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[Grace 7. He all shall break thro", His Truth and His Shall bring me into The Plentiful Place: Thro much. Tribulation, Thro' Water and Fire, Thro' Floods of Temptation, And Flames of Defire. 8. On Jesus my Power Till then I rely, All Evil before His Presence fhall fly, When I have my Saviour, My Sin shall depart, And Jesus forever Shall reign in my Heart.

Habakkuk iii. 17, 18, 19.
Way my Unbelieving Fear!

Fear shall in me no more have place; My Saviour doth not yet appear,

He hides the Brightness of His Face: But shall I therefore let Him go,

And basely to the Tempter yield? No, in the Strength of Jesus; no!

I never will give up my Shield.

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2. Altho' the Vine it's Fruit deny,

Althoʻthe Olive yield no Oil,
The withering Fig-tree droop and die,

The Field illude the Tiller's Toil,
The empty Stall no Herd afford,

And perish all the Bleating Race, Yet will I triumph in the LORD,

The God of my Salvation praise. 3. Barren altho' my Soul remain,

And no one Bud of Grace appear, No Fruit of all my Toil and Pain,

But Sin, and only Sin is here; Altho' my Gifts, and Comforts loft,

My blooming Hopes cut off I see, Yet will I in my Saviour trust,

And Glory, that He died for Me.

4, In Hope believing againft Hope,

Jesus my Lord and God I claim,
Jesus my Strength shall lift me up,

Salvation is in Jesu's Name:
To Me He soon shall bring it nigh,

My Soul shall then outstrip the Wind,
On Wings of Love mount up on high,

And leave the World, and Sin behind.

After a RELAPSE into Sin.


Od. Of my Salvation, hear,

And help me to believe,
Simply do I now draw near

Thy Blessing to receive;
Full of Guilt alas! I am,
But to Thy Wounds for Refuge flee
Friend of Sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy Blood was:shed for me.

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2. Standing now as newly flain,

To Thee I lift mine Eye,
Balm of all my Grief and Pain

Thy Blood is always nigh:
Now as yesterday the same
Thou art, and wilt for ever be:

Friend of Sinners, &c.

3. Full of Truth, and Grace Thou art,

And here is all my Hope:
False, and foul as Hell my Heart

To Thee I offer up ;
Thou wast given to redeem
My Soul from All Iniquity :

Friend of Sinners, &c.

4. Nothing

4. Nothing have I, LORD, to pay,

Nor can Thy Grace procure,
Empty send me not away,

For I, Thou know'ft, am Poor :-
Dust and Alhes is
My All is Sin and Misery :

Friend of Sinners, &c.

my Name,

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Without Money, without Price

I come Thy Love to buy,
From Myself I turn my Eyes,

The Chief of Sinners I:
Take, ( take me as I am,
And let me lose Myself in Thee :

Friend of Sinners, &c.

6. No good Work, or Word, or Thoughe

Bring I to gain Thy Grace,
Pardon I accept unbought,

Thy Proffer I embrace,
Coming as at first I came
To take, and not bestow on Thee :

Friend of Sinners, &c. 7. Jesu, unto Thee


I quietly confefs,
Till Thy Blood fhall wash me clean

From All Unrighteousness,
From the slightest Touch of Blame
My Spirit, Soul, and Body free:

Friend of Sinners, &c.
8. Saviour, from Thy wounded Side

I never will depart,
Here will I my Spirit hide

When I am pure in Heart:
Till my Place above I claim
This only fhall be all my Plea,
Friend of Sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy Blood was med for Me. ANO



Ong have I labour'd in the Fire,

And spent my Life for Nought, With Pride, and Anger, and Desire,

In Nature's Strength I fought. ; 2. Baffled I still my Foes defied,

And rose with Courage new,
All which the Lord command's, I cried,

I now resolve to do.

3. But O! how soon from Glory driven,

Down to profoundeft Hell,
As Lucifer cast down from Heaven,

From all my Hopes I fell!

4. I fell, and funk in Self-despair,
gave up

All at last,
On Jesus then I cast my Care,

On Him my Anchor caft.

5. With Sin I ftrove alas ! too long,

But now I to the Lamb
Look, and am fav’d! In weakness strong,

While arm’d with Jesu's Name. 6. Jesu, to Thee I now can fly,

On whom my Help is laid, Oppress’d by Sins, I lift mine Eye,

And see the Shadows fade.,

7. Soon as I find Myself forsook,

The Grace again is given,
A Sigh will reach Thy

Heart, a Look
Will bring Thee down from Heaven.

8. Believing

8. Believing on my LORD, I find

A sure and present Aid:
On Thee alone my constant Mind :

Is every Moment ftaid.
9. Whate'er in me seems wise, or good,

Or strong, I here disclaim ;
I wash my Garments in the Blood..

Of the Atoning Lamb...

10. JESUS, my Strength, my Life, my Reft,

On Thee will I depend, "Till summond to the Marriage-feaft,

Where Faith in Sight shall end.

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"MY Fashte akeli Ehild's imperfet Call!

Now as a Servant I appear,

And yet Thou know'st me Heir of All:
O make me know as I am known;
Speak, Father; am I not Thy Son?

2. Allur'd by Unrefifted Grace,

Thy Footsteps why did I pursue?
Why did I ever seek Thy Faces

What Secret Power my Spirit drew
After I knew not whom to run?
Speak, Father ; am I not Thy Son ?

3. From whom have all my Blessings flow'd? Who

gave me these enlarg’d Desires ? Who made me restless after God,

And burnt me up with Inward Fires ?
O let the Author now be shewn,
Speak, Father ; am I not Thy Son ?

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