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Now, ev'n now I fee Thy Face,
The Balm of Gillead. I receive,
Thou hart iav'd me by hy Grace,

And bad the Sinner live..

10. Surely now the Bitterness

Of Second Death is past :
O my Life, my Righteousness

On Thee my Soul is cait ;
Thou haft brought me to Thine Inn,
And I am of Thy Promise sure,
Thou shalt cleanie me from All Sin;

And all my Sickness cure.

11. Perfect then the Work begun,

And make the Sinner whole,
All Thy Will on me be done,

My Body, Spirit, Soul :
Still preserve me lafe from Harms,
And kindly for Thy Patient care,

Take me, Jesu, to Thy Arms.
- And keep me ever there.

Groaning for Redemption. "Lo

ORD, I confess my Sins to Thee,

My Sins beyond Expression great, Faft bound in Sin and Misery,

My Spirit faints beneath the Weight, And struggles to throw off the Load, But cannot, cannot come ta. God.

2. O how shall I the Anguish bear

Of Inbred Siri's envenom'd Dart ? The Mischief hence I cannot tear,

'Tis enter'd deep into my Heart, It's Poison drinks my Spirits up, And quenches my last Spark of Hope.

3. O wretched Man, what must I do?

I neither can resist or fly;
Hell, Earth, and Sin my Soul pursue,

I cannot find a Saviour nigh:
Unhappy I fall one Day fall,
Shall perish by the Hand of Saul.


Me from Perdition what can save!

Juftly my God His Help denies :
No Evil I abhor, and have

No Fear of God before my Eyes ;;
Self-harden'd in my loft Estate,
All Sin I love, all Good I hate.


Whither, ah whither shall I go?

The Snares of Death my Soul surround, The Floods of Wickedness o'erfow,

And desp'rate is my Spirit's Wound, The Worm that never dies I feel, Arrested by the Pains of Hell.

6. O could I but escape away,

And steal into the filent Tomb,
Defraud the Lion of his Prey,

And at my lateft Hour o'ercome,
That Hour I now would present have,
Would now rejoice to find a Grave.
7. O God, behold my troubled Breaft,

Yet once again I Thee implore,
Indulge me in my laft Request,

And let me die, and fin no more, Now, let me Now lay down my Head, From Pain, and Sin forever freed.

8. O GOD, regard my bitter Cry,

I groan to be redeem'd from Sin, To Thee I lift my weeping Eye,

Open Thy Arms, and take me in ; To 'Thee my lab'ring Soul I bow, Require it, О require it Now.

9. I know it is not now'renew'd,

I am not fit Thy Face to see,
But trust, the Virtue of Thy Blood

In my last Hour shall work on me ::
Some Miracle of Grace Unknown,
Without a Miracle Undone.

10. My God, I cannot let Thee go,

Without an Answer to my Prayer : tell me, that it shall be so,

I soon shall lose in Death my Care,
Where Fiends and Sins no more molest,
And weary Spirits are at rest.

I doubt not, LORD, but there remains.
A Reft from Sin and Sorrow here,
Thy People here are freed from Pains

From Troubles, Doubts, and Guilt and Fear.
But let me hence this Moment fly,
Save me from Sin, and let me die.


12. I only wait for this glad Hour,

'Tis all my Business here below, Send down into my Soul the Power,

And let me die Thy Love to know, Renew me, and withdraw my Breath, Give Power o're Sin, and Instant Death.


Orgive me, Olong-suffering GOD;

The Hurry of my peevith Grief,
Tho' fainting underneath my Load,

And stagg'ring oft thro' Unbelief,
Thee for my LORD: I fain wou'd own,
And say, Thy only Will be done.
2. Forgive me then my Follies past,

The Fond Impatience of my Prayers,
My rash Complaints, and eager Hafte,

My faithless Doubts, and fruitless Cares,

Thou know'xt, till Thou Thy Life bring in,
I cannot, cannot cease from Sin.

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3. The Captive Exile makes his Moan,

And haltens to be loos’d from Pain,
The Pain thro' which I ever groan,

The Dread least I should turn again,
Left all my Bread of Life should fail,
And I sink down Unchang'd to Hell.
4. 'That dreadful Thought comes thundring back,

And falls a Mountain on my Head,
Nor can, nor will I Comfort take

In hearing Satan's Factors plead,
I cannot hug, like Them, my Chain,

Or reft, if Sin in me remain.
5. In vain they bid me blindly fly,

And catch at Thy Unknown Decreez
In vain they bid me dream, that I

Was chose from all Eternity:
Alas! I want Election's Seal,
For I am all Unholy ftill.
6. Tell me no more, ye Carnal Saints,

“ The Best must always strive with Sir, 66 God will not answer All your Wants,

God will not make you throughly clean, “ Sin must have some Unhallow'd Part, * CHRisT cannot fill up All the Heart.”. 7. Can Life, and Deach together dwell?

Can CHRIST with Belial ee'r agree?
Darkness with Light, and Heaven with Hell?

Can both at once have Place in me?
Can I be CHRI'S T's and Sin's Abode,
A Den of Thieves, and House of God?

8. No, Jesus, no! Thou Holy One,

When Thou shalt come into my Heart, I know that Thou wilt reign Alone,

And Sin forever shall depart,

Thy Love shall cast out all my Fear
Least Sin should come, when Thou art here.

9. In patient Hope for This I wait,

Till all old Things are paft away, Till Thou shalt all Things new create,

And I behold Thy Perfect Day, The Mark of mine Election shew, And be in Christ a Creature new.


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MNISCIENT, Omnipresent King,

The true, and merciful, and juft, To Thee iny last Distress I bring,

To Thee my desperate Cause I trust, I give my fond Complainings o're, I set my God a Time no more. 2. My Time, O God, is in Thine Hand,

Thou know'st my Feebleness of Soul, Able Thou art to make me stand,

Thou canst this Moment speak me whole,
Or keep me thus till my Last Hour,
To Thew forth All Thy Saving Power.
3. I leave it all to Thee alone,

Thy Counsellor I cannot be,
To Thee Thy every Work is known,

And secret Things belong to Thee,
Thy Manner, and Thy Time is best :
But let me enter into Rest.

The Hireling longeth for his Hire,

The Watcher for the Break of Day, But, O. my restless Heart's Defire,

Let me not murmur at Thy Stay ; Be stopt my Mouth, and fail my Tongue, But let Thy Spirit groan, How long!

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