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10. I look'd who to assist stood by:

Trembled Heaven's Hoft, nor ventur'd nigh: Ev’n to my Father did I look

In Pain: my Father me forsook. 11. Awhile amaz'd I was to see

None to uphold, or comfort me: Then I arose in Might array'd,

And call'd my Fury to my Aid;

12. My Single Arm the Battle won,

And strait th' acclaiming Hosts above, Hymn'd in new Song of Joy and Love,

JEHOVAH, and His Conquering Son.


1. I too will magnify the LORD,

And emulate the Angels Lays, His Loving-kindnesses record

In Sounds of Everlasting Praise.

2. For All He hath on Us bestow'd..

This only Tribute can I bring, Extol the Mercies of my God,

His Multitude of Mercies fing.

3. How Good to Ifrael's Chosen Race

Who, who can All His Goodness tell!, So rich in unexhausted Grace,

His Riches are Unsearchable.

4. Surely, He said, mine own they are,

My People will not faithless prove, My Children will not Night my Care,

Or disappoint a Father's Love.

5. Sweetly He strove their Hearts to gain,

He woo'd them to embrace His Will.


They never ask'd His Help in vain,

But found a Present Saviour still.

6. Dear as the Apple of His Eye

In all their Griefs He kindly griev'd; The Angel of His Pretence nigh

From all the fav’rite Nation faved.

7. He rescued when to Evil fold,

He fnatch'd them from im pending Harms, Carried them all the Days of old,

Safe in His Everlasting Arms.

8. He magnified His Saving Power,

Callid them His utmost Grace to prove, with infinite Com paflion bore

The Objects of His tend'rest Love, 9. But Oh! they soon forfook their God,

The faithless and rebellious. Race In devious Paths of Evil trod,

And griev'd the Spirit of His Grace.

10. They vex'd; and forc'd His Wrath to rise,

His Vengeance feil fo long delay’d: Conftraind the Rebels to chattise,

He pour'd His Judginents on their Head.

11. His Mercy then He cali'd to mind,

He call'd to mind the antient Days When Only Merciful, and kind

He smiled on the Peculiar Race.

12. Where is He Now“-their God, their Guide!

(He taught their Hearts the Powerful Plea) Where is te Now, their Hearts replied,

Who brought His People from the Sea ?

13. Who

13. Who plac'd a Shepherd o'er the rest,

And gave him Wisdom from above, And breath'd into his peaceful Breast

The meek, mild Spirit of His Love.

14. Them by the Hand of Mofes led,

His Power, and Goodness to proclaim, Beyond the Bounds of Time to spread

JEHOVAH's Everlasting Name.

15. The Lord of Hofts in All appear’d,

He smote the Sea with Moses' Rod, His Glorious Arm aloft He rear d.

The parting Sea confess’d its God. 16. He brought them thro' the wondrous Way,

The Deep was dry at His Command, Secure they march'd in firm Array,

Nor stumbled, till they reach'd the Land. 17. Smooth as the gen'rous nurtur'd Beaft,

Into the verdant Vale goes down, To bring them to That Promis'd Reft,

His Spirit gently led them on.

18. Thus didft Thou guide Thy Chosen Race,

That every Tongue might speak Thy Fame, And Earth, and Heaven conspire to praise

The God of lfrael's Glorious Name.


1. God of Eternal Majesty,

High as 'Thou art, from Heaven look down, Holy, and Just, we cry to Thee,

Behold us from Thy Glorious Throne ! 2. Where is Thy Strength to conquer Sin? Thy Zeal to save a fallen Race ?


Thy Bowels founding from within ?

Thy Mercies, and Thy Pard'ning Grace?

3. Thy Pity, and Paternal Care,

The tender Yearnings of Thy Heart, Are they restrain'd ? Is Fury there?

Ah no! Thou still our Father art.

4. Doubtless Thou art our Father still,

Though Abraham His Seed disowns Debas’d by Sin, though Israel

Renounces his Degenerate Sons.

5. Our LORD, and our Redeemer now

Thou art, and will be still the fame, Our Everlasting Father Thou ;

JEHOVAH is Thy Glorious Name.

6. Why then, O LORD, if Qars Thou art,

Why haft Thou suffer'd us to rove? Withdrawn Thy Spirit from our Heart,

And left us to our Want of Love?

7. Why haft Thou hid Thy lovely Face,

And caus’d us from Thy Paths to err? Abandon'd by Restraining Grace

Our Hearts were harden'd from Thy Fear. 8. Yet, Lord, for Thee again we mourn,

Now let our Prayers Thine Aid engage, Now for Thy Servant's fake return,

And chear Thy drooping Heritage. 9. The Land we fondly deem'd our own

(Alas, how short a Time enjoy'd!) Our Adversaries have or'ethrown,

And trampled on the House of God.

[blocks in formation]

10. Yet we Are Thine, though difpoffeft,

And Outcasts from the Promis'd Land, They never have Thy Sway confessid,

Or yielded to Thy Just Command. 11. We, We are call’d by Thy Great Name,

Accept our Plea, Thine Ear incline, Thine, LORD, we are, renew Thy Claim,

Receive, and seal us ever Thine.

GOD's Husbandry.

From the German.

Ich on His Everlasting Throne,

The King of Saints His Works surveys, Marks the dear Souls He calls His own,

And smiles on the Peculiar Race. He rests well-pleas'd their Toil to see,

Beneath his easy Yoke they move, With all their heart and Strength agree

In the sweet Labour of His Love.

2. His Eye the World at once looks thro',

A vast uncultivated Field!
Mountains and Vales, in ghastly new,

A barren uncouth Prospect yield.
Cleard of the Thorns by Human Care,

A few less hideous Waites are seen, Yet still they all continue bare,

And not one Spot of Earth is Green. 3. See where the Servants of their GOD,

A busy Multitude, appear,
For Jesus Day and Night employd,

His Heritage they toil to clear.


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