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5. Partners of this Heavenly Hope,

Travel on, and meet us there, We shall surely be caught up,

Meet the Saviour in the Air : Yes; Eternity's at Hand,

We shall soon be taken home, With the Lamb on Sion stand

Come, Desire of Nations, come!

Entering into the Congregation. " ,

OUNTAIN of Life, to All below,

Let Thy Salvation roll, Water, replenish, and o'reflow

Every believing Soul.

2. Into that happy Number, LORD's,

Us weary Sinners take,
ESU, fulld Thy gracious. Word

For Thy own Mercy's Sake.
3. Turn back our Nature's rapid Tide,

And we shall flow to Thee,
While down the Stream of Time we glide

To our Eternity.

4. The Well of Life to Us Thou art,

Of Joy the swelling Flood, Wafted by Thee with willing Heart

We swift return to GOD.


We soon shall reach the boundless Sea,

Into Thy Fulness fall,
Be loft, and swallow'd up in Thee,

Our God', our All in All.




We now with all Thy Saints agree;-. And bow our inmost Souls before

Thy glorious, awful Majesty, 2. Thee King of Nations we proclaim,

Who would not Our Great Sovereign fear ? We long t' experience All Thy Name,

And now we come to meet Thee here.

3: We come, great God, to seek Thy Face,

And for Thy Loving-kindness wait, And O! how dreadful is this Place!

'Tis God's own House, 'tis Heaven's Gate.

4: Tremble our Hearts to find Thee nigh,

To Thee our trembling Hearts aspire ; And lo! we see descend from high

The Pillar, and the Flame of Fire !

5: Still let it on th’ Assembly stay,

And all the House with Glory fill,
To Canaan's Bounds point out our Way,

And bring us to Thy Holy-Hill.
6. There let us All with Jesus ftand,

And join the General Church above, And take our Seats at Thy Right-Hand,

And sing Thy Everlasting Love. 7. Come, LORD, our Souls are on the Wing,

Now, on Thy Great White Throne appear, And let my Eyes behold my King,

And let me see my Saviour there!


Hymn for the Day of PenteCOST... "RE

EJOICE, rejoice ye Fallen Race,

The Day of Pentecost is come! Expect the Sure-descending Grace,

Open your Hearts to make him Room.. 2. Our Jesus is gone up on high,

For us the Blessing to receive ;
It now comes streaming from the Sky,

The Spirit comes, and Sinners live.
3. To every One whom God fhall call'

The Promise is securely made ; To you far off ; He calls

Believe the Word which Christ hath Gid.

you All;

4. " The Holy Ghost, if I depart,

The Comforter shall surely come; Shall make the Contrite Sinner's Heart

His lov'd, his Everlasting Home.” 5. LORD, we believe to Us and Ours

The Apostoliek. Promise given ;
We wait to taste the Heavenly Powers,

The Holy Ghost fent down from Heaven.

6. Ah! leave us not to mourn below,

Or long for Thy Return to pine ; Now, Lord, the Comforter bestow,

And fix in Us the Guest Divine.'

7. Assembled here with one Accord,

Calmly we wait the Promis'd Grace, The Purchase of our Dying LORD

Come, Holy Ghost, and fill the Place !

8. If every one that asks, may find,

If fill Thou art to Sinners given, Come as a mighty rushing Wind,

To shake our Earth come down from Heaven..

9. Behold to Thee oùr Souls aspire,

And languish Thy Descent to meet ;. Kindle in Each Thy Living Fire,

And fix in every. Heart Thy Seat. 10. Wisdom and Strength to Thee belongs,

Sweetly within our Bosoms move, Now let us speak with Other Tongues

The New, Strange Language of Thy Loves. 11. Spirit of Faith, within us live,

And strike the Crowd with fixt Amaze, Open our Mouths, and Utterance give

To publish our Redeemer's Praise:

1.2. To testify the Grace of God

To-day as yesterday the same,
And spread thro' all the Earth abroad

The Wonders wrought by JESU's Names



ATHER of our Dying LORD,

O fulfil His faithful Word,

And hear His Speaking Blood ;
Give us That for which He prays,

Father, glorify Thy Son!
Shew His Truth, and Power, and Grace;.

And send THE PROMISE downs.

2. True and faithful Witness Thou,

O CHRIST, Thy Spirit give : Haft Thou not receiv'd Him now

That we might now receive. ?

Art Thou not our Living Head ?

Life to All Thy Limbs impart, Shed Thy Love, Thy Spirit Thed

In every waiting Heart. 3. Holy Ghoft, the Comforter,

The Gift of Jesus, come: Glows our Heart to find Thee near,

And swells to make Thee Room; Present with us Thee we feel,

Come, O come, and in us be, With us, in us live and dwell

To all Eternity.



Si up

Partakers of your Hope! This the Day of Pentecost,

Alk, and ye shall All receive; Surely now the Holy Ghost

GoD to All that alk shall give.

2. Ye All may freely take

The Grace, for Jesu's Sake ; He for Every Man hath died,

He for All hath rose again ; Jesus now is glorified,

Gifts He hath receiv'd for Men.

3. He sends them from the Skies

On All His Enemies ;
By His Cross He now hath led

Captive our Captivity :
We shall All be free indeed,

Christ the Son shall make us free.

4. Blessings on All He pours

In never-ceasing Showers,


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