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This Blessing above All,
Always to pray

I want,
Out of the Deep on Thee I call,

And never, never faint.. 6. I want a true Regard,

A single steady Aim
(Unmov'd by Threat'ning or Reward)

To Thee and 'Thy great Name ;
A jealous, juft Concern

For Thy immortal Praise,
A pure Desire that all may learn,

And glorify Thy Grace.

7. I want with all


Thy Pleasure to fulfil,
To know Myself, and what

Thou art,
And what Thy perfect Will.
I want, I know not what,
I want my Wants to see,

-alas ! what want I not,
When Thou art not in me!

I want,

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My Father, and my God,

Look upon Thy helpless Chila!
Thou hast laid afide Thy Rod,

Thou in CHRIS'f art reconcil'd : Hear me then, my Father; htar,

Good, and gracious as Thou art,

me with an holy fear,
Give me, LORD, an Hamble Heart:

2. O! 'tis all I want below,

JESUS, and Myself to feel, Only Sin, and Grace to know,

All the Good and all the Ill. Shew me, Father, what I am,

Shew me what in Christ Thou art, All my Glory, all my Shame;

Give me, LORD, an Humble Heart.

3. Listen to my ceaseless Cries,

Mean and little may I be,
Base, and vile in my own Eyes, -

Griev'd at my own Misery.
Shew, and then my Sickness cure ;

Make me know as I am known,
Wound my Spirit, make me poor,

Break, o break this Heart of Stone.

Duft and Ashes is my Name,

Sinful Duft and Alhes I
Back return from whence I came,

Earth to Earth I fink, and die.
Abject I, yet haughty too,

Nothing of my own possess, 1 Nothing of Myself can do,

Proud of Sin, and proud of Grace. 5. O the Curse, the Plague I feel

By the Demon Pride pursu'd ! Proud to see I merit Hell,

Proud I am that God is Good,
Proud, that Thou my Works haft wrought,

Proud that I was Justified,
Proud in every Word and Thought:

Fallen Soul is Pride:

6. My own Glory still I seek;

Still I covet Human Praise, Still in all I do, or speak,

Thee I wrong, and rob Thy Grace :

Nature will usurp a Share,

Fondly of Thy Graces boast, Needlessly Thy Gifts declaté,

Needlessly declar'd and loft.

7. And muft that which is fo good

Evil prove to helpless me? Poison shall I draw from food,

Sin from Grace, and Pride from Thee? O forbid it Humble Love !

Hide me, O my Father, hide, Far away this Snare remove,

Save me from the Demon Pride:

8. Wean my Soul, and keep it low,

Do not with Thy Gifts destroy, Lowliness of Heart bestow,

Give me This, or take my Joy: If with me Thou wilt not stay,

Let my Comfort all Depart, Take my Joy, and Peace away,

Leave me but an Humble Heart.

9. Father hear, tó T'hee I cry,

Thee in Jesu's Name conjure, With my Request comply, ,

Make me humble, make me poor : This of all Thy Gifts impart ;

When I am of This poffeft, When Thou giv'it an Humble Heart,

If Thou Canft, withhold the rest.


ORD, and am I yet alive,

Not in Torments, not in Hell! Still doth Thy good Spirit strive,

With the Chief of Sinners dwell!

'I ,

Yes; I ftill lift up my Eyes,

Will not of Thy Love despair, Still in spite of Sin I rise,

Still to call Thee Mine I dare.

2. O the Length and Breatich of Love!

JESU, Saviour, can it be?
All Thy Mercy's Heighth i prove,

All its Depth is feen in Me!
O the Miracle of Grace !

Tell it out, ro Sinners tell !
Fiends, and Men, and Angels gaze,

I am, I am out of Hell!

3. Turn afide a Sight t admire,

I the Living Wonder am! See a Bush that burns with Fire,

Unconfum'd amidft the Flame! See a Stone that hangs in Air !

See a Spark in Ocean's dwell! Kept alive with Death so near,

I am, I am out of Hell !

For the Spirit of PRAYER. "

ATHER, in the Mighty Name

Of Thy well-beloved Son,
One of all Thy Gifts I claim,

All my Wants I speak in One,
Let me for the Promise stay,
Only give me Power 'to pray.

2. Sensible Delights on Me,

Peace or Joy if Thou bestow, Thankful I receive from 'Thee,

Or let all my Comforts go, Take Thy Other Gifts away; Only give me Power to pray.

3. See Thy poor afflicted Child,

Patient, and resign'd in Pain,
Let me wander o'er the Wild,

Never more will I complain,
Here forever let me stay,
Only give me Power to pray.

4. Let the Pangs that fill my Breast

Fully all to Thee be known,
Griefs that cannot be expreft

Let me tell Thee in a Groan,..
Hafte to help me, or delay,
Only give me Power to pray.
5. Grant me Comfort, or deny,

Vifit, or from me depart,
Only let Thy Spirit cry,

Abba Father, in my Heart ; Abba Father, would I say, Only give me Power to pray:

W Perlemy refign'd to Thee?

7HEN, my Saviour, shall I be

Poor, and vile in my own Eyes,
Only in Thy Wisdom wife-
Only Thee content to know,
Ignorant of all below,
Only guided by Thy Light,
Only mighty in Thy Might.

2. Take my 'Nature's Strength away,
Every Comfort, every Stay,
Every Hindrance of Thy Love,
All my Power to act or move,
Fain I would be truly fill,
Fain I would be without Will,

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