighton 208. Ann's 58. Desiring to walk in the Way of Holiness to Happiness,'

Psalm lxxxiv. 8. 1. L'ORD God, omnipotent to bless, 9 H My supplication hear; !

Guardian of Jacob! to my voice . ,,.!! Incline thy gracious ear. ?!

2 If I have never yet begün .
• To tread the sacred road, iii...!!
O teach my wandering feet the way??';!

..To Zion's blest abode !" itin ng Or, if I'm travelling in the path, : " Dita

: Assist me with thy strength," ":
And let me swift advances make, : )

* And reach thine heaven at length!'.
4 My care, my hope, my first request,

Are all compris'd in this,
I To follow where thy saints have led,

And then partake their bliss.

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thy strength," ":

382 (20 P.) C. M. Sprague 166. Bedford 91.

Good Hope of Interest united with Gratitude.
1 TF, LORD! in thy fair book of life --

My worthless name doth stand; is
And in my heart the law is writi

By thy unerring hand; : ..!
2 I am secure, by grace divine, i ".

Of crowns above the skies ;
And on the road, from thy rich stores,
Shall meet with fresh supplies,

3 To thee in sweet melodious strains

My grateful voice I'll raise ; :
But life's too short, my powers too weak,

To show forth half thy praise."
4 [Had I ten thousand thousand tongues,

Not one should silent be;
Had I ten thousand thousand hearts,

I'd give them all to thee.] 383 (Ist P.) 104th. Sussex 70. Hanover 130.

Praise for Salvation.
UR Saviour alone the Lord let us bless,
Who reigns on his throne, the Prince of

our Peace; s Who evermore saves us by shedding his blood;

All hail, holy Jesus, our LORD and our God. 2 We thankfully sing thy glory and praise,

Thou merciful spring of pity and grace;
Thy kindness for ever to men we will tell,
And say, our dear Saviour redeems us from hell!
3 Preserve us in love while here we abide :

O never remove thy presence, nor hide
Thy glorious salvation, till each of us see
With joy the bless'd vision completed in thee.

383 (20 P.) L. M. Portugal 97. Breadby 165,

Gratitude to Christ. . Imo him who on the fatal tree

- Pour'd out his blood, bis life for me, In grateful strains my voice I'll raise,

And in his service spend my days. 2 To listening multitudes I'll tell

How he redeem'd my soul from hell ;
And how, reposing on his breast, :

I lost my cares and found my rest. 3 Thro' him my sins are all forgiven,

He ever pleads my cause in heaven ;

I'll build an altar to his name, ...,
And to the world his grace proclaim.

:PAUSE . . . , And when the Burnt Offering began, the Song of the Lord

began, 2 Cbron. xxix. 27. . !
4 Christ hath redeem'd our souls with blood,

And made us kings and priests to God;
For us, for us the Lamb was slain, :

Praise, everlasting praise, Amen.
384 (1st P.) C. M. Boston 159. Miall 240.

Not unto us, Psalm cxv. I. :
NOT unto us, but thee alone,

Bless'd Lamb! be glory given;
Here shall thy praises be begun, i'.

And carried on in heaven.
2 The hosts of spirits now with theo

Eternal anthems sing : :
To imitate them here, lo! we,

Our hallelujahs bring.
3 Had we our tongues like them inspir'd,

Like theirs our songs should rise ;
Like them we never should be tir'd,

But love the sacrifice.
4 Till we the veil of flesh lay down, .

- Accept our weaker lays;
And, when we reach thy Father's throne,

We'll give thee nobler praise. . .. 384 (20 P.) C. M. Otford 106. Missionary 257.

Joying and glorying in the Lord. 1 YE saints of every rank, with joy, ..

1 To God your offerings bring;
Let towns and cities, hills and vales,

With loud Hosannas ring.
2 Let him receive the glory due ,

To his exalted name; . '

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