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Simple, innocent, and free,
Free from All that is not Thée.

3. Weaken, bring me down to nought,
Captivate my every Thought,
Take the Future from my View,
All Thy Love intends to do ;
Let me to Thy Goodness leave
When, and what Thou art to givé,
All Thy Works to Thee are known,
Let Thy bleffed Will be done.
4. Is it not enough that I
Now can Abba Father cry?
I am now a Child of God,
Bought, and sprinkled with Thy Blood
LORD, it doth not yet appear,
What I surely thall be here;
When Thou shalt unfold the Word :
Only make me As my LORD.

5. So I may Thy Spític know
Let Him as he listech blow,
Let the Manner be "unknown,
So I may with Thee be One.
Fully in my Life express
All the Heights of Holiness,
Sweetly in my Spirit prove
All the Depths of humble Love:


For a Sick Friend. " SEE

Ee, gracious LO'RD, with pitying Eyes,

Beneath Thirte Hand a Sulteret lies,
Thy Mercy not Thine Anger proves,
And fick he is whoth JE SU's loves.

2. His to Thine own Afiations join,
Accept, exalt, and count them Thine,
Thy Passion which remains fulfil,
And suffer in Thy-Members ftill.

3. His Sickness feel, endure His Pain,
His Burthen bear, His Cross sustain,
Grieve in His Griefs, and figh His Sighs,
And breathe.his Wifhes to the Skies.

4. Enter his Heart, poffefs him whole,
Inspire, and actuate his Soul, ,
Himself no longer let it be
That suffers, or that lives but Thee:

5. Thyself thro' Sufferings perfect made
Conform him thus to Thee his Head,
Refine, and raise his Virtue higher,
When tried, and purified by Fire.

6. So when his Eyes behold Thée near,
And Thou his Hidden Life, appear,
Bright in 'Thy Likeness shall he shine,
And glorious all, and all Divine. .

After a Recovery from Sickness.

Psalm ciï. 1, &c.
Raise the LORD, my thankful Soul,

Him let all within me praise !
He again hath made me whole,

He hath lengthen'd out my Days.
2. Gracious, Merciful, and Kind,

Him my thankful Soul proclaim,
Bear His Benefits in mind,

Love, and bless His hallow'd Name.

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3. Thee how often doth he save

From the first, and second Death! Snatch Thee from the gaping Grave,

Pluck thee from the Lion's Teeth?

4. He forgives thy every Sin,

Inly He thy Pardon seals, Justifies and makes thee clean,

All Thy Imperfections heals.
15. God òn me His Blessings showers,

All His Blessings from above,
Bids me taste the Heavenly Powers,

Crowns me with His Grace, and Love.

6. As an Eagle swift and strong,

Lo! renew'd I live,' I rise, Active, vigorous, and young,

.Earth I spurn, and cleave the Skies.


Ifaiah xxxviii, 17. 18, &c.

LORY to God, whose gracious Power

Is in His Creature's Weakness fhew'd, Who turns aside the Mortal Hour,

And bids me live to, praise my God! 2. To praise my God I only live ;

To Him my Residue of Days, His own continued Gift I give,

I only live my God to praise.

3. In Love, and Pity to my Soul,

Thou, LORD, haft snatch'd me from the Grave, Thy powerful Touch hath made me whole ; :O! who can as my Saviour fave?

4. Jesu,

4. Jesu, the Saviour of Mankind,

How shall I magnify Thy Grace, Which caft my every Sin behind,

And brought me to Thy Father's Face! 5. Here I rejoyce to bless Thy Name,

Thy Goodness here I live to see:
The Grave cannot Thy Praise proclaim,

The Dead can call no Sguls to Thee.

6. The Living, He thall praise Thy Love;

The Living, He Thy Truth shall own, . As I this Day delight to prove,

And make Thy faithful Mercies known.

7. Let future Times Thy Name confess

In which I sure Salvation have,
And learn from me their God to bless,

So ready, and so frong to save.

8. The LORD hath sav'd my Soul from Death,

Then let us sing my grateful Songs, And render with our lateit Breath

The Praise that to my LORD belongs.

Receiving a Christian Friend.

ELCOME Friend, in that great Name, WE

Whence our every Blefling flows! Enter, and increase the Flame

Which in all our Bosoms glows.

2. Sent of God, we Thee receive:

Hail the Providential Guest! If in JESUS We believe,

Let us on His Mercies feast.

3. Jesus

3. Jesus is Our Common Lord,

He our loving Saviour is, By His Death to Life restor’d,

Misery we exchange for Bliss:

4 Bliss to Carnal Minds unknown,

O! 'tis more than Tongue can tell, Only to Believers known,

Glorious, and unspeakable !

5. CHRIST, our Brother, and our Friend,

Shews us His Eternal Love; Never let our Triumphs end,

Till we join the Host above.

6. Let us walk with Christ in White,

For our Bridal-day prepare, For our Partnership in Light,

For our Glorious Meeting there!


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1. EACE be on this House bestow'd,

Peace on All that here reside! Let the Unknown Peace of God

With the Man of Peace abide! Let the Spirit now come down,

Let the Blessing now take place! Son of Peace, receive thy Crown,

Fulness of the Gospel-Grace. 2. CHRIST, my Master, and my LORD,

Let me Thy Forerunner be, O be mindful of Thy Word,

Visit them, and visit me :
To this House, and All herein,

Now let Thy Salvation come,
Save our Souls from Inbred Sin,
Make them Thine Eternal Home.


3. Let

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