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All He waters from Above,

Offers All His Joy and Peace, Settled Comfort, perfect Love,

Everlasting Righteousness.

5. All may from Him receive

A Power to turn and live ;
Grace for every Soul is free,

hear th' Effectual Call.; All the Light of Life may see,

All may feel he died for All.

6. Drop down in Showers of Love

Ye Heavens from Above ! Righteousness, ye Skies, pour down,

Open, Earth, and take it in, Claim the Spirit for your own,

Sinners, and be fav'd from Sin.

7. Father, behold we claim

The Gift in Jesu's Name !
Him the Promis'd Comforter

Into all our Spirits pour ;
Let Him fix His Mansion here,

Come, and never leave us more.


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God of my Salvation hear

And help a Sinner to draw near With Boldness to the Throne of Grace': Help me Thy Benefits to fing, And smile to see me feebly bring

My humble Sacrifice of Praise.

2. I cannot praise Thee as I would, Bus Thou art Merciful, and Goods

I know, Thou never wilt despise The Day of small and feeble Things, But bear me till on Eagle's Wings

To all the Heights of Love I rise.

3. I thank Thee for that Gracious Taste, (Which Pride would not permit to last)

That Touch of Love, that Pledge of Hear'n: Surely on Me my Father smild, And once I knew him reconcild,

And once I felt my Sins forgiven.

4. My Lord and God I then could see,
My Saviour, who had died for Me,

To bring the Rebel near to God:
Thou didft, Thou dids, Thy Peace impart,
Pardon was written on my Heart

In largest Characters of Blood.

5. When I had forfeited my Peace, My Manners in the Wilderness,

Infinite Love, how didft Thou bear! Thou wou'dit' not give the Sinner up, My Heart retain'd a feeble Hope,

And could not, durft not yet despair.

6. Aflail'd with Doubt, and Fear, and Grief, I stagger'd oft thro? Unbelief,

Yet still Thou wou'ldst not let me yield, When stronger Souls their Lord denied, And fell on Heaps on every Side,

I never cast away my Shield.

7. Vilest of all the Sons of Men,
When I to Folly turn'd again,

And finn'd against Thy Light and Love,
Grace did much more than Sin abound,
Amaz'd I still Forgiveness found,
And thank'd my Advocate above.

8. Saviour

8. Saviour, for this I thank Thee now, ,
My Saviour to the utmost Thou

Haft snatch'd me from the Gates of Hell,
That I to all Mankind may prove
Thy free, Thy Everlasting Love,

Which All Mankind with me may feel.

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The boundless Love that found out me,
For every Soul of Man is free,

None of Thy Mercy need despair;
Patient, and pitiful, and kind

Soul of Man may find,
And freely sav'd Thy Grace declare.
10. A vile, backsliding Sinner I
Ten thousand Deaths deserve to die,

Yet still by sovereign Grace I live,
Saviour, to Thee I Itill look up,
I see an Open Door of Hope,

And wait Thy Fulness to receive.

11. How shall I thank Thee for the Grace, The Trust I have to see Thy Face,

When Sin shall all be purg'd away! The Night of Doubts and Fears is paft, The Morning-star appears at last,

And I shall see Thy Perfect Day. 12. I soon shall hear Thy Quickning Voice, Shall always pray, give Thanks, rejoice,

(This is Thy Will, and faithful Word) My Spirit meek, my Will resign'd, Lowly as Thine shall be my Mind,

The Servant shall be as his. LORD.

13. Already, LORD, I feel Thy Power, Presery'd from Evil every Hour,

- My

My great Preserver I proclaim; Safety and Strength in Thee I have, I find, I find Thee strong to save,

And know that Jesus is Thy Name. 14. By Faith I every Moment stand, Strangely upheld by Thy Right-hand.

I my own Wickedness eichew,
A Sinner I am kept from Sin;
And Thou shalt make me pyre within,,

And Thou shalt form my Soul anew.
15. I thank Thee, whose Atoning Blood
Each Moment interceeds with God,

Sprinkling my every Word and Thought ; ,
God hears Thy Blood for Mercy cry,
And passes all my Follies by ;

He sees, but He imputes them not.

16. I fin in every Breath I draw, .
Nor do Thy Will,' nor. keep Thy Law

On Earth as Angels do above:
But still the Fountain open stands,
Washes my feet, and Head, and Hands,

Till I am perfected in Love.

17. Come then, and loose, my stammering Tongue, Teach me the new, the joyful Song,

And perfect in a Babe Thy Praise :
I want a thousand Lives t'employ
In publishing the Sounds of Joy!

The Gospel of Thy General Grace.

18. Come, LORD; Thy Spirit bids Thee come, Give me Thyself, and take me home,

Be now the Glorious Earnest given,
The Counsel of Thy Grace fulfil,
Thy Kingdom come, Thy Perfect Will
Be done on Earth, as 'tis in Heaven.

A Dialogue

A Dialogue of ANGELS and Men.

A. 1°

E Worms of Earth our God admire,

The God of Angels praise : M. Praise Him for Us, ye Heavenly Quire,

His Earth-born Sons of Grace.


A. 2. His Image view in Us display'd,

His Nobler Creatures view :
M. Lower than You Our Souls He made,

But he redeem'd them too.

A. 3. As Gods we did in Glory shine,

Before the World began :
M. Our Nature too becomes Divine,

And God Himself is Man.

4. 4. He cloath'd Us in these Robes of Light,

The Shadow of His Son :
M. We with transcendant Glory bright,

Have Christ Himself put on.

4. 5. Spirits like Him He made Us be,

Etherial Flame :
M. Join'd to the LORD, One Spirit we

With Jesus are the fame.

1. 6. We fee Him on His daz'ling Throne,

Crowns He to Us imparts:
M. To Us the King of Kings comes down,

And reigns within our Hearts.
A. 7. Pyre as He did at first create,

We Angels never fell :
M. He saves us from our loft Estate,
He rescues Man fram Hell.

A. 8. When

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