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3. Let us never, never rest

Till the Promise is fulfil'd, Till we are of Thee poffeft,

Wash'd, and sanctified, and seald: Till we all in Love renew'd,

Find the Pearl that Adam lost, Temples of the Living God,

er, Son, and Holy Ghost.


At the Meeting of Christian Friends.

Lory be ,

God, from whom all Blessings flow! ! Make we mention of His Love,

Publish we His Praise below; Callid together by His Grace,

We are met in Jesu's Name, See with Joy each others Face,

Followers of the Bleeding Lamb.

2. Let us then sweet Counsel take

How to make our Calling sure, Our Election how to make,

Past the Reach of Hell secure ; Build we each the other up,

Pray we for our Faith's Increase, Lasting Comfort, steadfast Hope,

Solid Joy, and settled Peace.

3. More and more let Love abound,

Never, never may we reft,
Till we are in Jesus found,

Of our Paradise poffeft.
He removes the Flaming Sword,

Calls us back, from Eden driven,
To His Image here restor'd,

Soon He takes us up to Heaven.


4. JESU, LORD, for this we wait,

Till thine Image we regain : Wilt thou not our Souls create ?

Saviour, shall our Faith be vain? If we do in Thee believe,

Now the Second Gift impart, Now th' Abiding Witness give,

Give us now the Perfect Heart.

5. Surely He will not delay,

If we patiently endure, Will not empty send away

Sinners hungry, mournful, poor. Jesus wept ! and still doth weep,

Human Misery to behold, Pities now His wand'ring Sheep,

Longs to bring us to His Fold. 6 “ Children, have you ought to eat?"

(Kindly ask's our Careful GOD) Jesu's Flesh indeed is Meat,

Drink indeed is Jesu's Blood : Drink, and eat my Well-belov’d,

Lean, He cries, upon my Breaft, Till ye All, from Earth remov'd,

Share with Me the Marriage Feaft.

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At Parting
Lest be the dear, Uniting Love

That will not let us part :
Our Bodies may far off remove,

We still are join'd in Heart.
2. Join'd in One Spirit to our Head,

When He appoints we go,
And still in Jesu's Footsteps tread,

And do His Work below.

3. O let us ever walk in Him,

And Nothing know beside, Nothing desire, Nothing esteem.

But Jesus Crucified.

4. Closer, and closer let us cleave

To His belov'd Embrace, Expect His Fulness to receive,

And Grace to answer Grace.

5. While thus we walk with Christ in Light

Who shall our Souls disjoin,
Souls, which Himself vouchsafes t unite

In Fellowship Divine !

6. We All are One who Him receive,

And each with each agree,
In Him the One, The Truth, we live,

Bleft Point of Unity !

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Partakers of the Saviour's Grace,

The same in Mind and Heart,
Nor Joy, nor Grief, nor Time, nor Places,

Nor Life, nor: Death ean part:

8. But let us haften to the Day

Which shall our Flesh restore, When Death shall all be done away,

And Bodies part no more.

Er the World lament and grieve

At Parting with a Friend,
Thee we back to JESUS give,

We chearfully commend

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Thee to His preserving Grace :

Go, in full Assurance go ! Heavenward set thy stedfast Face,

And only Jesus know.

2. Jesus, and Him Crucified

Forever bear in Mind,
Shelter in His bleeding Side

Be confident to find ;
Let His Truth, and Faithfulness

Still thy Shield, and Buckler prove,
Keep thy Soul in perfect Peace,

And Everlasting Love.

3. Love the dear Atoning Lamb,

And Us for Jesu's Sake ;
Let us Each, in Jesu's Name,

Of Others mention make;
Present thro’ the Spirit's Prayer,

Absent when in Flesh Thou art, To the Throne of Grace we bear,

We bear Thee on our Heart.

4. To the Source of all our Good

Thy Soul we now commend, Jesu, sprinkle with Thy Blood,

And love Him to the End : Faithfully on Thee we call,

Perfect Him, and Us in One,
With Us, by Us, in Us,

Thy only will be done.

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Though absent in Body, yet present

in Spirit. "See

NHR IST, our Head, and Common LORD,

See the Souls that wait on Thee, Hear us all with one Accord

Sweetly in Thy Praise agree: Parted tho? in Flesh we are,

Join’d to Thee, our Corner-Stone, We are intimately near,

Present, and in Spirit One.

2. Let us now to Thee aspire,

Who Thy Life begin to know, Let the Circulating Fire

Now in every Bósom glow : Let the Incense of our Vows,

From Thy Golden Censer rise, Fragrant throʻ the Higher House,

Well-accepted Sacrifice. 3. Come, ye Absent Souls who love

JESUS with a simple Heart, Seek with us the Things above,

Never from the Work depart ; Never let us ceale to fing

The great Riches of His Grace, Till we all behold our King

Eye to Eye, and Face to Face.

4. Quickly we shall All appear

At the Judgment-feat above, We shall see our Jesus near,

Him whom now unseen we love“; We His dear, peculiar Ones,

Sharers of our Master's Bliss, We shall fit upon our Thrones,

We shall see Him as He is.

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