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4. JESUS, faithful to His Word,

Shall with a Shout descend,
All Heaven's Host their Glorious Lóro-

Shall pompoudly attend:
Christ shall come with dreadful Noise,

Lightnings swift, and Thunders loud;
With the great Archangel's Voice;

And with the Trump of God. 5. First the Dead in Chrift shall rife,

Then We who yet remain . Shall be caught up to the Skies,

And see our LORD against We shall meet Him in the Air,

All rapt up to Heaven shall be, See, and love, and praise Him there,

To all Eternity,

6. Who can tell the Happiness

This Glorious Hope affords,. Joy unutter'd we possess :

In these reviving Words; Happy while on Earth we breathe,

Mightier Bliss ordain'd to know, Trampling upon Sin and Death

To the Third Heaven we go.


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LESSING, Honour, Thanks, and Praise,

Pay we, gracious God, to Thee,
Thou in Thine, abundant Grace

Giveft us the Victory:
True and faithful to Thy Word

Thou hast glorified Thy Son,
Jesus Christ our dying LORD:
He for Us the right hath won.

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2. Lo! the Prisoner is releast,

Lightend of his Fleshly Load, Where the Weary are at Reft

He is gather'd into God! Lo! the Pain of Life is paft,

All his Warfare now is o're, Death, and Hell behind are cast,

Grief and Suffering are no more: 3. Yes, the Christian's Course is run,

Ended is the Glorious Strife, Fought the Fight, the work is done,

Death is swallow'd up of Life; Born by Angels on their Wings

Far from Earth the Spirit flies, Finds his God, and fits and finge

Triumphing in Paradise. 4. Join we then with one Accord

In the new, the joyful Song; Absent from our loving LORD

We shall not continue long: We shall quit the House of Clay,

We a better Lot shall share, We shall see the Realms of Day

Meet our Happy Brother there!

5. Let the World bewail their Deady",

Fondly of their Loss complain; Brother, Friend, by Jesus freed,

Death to Thee, to Us is Gain; Thou art entred into Joy:

Let the Unbelievers mourn, We in Songs our Lives employ,

Till we all to God return..


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ARK! a Voice divides the Sky!

Happy are the Faithful Dead,
In the Lord who sweetiy die,

They from all their Toils are freed.
Them the Spirit hath declar'd

Blest, unutterably, blest,
Jesus is their great Reward,

Jesus is their Endlefs Rest.

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2. Follow'd by their Works they go

Where their Head had gone before,
Reconcil'd by Grace below;

Grace had open'd Mercy's Door:
Iustified thro' Faith alone,

Here they knew their Sins forgiven,
Here they laid their Burden down.

Hallow'd, and made fit for Heaven..


3. Who can now lament the Lot

Of a Saint in Chrift deceasid:
Let the World who know. us, not,

Call us hopeless and unbless'd:
When from Flesh the Spirit freed

Haftens homeward to return,
Mortals cry A Man is Dead!

Angels sing A Child is born!
4. Born into the World above-

They our happy Brother greet,
Bear him to the Throne of Love,

Place him at the Saviour's Feet :
Jesus smiles, and says Well done,

Good and Faithful Servant Thou,..
Enter, and receive thy Crown,

Keign with Me Triumphant now.

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5. Angels

5. Angels catch th’ Approving Sound,

Bow, and bless the juit Award, Hail the Heir with Glory crown'd

Now rejoicing with his LORD: Fuller Joys ordain'd to know,

Waiting for the General Doom, When th' Archangel's Trump shall blow “ Rise ye Dead, to Judgment come."

After the Funeral.
OME, let us who in CHRIST believe,

With Saints and Angels join, "Glory, and Praise, and Blessing give,

And Thanks to Love Divine.

2. Our Friend in sure and certain Hope

Hath laid his Body down ; He knew that Christ shall raise him up

And give the Starry Crown.
:-3. To All who His Appearing Love

He opens Paradise,
And We shall join the Hofts above,

And we shall grasp the Prize.
4. Then let us wait to see the Day,

To hear the joyful Word,
To answer, Lo! we come away,

We die to meet our LORD.

A Midnight Hymn.


EARKEN to the Solemn Voice,

The awful Midnight Cry, Waiting Souls, rejoice, rejoice,

And see the Bridegroom nigh:

Lo! He comes to keep His Word;

Light and Joy His Looks impart, Go-ye forth to meet your LORD,

And meet Him in your Heart.

2. Ye who faint beneath the Load

Of Sin, your Heads lift up, See your dear, Redeeming God,

He comes, and bids you hope. In the Midnight of your Grief,

Jesus doth His Mourners chear, Now he brings you sure Relief:

Believe, and feel Him here.

3. Ye whose Loins are girt stand forth!

Whose Lamps are burning bright, Worthy in your Saviour's Worth,

To walk with CHRIST in Light: JESUS bids your Hearts be clean,

Bids you All his Promise prove; Jesus comes to cast out Sin,

And perfect you in Love. 4. Happiest Souls, (if such are here,)

Who have attain'd the Prize, Wait ye till your LORD appear,

Descending from the Skies: Still forget the things behind,

Toward your Thrones of Glory press, Stop not, till above ye find

The Crown of Righteousness. 5. Wait we all in patient Hope

Till CHRIST the Judge shall come, We shall soon be All caught up

To meet the General Doom; In an Hour to Us unknown

As a Thief in deepeft Night, CHRIST shall suddenly come down

With all His Saints in Light,

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